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January 14, 1991




                            Burruss Hall Board Room

                               January 14, 1991


  PRESENT:  Dr. E.F. Carlisle, Chair; Deans J. White, M.  Ogliaruso, N.

                Spencer, M. Lewis, D. Egger, R. Purdy; Drs. L. Geyer, R.

                Daniel, K. Eschenmann, D. Morris, J. Taper, E. Brown, W.

                Etgen, M.  Murray, C. Shoulders; C. Burch-Brown; D. Bousquet,

                Admissions; W. Dean, University Registrar; B. Kuster, P.

                McConnell, J. Hansbrough, SGA; B.  Sgro, Dean of Students.



  ABSENT:   Drs. J. Marchman, M. Deisenroth;  A. R. DeHart, SGA.



  VISITORS: J. Williams-Green, J. Wolfe, J. B. Crittenden, J. Via, E.

                Guertin, C. Dudley.





      Dr. Carlisle called the meeting to order at 3:02 p.m.


  2.  The AGENDA was approved as distributed.


  3.  The MINUTES of the December 10, 1990 meeting were approved as distrib-




      Dr. Etgen moved removal from the table of two Faculty Senate resol-

      utions:  87-88 D, REVISION OF SPECIAL ADMISSION PROCEDURES and 87-88 E,


      seconded and Dr. Etgen asked the chair to recognize Dr. Barry

      Crittenden from the Faculty Senate for discussion of the background of

      the two agenda items.  Dr. Crittenden explained to the Commission that

      while the two resolutions were being brought off the table for consid-

      eration, his concerns were of the overall issue of special admissions

      and how the former administration had implemented this procedure with-

      out consideration by the full governance system.  Though the two resol-

      utions were tabled two years ago, he recommended that CUS discuss and

      finalize these issues. He also remarked that the Faculty Senate had re-

      cently learned that the administration was considering changes in the

      Special Admissions procedure as well as in undergraduate admissions en-

      trance requirements policy.  He voiced concern that these changes would

      occur without full governance review.  Dr. Carlisle responded that the

      present administration does not plan to deal with the issue of under-

      graduate admissions entrance requirements policy without appropriate

      review. Furthermore, he affirmed that if entrance requirement policy

      changes are suggested by any committee or commission, those suggested

      changes will be subject to a full faculty hearing at that point.  Dr.

      Carlisle also reported that the University Committee on Athletics dis-

      cussed current entrance requirements at its December meeting.  He asked

      the committee to draft a statement of rationale to support any changes

      that they may be recommending in the admissions policy. The motion to

      remove the two resolutions from the table was APPROVED.  Prior to the

      vote on the resolutions, Dr. Carlisle clarified for the commission that

      the two resolutions were only requesting placement of the two issues on

      a future agenda of CUS for further discussion.  The motion to approve

      87-88.D was APPROVED.  The motion to approve 87-88.E FAILED.



      A motion was made and seconded to approve for second reading the Decem-

      ber 10, 1990 report.  Dr. Lewis requested that the chair recognize Dr.

      C. J.  Dudley, Director of the University Honors Program.  Dr. Dudley

      answered questions from the Commission regarding the request from Uni-

      versity Honors to allow a program of study approach for students gradu-

      ating "In Honors".  Bill Kuster asked whether the minimum hours

      required for graduation would be compromised by this approach.  Dr.

      Dudley responded that all university and collegial policies would be

      adhered to and that the requirement that department and college ap-

      proval be obtained would provide the requisite checks and balances.

      Carol Burch-Brown asked if the area of general studies would be handled

      by this approach. Dr. Dudley responded that the general studies compo-

      nent would be carefully monitored.  However, he reminded the commission

      that students seeking a degree in honors usually enter the program with

      large quantities of Advanced Placement hours which fulfill their uni-

      versity core requirements. Of concern to the University Honors Advisory

      Committee is assurance that these students "experience" a wide se-

      lection of courses in the general studies area.  He further noted that

      the Advisory Committee will select, if the Commission approves this ap-

      proach, ten students to begin work with mentors this spring.  The mo-

      tion to approve the report CARRIED.


  6.  Courses approved effective Spring 1991:


      o   BIOL 4774 Molecular Biology Laboratory

      o   CHEM 1064 Chemical Computation

      o   COMM 2044 Principles of Public Relations (revised)

      o   COMM 4364 Issue Management in Public Relations

      o   MGT  3304 Management Theory & Practice (revised)

      o   MGT  3334 Personnel Administration (revised)

      o   MGT  3344 Labor Relations (revised)

      o   MGT  4334 Social Issues in Management (revised)

      o   MGT  4344 Managerial Applications (revised)

      o   ART options designations


      Approved effective Summer 1991:


      o   CS   2604 Data Structures and File Management (revised)


      Approved effective Fall 1991 were:


      o   CS   4004 Data and Information Structures (revised)

      o   CS   4304 Compiler Design and Implementation (revised)

      o   EDHL 2564 Standard First Aid & CPR (revised)

      o   Program of Study for Students seeking to graduate "In Honors"


      Action on Curriculum Checklists:


      o   HNF, Nutrition and Lifestyles Option Checklist, Class of 1992

      o   Management Checklists, Class of 1991

      o   Mathematics Minor (revised), Class of 1991

      o   Program of Study for Students seeking to graduate "In Honors"


      Courses dropped:


      o   COMM 3044 Principles of Public Relations, Spring 1991

      o   BIOL 4724 Molecular Genetics Laboratory, Spring 1991

      o   MGT  4354 Managerial Applications: Organizational Skills, Spring


      o   EE   4344 Power System Dynamics and Control, Spring 1991

      o   EE   4384 Power System Analysis Lab, Spring 1991


  7.  UNIVERSITY CORE - Carol Burch-Brown

      A motion was made and seconded, "That the moratorium on new courses in

      the core curriculum be partially lifted from January 14, 1991 through

      February 18, 1991 in the Humanities and Social Sciences Divisons for

      the purpose of designating additional core coures which are needed to

      address specific enrollment problems." During discussion of the proc-

      ess, questions were raised relative to the generation of new courses

      and resources.  Members of the commission suggested that the procedures

      require specific references to limitations of time and of resources.

      Procedures are:


      o   Courses must be approved by the appropriate college curriculum com-

          mittee before submission to the Course Criteria Committee of CUS,

          CUS, and University Council. Courses will be effective for the

          graduating classes of 1992 - 1996.

      o   Criteria is as follows:

          -   courses will be at the 1000-2000 level

          -   courses will not have prerequisites

          -   courses will be offered as a sequence or cluster.

          -   courses will include a writing component.

          -   courses will be foundational in content and will be non-studio

              and non-performance in their primary orientation

      o   A brief cover letter to CUS is required indicating approximately

          how many additional students will be served as well as a statement

          that offering the courses will not result in a reduction either of

          the number of courses or sections offered of existing core courses

          and that additional resources are not requested in order to offer

          the new courses.


      The motion CARRIED.


  8.  Meeting adjourned at 3:55 p.m.


                                     Respectfully submitted,



                                     Wanda Hankins Dean

                                     University Registrar


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