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March 25, 1991




                            Burruss Hall Board Room

                                March 25, 1991


  PRESENT:  Dr. E.F. Carlisle, Chair; Deans M. Ogliaruso, D. Egger, M. Lewis,

                N. Spencer, J. Marchman, R. Purdy; Drs. L. Geyer, R. Daniel,

                C. Shoulders, D. Morris, J. Taper, E. Brown, W. Etgen, M.

                Murray; B. Sgro, Dean of Students; C. Burch-Brown; W. Dean,

                University Registrar; D. Bousquet, Admissions; P. McConnell,




  ABSENT:   Drs. J. M. White, M. Deisenroth, K. Eschenmann; W. Kuster, A.

                Dehart, J. Hansbrough, SGA.



  VISITORS: Elizabeth Guertin, H. M. McElrath (CT)





      Dr. Carlisle called the meeting to order at 3:00 p.m.  Carol Burch-

      Brown announced the visit of Dr. Walter Vincenti, Professor Emeritus,

      College of Engineering, Stanford University, on April 2, 1991.  He will

      discuss Engineering and Undergraduate Education.


  2.  The AGENDA was approved as distributed.


  3.  The MINUTES of the February 11, 1991 meeting were approved as distrib-





      Dr. Spencer explained that the charge of the subcommittee was to review

      the current university procedure of calculating the "I" grade as an "F"

      in the overall grade point average (QCA).  She noted that the subcom-

      mittee unanimously agreed that the purpose of the "I" grade was for ex-

      tenuating circumstances and that the student should not be penalized

      for receiving this grade.  She also noted that a great concern of the

      group was the issue of re-educating the faculty in the appropriateness

      of awarding the "I" grade.  Also, Dr. Spencer reported a request from

      Student Systems Computer Services (SSCS) to change the effective date

      of the resolution to Spring, 1992.  SSCS had indicated that programming

      resources were not sufficient to ensure implementation of the policy

      Fall term.  Dr. Spencer agreed, as chair, to change the implementation

      date of the resolution.  Dr. Marchman noted that there was some concern

      in his college that the new policy may lessen the "urgency" in correct-

      ing the incomplete grade.  However, he also observed that the biggest

      problem is in educating the faculty in the proper use of the "I" grade

      and he reported that the College of Engineering had launched such an

      effort during this year.  Dr.  Brown also observed some concern in the

      College of Arts and Sciences.  In sharing his opinion, Dr. Brown noted

      that though he can understand arguments for and against the resolution,

      he believed that no work should be counted until it is complete.  Dr.

      Shoulders noted that the current policy lacks fairness since it penal-

      izes all students.  He stressed that it is important to re-educate the

      faculty in the awarding of the "I" grade.  Dr. Ogliaruso indicated that

      there was great concern in his college regarding this proposal.  He

      suggested that further review by the Faculty Senate or the Commission

      on Faculty Affairs seemed appropriate.  Also, he shared the concerns of

      some of his faculty that students may pressure faculty to award an "I"

      grade so as to avoid academic probation.  Dr. Murray responded that she

      does not believe that there would be wholesale abuse of the policy

      since many students are not aware of current policy.  Dr. Spencer also

      stated that it is better to risk abuse to help the many students who

      would benefit from this resolution.  Dr. Geyer reported that the Fac-

      ulty Senate had endorsed this resolution at an earlier date and that

      the Commission on Faculty Affairs also had discussed the issue.  He

      suggested that it was important to keep the resolution on track.  Dr.

      Ogliaruso moved that the resolution be referred to the Commission on

      Faculty Affairs for further discussion.  The motion died for lack of a




      A motion was made and seconded to approve for second reading the Febru-

      ary 11, 1991 report.  The motion CARRIED.



      Courses approved effective Fall 1991:                              .


      o   EE   3305-3306    Electrical Power Engineering (revised)

      o   EE   3254           Industrial Electronics (revised)

      o   EE   3714           Circuits, Signals, and Systems (revised)

      o   EE   4205-4206    Electronic Circuit Design (revised)

      o   EE   4334           Power System Analysis and Control

      o   HIDM 1104        Two-Dimensional Design Application

      o   HIDM 1114        Design Appreciation (revised)

      o   MATH 1504       Precalculus


      Courses approved effective Spring 1992:


      o   CSES 4444          Advanced Crop Management


      Action on Curriculum Checklists and Options:


      o   Agriculture Technology, Class of 1992, 1993

      o   CSES minor, Class of 1992


      Courses dropped:


      o   CSES 3304     Meteorology of the Biosphere, Fall 1991

      o   EE   3364       Principles of Electrical Machinery, Fall 1991

      o   EE   4344       Power System Dynamics and Control, Fall 1991


      A motion was made and seconded to approve for first reading the March

      25, 1991 committee report.  Motion CARRIED.



      Wanda Dean discussed with the commission the composition of the Sched-

      uling and Registration committee and explained that one of its charges

      was to suggest academic calendars to the University Provost.  She

      shared with the commission the struggle that the committee had experi-

      enced in designing an academic calendar that meets the many needs of

      all the university's constituencies.  Recently, the committee decided

      that it would attempt to establish criteria from which all future cal-

      endars can be modeled.  (Reference handout from March 25, 1991 for spe-

      cific criteria.)  Ms. Dean pointed out that the initiation of the Fall

      break and the shortening of the Thanksgiving holiday were two of the

      more significant changes.  She also reported that the committee had

      reached tentative agreement with Radford University concerning alter-

      nate Spring Commencement dates.  Dr.  Spencer queried the rationale for

      scheduling the universities' commencement ceremonies on separate week-

      ends.  Dr. Carlisle responded that it seemed reasonable to alternate

      weekends.  He noted that the business community was very critical and

      that the universities should be responsive to the lodging needs of par-

      ents.  Dr. Marchman distributed a letter, forwarded earlier to Dr.

      Carlisle, from the College of Engineering Faculty Organization.  He

      stressed that the major concern of the organization was the "erosion of

      the number of class days in the academic year calendar."  He also ob-

      served that the inclusion of Monday holidays adversely impacts on the

      Monday laboratories.  Also, he shared the concerns of the Commencement

      Committee in regards to the scheduling of the Fall Commencement Cere-

      mony prior to the end of the term.  Dr. Etgen also shared his concerns

      in relation to the loss of class days and the scheduling of laborato-

      ries, especially during the Fall semester.  Some members observed that

      though the Thanksgiving break is shortened the students will "take" the

      entire week nevertheless.  Dr. Taper responded that students are adults

      and that the university should treat them as such; she further stated

      that if students stretch the Thanksgiving break by cutting class then

      they are responsible for that decision.  Ms. Dean informed the commis-

      sion that their comments and concerns would be shared with the Schedul-

      ing and Registration Committee before final approval is sought from the

      University Provost.


  7.  Meeting adjourned at 3:50 p.m.


                                     Respectfully submitted,





                                     Wanda Hankins Dean

                                     University Registrar


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