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October 14, 1991



                            President's Board Room

                               October 14, 1991


  PRESENT:  Dr. E.F. Carlisle, Chair; Deans J. White, M. Ogliaruso, D. Egger,

                N. Spencer, J. Marchman, R. Purdy, J. Crunkilton for M.

                Lewis; Drs. C. Shoulders, J. Taper, B. Reed, P. Feret, M.

                Murray, K. Eschenmann, L. Geyer, R. Daniel; C. Burch-Brown;

                W. Dean, University Registrar; D. Bousquet, Admissions; M.

                McGuire, B. Haddican, SGA.



  ABSENT:   Drs. M. Deisenroth, D. Morris, B. Sgro; E. Fox, D. Lubin, SGA



  VISITORS: Elizabeth Guertin, Guy Hammond, James Craig, Jon Shepherd, Paul






      Dr. Carlisle called the meeting to order at 3:05 p.m.


  2.  The AGENDA was approved as distributed.


  3.  The MINUTES of the September 23, 1991 meeting were approved as distrib-




      Dr. White offered for first reading the October 14, 1991 report.


      A motion was made and seconded to approve for second reading the Sep-

      tember 23, 1991 report.  The motion CARRIED.


      Courses approved effective Fall 1991:


      o   FST  3214 Principles of Meat Science

      o   Geol 3104 Elementary Geophysics (revised)


      Courses approved effective Spring 1992:


      o   Biol 1005,1006  General Biology (revised)

      o   Biol 1015,1016  Principles of Biology (revised)

      o   Biol 1115,1116  Principles of Biology Laboratory (revised)

      o   HIDM 4414       Professionalism in Consumer Affairs

      o   ISE  2204       Manufacturing Processes (revised)


      Courses approved effective Fall 1992:


      o   Bion 3114  Biochemistry for Biotechnology

      o   Bion 3124  Biochemical Techniques for Biotechnology and the Life


      o   ISE  4205-4206 Industrial Systems Design (revised)

      o   SOC  4754  Internship


      Action on Curriculum Checklists and Options:


      o   Crop and Soil Environmental Sciences, for all options, graduating

          class of 1993

      o   Foreign Languages and Literature Checklist, Russian Minor, graduat-

          ing class of 1992

      o   Foreign Languages and Literature Checklist, Russian Area Studies

          (RAS) concentration, retroactive to Spring 1991, concentration to

          appear on transcript




      o   Horticulture Articulation Agreement with the Virginia Community

          Colleges, effective for the entering class of 1992



  5.  DISCUSSION, LIBERAL EDUCATION FORUM - Members, Liberal Education Forum

      Carol Burch-Brown, chair of the University Forum on Liberal Education

      (UFLE), introduced members of the forum and reminded the commission

      that the discussions generated by the draft proposal will be used in

      constructing final recommendations.  She stressed that UFLE is recom-

      mending a modified framework of the core.  The draft report is a plan

      for the structure and framework for the core rather than the actual

      core.  She suggested that reviewers of the draft ask whether "this

      framework is an adequate basis for liberal education in the univer-

      sity?"  UFLE deliberated using two basic assumptions: a) that liberal

      education is crucial in a world that requires more specialization and

      b) that resources are finite requiring the prioritizing of choices.

      Also Professor Burch-Brown stressed that members of UFLE felt that pro-

      viding flexibility within a coherent framework was strategically impor-

      tant in planning the new core.


      During general discussion, several college representatives shared their

      comments relative to the draft report.  Dr. Marchman voiced concern

      that the recommendations did not include a proviso for college re-

      strictions of certain courses.  Professor Burch-Brown responded that

      members had received much feedback, both pro and con, relative to this

      issue.  The steering committee has asked the Dean's Council to discuss

      the issue of restrictions and to share any comments with UFLE as well

      as with CUS.  Dr. Marchman also raised the issue of the loss of "clus-

      ters" and the impact on the requirements of "breadth and depth" by the

      College of Engineering's accreditation agency (ABET).  Dr. Hammond sug-

      gested that UFLE can make a strong case that defining "areas of study"

      for the university core are discipline oriented and do include consid-

      eration of the issue of "breadth and depth."  Dr. Shepherd added that

      the task force never presupposed dictating technical courses for the

      colleges.  However, he noted that discussion of any request for re-

      striction will require discussion.


      Dr. White asked whether much comment had been generated regarding the

      addition of additional courses in the core, especially since many areas

      are over crowded with requirements.  Professor Burch-Brown clarified

      that there was only one (1) credit hour of additional requirements.


      Dr. Ogliaruso shared four concerns of the College of Arts and Sciences:


      o   disappointment that written communications seems to have greater

          emphasis than oral communication

      o   no requirement for inclusion of outcomes assessment guidelines

      o   loss of sequences, especially since the rewrite of the curriculum

          during the semester conversion resulted in artificial "breaks" for

          sequential courses

      o   additional hours in university core will adversely impact the col-

          lege's efforts to reduce its overall degree requirements from 126

          semester hours to 120 semester hours

      Dr. Hammond, in responding to the issue of written vs. oral communi-

      cations, noted that the section detailing writing and discourse does

      include reference to oral communication but perhaps should include more

      specific references.


      Dr. Marchman restated his concern that the draft does not include ref-

      erence to specific courses.  He cited as example the area of Global Is-

      sues.  He questioned which courses currently satisfy this requirement

      and he asked whether this area is reflective of some new "fad"?  Pro-

      fessor Burch-Brown responded that UFLE is not a curriculum committee

      and would not presume to assume responsibilities of the faculty, col-

      leges, and CUS in approving courses.  Dr. White noted that an area such

      as Global Issues may generate more course revision activity.  Professor

      Burch-Brown answered that such revisions are expected and hoped for by

      UFLE.  Dr. Shoulders questioned the primary motivation for elimination

      of sequences.  Dr. Shepherd responded that two reasons were the desire

      to provide more flexibility for students and to spread resources among

      departments.  Dr. Egger urged UFLE to include guidelines for outcomes

      assessment especially since two of the goals of outcomes assessment are

      included in the UFLE report.  Dr. Hammond voiced concern relative to

      this suggestion.  He suggested that the university set educational

      goals first without regard to external requirements.  Dr. Marchman

      questioned the resources demanded for the one hour course.  He asked

      whether students will be required to pay additional fees for plays,

      concerts, etcetera to fulfill the requirement?  Professor Burch-Brown

      responded that yes, students will pay for tickets as part of their pur-

      chase of materials for the course.  She also said that there is strong

      interest and support within the Performing Arts Division.  Dr. Carlisle

      also responded that regardless of changes in the current university

      core the issue of sufficient resources to support the university core

      will be of primary importance.


  6.  Meeting adjourned at 4:30 p.m.


                                     Respectfully submitted,



                                     Wanda Hankins Dean

                                     University Registrar

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