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March 23, 1992




                            President's Board Room

                                March 23, 1992


  PRESENT:  Dr. E. F. Carlisle, Chair; Drs. R. Daniel, L. Geyer M. Lewis, J.

                Marchman, D. Morris, M. Murray, M. Ogliaruso, R. Purdy, B.

                Reed, N. Spencer, C. Steger, L. Swiger, J. Taper;  D.

                Bousquet, Admissions; W. Dean, University Registrar; M.

                McGuire, M. Stegura, SGA.



  ABSENT:   Drs. J. Buffer, G. Clough, H. Doswald, K. Eschenmann, D. Egger,

                P. Feret, S. Ritchey, B. Sgro, C. Shoulders, N. Simmons, R.

                Sorensen, J. White; B. Haddican, E. Fox, SGA.



  VISITORS: E. Guertin, W. Winstead, J. Williams-Green






      Dr. Carlisle called the meeting to order at 3:00 p.m.



  2.  The AGENDA was approved as distributed.



  3.  The MINUTES of the February 25, 1992 meeting were approved as distrib-






      Dr. Geyer offered for first reading the March 23, 1992 report.


      A motion was made and seconded to approve for second reading the Febru-

      ary 25, 1992 report.  The motion CARRIED.


      Courses approved effective Fall 1992:


      o   AgE  3134 Undergraduate Seminar


      Action on Curriculum Checklists, Options, and Concentrations:


      o   Poultry Science Checklists, Effective Graduating Class of 1993


      Courses to be dropped:


      o   AgE  4134 Senior Seminar, effective Fall 1992





      After further discussion of the resolution, Dr. Murray offered a

      friendly amendment to the paragraph beginning, "That students will be

      placed on probation...," to read, "That students will be placed on pro-

      bation at the end of the academic year (spring term) if the students

      fail to meet the specificed QCA;"  A motion was made and seconded to

      approve the resolution as EDITED.  Motion CARRIED.





      Wayland Winstead, Director of University Planning, continued his dis-

      cussion from the February 25, 1992 meeting relative to the issue of

      scheduling impact of academic policy changes and the resources avail-

      able in Student Systems Computer Services (SSCS).  He explained that

      due to budget constraints that SSCS is back to the issue of having to

      deal with academic policy changes and attempting to deal with produc-

      tivity enhancing projects for student services areas such as Scholar-

      ships and Financial Aid and Undergraduate Admissions.  He proposed a

      formal method of dealing with these issues to affect a means of prior-

      itizing policy changes.  Specifically, he proposes a coordinating com-

      mittee, with chairs of both CUS and CGS, to aid in the prioritizing of

      projects.  He also suggested that as policy changes move through the

      governance that a "recommended" effective date rather than a true ef-

      fective date be approved.  During general discussion, Dr. Spencer asked

      what was the problem with the current process.  Mr. Winstead responded

      that when an academic policy change occurred, SSCS ceased production on

      productivity enchancement.  Dr.  Spencer suggested that response was

      due to the Director of SSCS giving it top priority rather than CUS do-

      ing so.  Mr. Winstead responded that it is assumed that the academic

      policy change is the most important under the current mode of opera-

      tion.  Dr. Murray suggested a compromise.  That is, when a policy

      change is suggested then SSCS can respond with a suggested, realistic

      effective date for implementation.  Mr.  Winstead noted that he is not

      comfortable setting priorities for academic policy issues.  Dr.

      Carlisle noted that this will not be the only area where choices will

      be required.  He noted that the budget constraints will, in the long

      term, require that we reconfigure the university based on program pri-

      orities.  This reconfiguration will require, especially in adminis-

      tration, an effort to combine, consolidate and eliminate areas so as to

      make the most efficient use of resources to support our academic initi-

      atives.  Dr. Marchman expressed his concern that creation of another

      committee will slow the already cumbersome bureaucratic process.  He

      suggested that we should leave the process as simple as possible.  Dr.

      Steger also added that he perceives this as an issue of resource and

      allocation, both issues within the purview of the Provost and not is-

      sues that necessitate a committee.  Elizabeth Guertin suggested that as

      issues are brought forward that appropriate persons would meet to ad-

      dress issues of priorities.  Dr. Ogliaruso suggested that it would be

      helpful to know what is currently in the queue that is impeding

      progress of enhancements.  Mr. Winstead responded that SSCS has over

      100 items in the queue currently.  Dr. Ogliaruso responded that it is

      obvious that SSCS should be currently setting priorities if there is

      such a large quantity of requests awaiting action.  Dr. Carlisle ended

      the discussion by suggesting that he would ask someone from his area,

      such as Carol Burch-Brown, to coordinate a system of a simple exchange

      of information and "early warnings" between the commissions and SSCS so

      as to assist in the placement of priorities for academic policy





      Wanda Dean shared with the commission the desire of the Commission on

      Graduate Studies to review the audit policy.  Of particular concern to

      members of CGS was the current lack of policy relative to students who

      register for audit courses and who fail to attend or participate in the

      class.  CGS has proposed a review be conducted by both CGS and CUS,

      similar to the review conducted for the "I" policy change.  Dr.

      Carlisle asked for volunteers to work with a sub-committee of CGS.

      Drs. Purdy and Marchman agreed to work with CGS on this issue.


      Dr. Geyer asked to discuss the issue of sufficient enrollment in summer

      sessions.  Specifically, he asked how the policy was changed.  He noted

      that the "average" faculty member was unaware of the old or new policy

      and that there was no discussion among the faculty as to the issue of

      limited resources for summer school and the method chosen to address

      the issues.  Dr. Williams-Green, Assistant Provost and Director of Sum-

      mer School, responded to his question of how decisions are made by de-

      tailing meetings with each department head, using previous enrollments

      and projected future enrollments, to determine allocation for each

      area.  She also noted that each department head was consulted in Spring

      1990 and asked to discuss with his or her faculty the choice of reduc-

      ing credits or salary.  The majority voted to maintain the current

      level of salary.  The new thresholds of sufficient enrollment were de-

      termined to be 10 for graduate courses and 18 for undergraduate

      courses.  She stated that each department will be given an opportunity

      to justify retention of any underenrolled course prior to its cancella-

      tion in mid April.  Dr. Carlisle asked Dr. Geyer if he had a sense that

      there were faculty who wished to teach in summer school but were turned

      away from doing so?  Dr. Williams-Green added that some colleges expe-

      rience difficulty in finding sufficient numbers of faculty to teach.

      Dr. Steger also observed that previous attempts to reduce salary for

      summer school participants was not succesful.  Dr. Geyer offered to

      discuss the issue further with the faculty chairs of each college and

      determine whether it was issue to be brought back to CUS for further



  8.  Meeting adjourned at 3:40 p.m.


                                     Respectfully submitted,



                                     Wanda Hankins Dean

                                     University Registrar


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