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December 14, 1992




                            President's Board Room

                               DECEMBER 14, 1992


  PRESENT:  Prof. R. Daniel, Chair; Drs. B. Brown, G. Egger, S. Batie for L.

                Geyer, B. Heath-Camp, M.A. Lewis, M. Murray, M. Ogliaruso, R.

                Purdy, S. Janosik for B. Sgro, N Spencer, J. Taper, J. White,

                D. Smith for G. Brown, Carol Burch-Brown, D. Bousquet, Admis-

                sions; W. Dean, University Registrar; B. Obenhaus, Library;

                S. Wheeler, Classified Staff; Fred Bailey III, GSA.



  ABSENT:   Drs. J. Buffer, E. Carlisle, G. Clough, T. Cobb, H. Doswald, P.

                Feret, R. Hendricks, J. Marchman, S. Ritchey, R. Sorenson, C.

                Steger, L. Swiger, Jennifer Chilton, Stefan Hall, C. Wade

                Hasle, SGA, Jennifer Gold, Honor System.



  VISITORS: A. Farrar,E. Guertin, S. Wilson.






      Prof. Daniel called the meeting to order at 3:00 p.m.



  2.  The AGENDA was approved as distributed.



  3.  The MINUTES of the October 26, 1992 meeting were approved as distrib-






      Dr. Murray, Vice-Chair of the University Core Committee deferred pres-

      entation of the minutes to Glen Bugh.  The minutes were approved as

      distributed.  Dr. Bugh recognized Sam Hicks and Marge Murray for their

      work on the fundamental drafting of the Core Guidelines.  He also felt

      the commission needed to know that all colleges in the university had

      participated in the drafting of the guidelines.





      Dr. Bugh presented the general guidelines for the new core curriculum.

      He stated that frequent meetings this fall centered around the guide-

      lines, to help the committee in the process.  The committee felt a

      sense of urgency to gather information, but wanted to ensure that the

      document produced was strong, reflecting the committees goal to raise

      and enhance the undergraduate curriculum without restricting core

      courses.  He also commented that the guidelines were a compromise but

      the committee felt the guidelines should be established and reasonable,

      with goals added for additional guidance.  Elizabeth Guertin expressed

      concern in Area 2, Items 1,2 and 3.  She felt there was undeserved em-

      phasis on "western " culture and experience, suggesting a term such as

      "human experience" may be more appropriate.  Dr. Bugh stated the com-

      mittee did not know what the sentiment would be to de-emphasize the

      term.  Dr. White agreed that "western" emphasizes the European influ-

      ence.  Dr. Murray stated the committee reviewed the courses currently

      in the core to see how they met the guideline criteria, adding that no

      course meets all the criteria and suggested that the courses must be

      continually evaluated to see that they adhere to as many of the goals

      as possible.  Prof. Daniel stated that his inclination would be to look

      at the guidelines forwarded to the commission and that previous issues

      which were approved will be dealt with when the handbook is revised.

      He also suggested the commission concentrate on general guidelines and

      the core committee would address the issue of specific changes.  Dr.

      Spencer asked that  a point of accountability be established in to en-

      sure the guidelines are fulfilled and a review of courses will remain

      in the core.  Ms. Dean questioned the issues of staffing in Item 3.

      Carol Burch-Brown said there is a budget specifically for the core cur-

      riculum and that hopefully, it is being used to facilitate the courses

      addressed in Item 3.  She added the committee and commission will want

      to see how the monies are being used and that the courses should be put

      on an evaluation cycle.  Dr. Bugh added the committee will need to af-

      fect some "quality control" and a review of all courses in the core

      would take place.


      Dr. Egger brought up the the issue of outcomes assessment, asking if it

      should be included in the guidelines, with Carol Burch-Brown responding

      the committee has been notified by SCHEV that they do want a report on

      general education assessment.  Dr. Spencer again stated the need for a

      point of accountability with Dr. Egger in support.  Ms. Dean opened for

      discussion, he process a department must adhere to in submitting a

      course proposal for the core.  Dr. Bugh suggested these guidelines be

      streamlined with those used by the commission with Prof. Daniel making

      the point that timing would be a key issue in the course proposal proc-

      ess.  Carol Burch-Brown said the committee would include its guidelines

      with the new course proposals.  Prof. Daniel said he hopes to have the

      new course proposal format after the first of the year and that core

      proposal approval would be simultaneous with course proposal approval.


      Dr. Egger questioned if core courses would be involved with the "Writ-

      ing Intensive" program .  Dr. Murray noted that extensive discussion

      ensued pursuant to the application of writing skills in courses which

      normally do not communicate by world.  Carol Burch-Brown responded that

      the committee would be meeting in early January regarding the "Writing

      Intensive" program and other specific issues.




      Dr. Brown presented the November 19, 1992 report for first reading.


      A motion was made and seconded to approve for second reading the

                  1992 report.  The motion CARRIED.


      Courses approved Spring 1993:


      o   BLST 2744 The Black Church in America


      o   MKTG 4734 Real Estate Marketing


      o   MSCI 3424 Computer Modeling and Decision Analysis (revised)


      o   MSCI 3444 Advanced Business Computing & Applications (revised)


      o   MSCI 3454 Quantitative Methods in Business Analysis (revised)


      o   MSCI 3464 Computer Aided Operational Planning & Control (revised)


      o   MSCI 4444 Decision Support Systems (revised)


      o   MSCI 4454 Seminar in DSS Design & Implementation (revised)


      o   MSCI 4464 Advanced Topics in Prod & Ops Management (revised)


      o   MSCI 4474 Seminar in Prod & Ops Management (revised)


      o   EF   2004 Advanced Computer Graphics ( revised)


      o   ME   4014 Design Studies in Mechanical Engineering (revised)


      Courses approved effective Fall 1993:


      o   BLST 2754 Sports & the Afro American Experience


      o   BLST 2774 Black Aesthetics


      o   HIDM 4624 Advanced Kitchen & Bath Design ( revised)


      o   HIDM 4634 Housing Structure and Design (revised)






      Action on Curriculum Checklists, Options, and Concentrations:


      o   Forestry and Wildlife Resources Checksheets - Forest Resource Man-

          agement, Wood Products and Forest Products Marketing and Management

          Options for Class of 1993


      o   Finance Checksheet, Class of 1993


      Courses to be dropped:


      o   ME   4764 Digital Electronic Design, effective Spring 1993




      Dr. Spencer asked about the possibility of receiving electronic ver-

      sions of commission minutes and agendas with Prof. Daniel suggesting

      distribution of a e-mail directory of list-serv.  Prof. Daniel then re-

      counted the chronology of the Double Major Certificate, asking the com-

      mittee for their feelings on the issue.  Carol Burch-Brown expressed

      her support of the issuance of the certificate.  A motion was made and

      seconded to reintroduce the resolution.  The motion CARRIED.



  7.  Meeting adjourned at 3:55 p.m.


                                     Respectfully submitted,

                                     Wanda Hankins Dean

                                     University Registrar



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