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October 12, 1992




                            President's Board Room

                               October 12, 1992


  PRESENT:  Prof. R. Daniel, Chair; Drs. B. Brown, T. Cobbe Clough, G. Egger,

                B. Heath-Camp, R. Hendricks, M. Lewis, W. Purcell for L.

                Geyer, M. Murray, M. Ogliaruso, R. Lytton for R. Purdy, R.

                Smick-Attisano for J. White, Dave Smith for G. Brown, N.

                Spencer, T. Cobb; Carol Burch-Brown; W. Dean, Univ Registrar;

                S. Wheeler, Classified Staff; B. Obenhaus, Library;



  ABSENT:   Drs. J. Buffer, H. Doswald, J. Eaton, P. Feret, J. Marchman, S.

                J. Ritchey, B. Sgro, R. Sorensen, E. Carlisle, C. Steger, L.

                Swiger, J. Taper; Jennifer Chilton, Jennifer Gold, Stefan

                Hall, C. Wade Hasle, SGA; F. Bailey III, GSA.




  1.  Call to Order and Announcements:


      Prof. Daniel called the meeting to order at 3:00 p.m.



  2.  The AGENDA was approved as distributed.



  3.  The Minutes of the September 21, 1992 meeting were approved as distrib-






      Dr. Bud Brown, newly elected chair of the Course Criteria Committee,

      presented for first reading the October 12, 1992 report.  He drew the

      commission's attention to item 6 under first reading core courses for

      students participating in the Lugano Center.  He noted that the Course

      Criteria Committee was endorsing a request from the University Core

      Committee to allow four courses at the Lugano European Center to also

      count towards specific areas in the Core.  Carol Burch-Brown further

      explained that there were two issues:


      a.  the core committee has just been formed and has begun evaluating

          guidelines for courses in the core.  Many issues are not resolved

          or understood at this point relative to how the core committee

          should pursue items through the governance and how it relates in

          the greater vision of an appropriate relationship with the commis-



      b.  the core committee is uncertain how to deal with courses already

          approved for core but for use in the Lugano European Center.


      Dr. Ogliaruso asked whether the special courses could be so designated

      on the students' transcripts.  Wanda Dean agreed that this is very fea-

      sible.  Dr. Clough asked Carol Burch-Brown whether this is setting

      precedent for all international programs -- that is, will all interna-

      tional programs be expected to offer only courses that "count" towards

      a degree program?  Carol responded that the intent for the Lugano Cen-

      ter is to provide a mechanism for offering a variety of disciplines in

      support of a liberal education program.  Dr. Clough agreed to this

      principle but pointed out that it is possible that by setting this

      precedent, by "stretching" to make a course fit the core, we are endan-

      gering the campus university core.  Carol responded that of the four

      courses up for consideration, three are already approved for the core.

      She also noted that the core committee is very sensitive to the issue

      of setting precedents.  Prof. Daniels indicated that he trusts that the

      Task Force for Committees will address the procedural issues related to

      the Core Committee.  Dr. Ogliaruso asked whether the prerequisites for

      the four courses will be waived.  Carol responded that the prerequi-

      sites will be waived and students informed.


      A motion was made and seconded to approve for second reading the Sep-

      tember 21, 1992 report.  The motion CARRIED.






      Courses approved Spring 1993:


      o   FST  2104 Dairy Products Sensory Evaluation


      o   FST  3204 Meat Processing (revised)


      o   WOOD 2114 The Environment, Society, and the Use of Wood


      o   WOOD 3434 Wood Chemistry, Products, and Processes (revised)


      o   WOOD 4004 Senior Seminar


      o   WOOD 4514 Wood Products Industry Studies


      o   WOOD 4534 Lumber Manufacturing and Wood Machining (revised)


      o   WOOD 4624 Wood Industry Mgt


      o   UAP  2034 Society and the Built Environment


      o   UAP  3264 Contemporary Urban Issues


      o   UAP  3604 Public Budgeting


      o   UAP  3614 Public Financial Management


      o   UAP  4244 Non Profit Organization and Mgt


      o   UAP  4714 Economics & Financing of State & Local Governments

          (crosslisted with ECON; UAP is home department)


      Courses approved effective Fall 1993:


      o   ENSC 4004 Senior Seminar


      Action on Curriculum Checklists, Options, and Concentrations:


      o   AT Class of 1994 Checksheets


      o   ENSC Class of 1993 Checksheets, major and minor


      Courses to be dropped:


      o   WOOD 3414 Introductory Wood Chemistry, effective Spring 1993


      o   WOOD 3424 Chemical Wood Processing, effective Spring 1993


      o   WOOD 4414 Wood Chemistry, effective Spring 1993




      Dr. Hendricks suggested that we begin communication via e-mail and

      questioned whether all members of the commission have access to either

      e-mail or PROFS.  Of those present, the consensus was to pursue using

      e-mail for forwarding of agendas and minutes with an additional sug-

      gestion that a listing of userids be distributed to the entire commis-



  6.  Meeting adjourned at 3:30 p.m.


                                     Respectfully submitted,





                                     Wanda Hankins Dean

                                     University Registrar




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