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October 26, 1992




                            President's Board Room

                               October 26, 1992


  PRESENT:  Prof. R. Daniel, Chair; Drs. B. Brown, T. Cobb, H. Doswald, J.

                Eaton, G. Egger, P. Feret, L. Geyer, B. Heath-Camp, R.

                Hendricks, M. Lewis, J. Marchman, M. Murray, M. Ogliaruso, R.

                Purdy, N. Spencer, J. Taper, J. Crunkilton for J. White;

                Carol Burch-Brown; W. Dean, University Registrar, B Obenhaus,

                Library; S. Wheeler, Classified Staff; S. Bambach for D.

                Bousquet, Admissions; Jennifer Gold, C.Wade Hasle, SGA.



  ABSENT:   Drs. J. Buffer, E. Carlisle, G. Clough, S. J. Ritchey B. Sgro, R.

                Sorenson, C. Steger, L. Swiger, G. Brown; Jennifer Chilton

                Stefan Hall, SGA; Fred Bailey III, GSA.



  VISITORS: E. Guertin, S. Wilson.




  1.  Call to Order and Announcements:


      Prof. Daniel called the meeting to order at 3:00 p.m.



  2.  The AGENDA was approved as distributed.



  3.  The Minutes of the October 12, 1992 meeting were approved as distrib-




  4.  University Core Committee Minutes - M. Murray


      Dr. Murray, Vice-Chair of the University Core Committee presented the

      minutes of the September 10th and September 24th committee meetings and

      noted that the committee felt that sharing minutes was the best method

      of communication.  The minutes were approved as distributed.



  5.  Course Criteria Commitee Report - B. Brown


      Dr. Brown presented the October 26, 1992 report for first reading.  He

      drew the commissions attention to item number 6, "Endorsement of Uni-

      versity Core Committee Recommendations".  He explained that the commit-

      tee was endorsing a recommendation of the committee effective Spring

      1993 ONLY.  Carol Burch-Brown suggested the endorsement be amended to

      Summer 1993 due to delay in implementation of the Lugano Center.  A mo-

      tion was made to delete Item Six from Second Reading to be further dis-

      cussed by the Course Criteria Committee.  Dr. Geyer suggested that

      since the "spirit" of the endorsement was for the "first" term of im-

      plementation, why should the committee consider the issue again?  Pro-

      fessor Burch-Brown noted that these courses are specifically related to

      the professors who are going to teach the courses.  Gene Egger

      sugggested that the questions surrounding the Special Study was an is-

      sue for the Core Committee, not for Course Criteria. He also suggested

      using a generic course number that specifies the course as a Lugano

      course.  Dr. Geyer offered a friendly amendment to the Committee report

      to note: "for first term that Lugano operates".  The motion to amend

      was approved.



      A motion was made and seconded to approve for second reading the Octo-

      ber 12, 1992 report.  The motion CARRIED.

      Courses approved Spring 1993:


      o   BLST 2744 The Black Church in America


      o   MKTG 4734 Real Estate Marketing


      o   MSCI 3424 Computer Modeling and Decision Analysis (revised)


      o   MSCI 3444 Advanced Business Computing & Applications (revised)


      o   MSCI 3454 Quantitative Methods in Business Analysis (revised)


      o   MSCI 3464 Computer Aided Operational Planning & Control (revised)


      o   MSCI 4444 Decision Support Systems (revised)


      o   MSCI 4454 Seminar in DSS Design & Implementation (revised)


      o   MSCI 4464 Advanced Topics in Prod & Ops Management (revised)


      o   MSCI 4474 Seminar in Prod & Ops Management (revised)


      o   EF   2004 Advanced Computer Graphics ( revised)


      o   ME   4014 Design Studies in Mechanical Engineering (revised)


      Courses approved effective Fall 1993:


      o   BLST 2754 Sports & the Afro American Experience


      o   BLST 2774 Black Aesthetics


      o   HIDM 4624 Advanced Kitchen & Bath Design ( revised)


      o   HIDM 4634 Housing Structure and Design (revised)


      Action on Curriculum Checklists, Options, and Concentrations:


      o   Forestry and Wildlife Resources Checksheets - Forest Resource Man-

          agement, Wood Products and Forest Products Marketing and Management

          Options for Class of 1993


      o   Finance Checksheet, Class of 1993


      Courses to be dropped:


      o   ME   4764 Digital Electronic Design, effective Spring 1993



  6.  Discussion of selection of Vice-Chair


      Dr. Geyer noted that although the new governance did not stipulate a

      vice-chair is required, it would provide assistance to the chair and an

      orderly successor for the next year.  Dr. Eaton noted that the Commis-

      sion on Extension has selected a vice-chair but that the Commission on

      Graduate Studies has not.  Rita Purdy asked if the intent was to in-

      stall a chair-elect.  After further discussion, it was suggested that

      the Committee on Committees should consider the appropriateness of a

      vice-chair or chair-elect.







      Dr. Geyer queried on commmittes that currently report to the Commission

      be informed that minutes need to be brought forward.  Peter Feret sug-

      gested that the Chair contact the committees.


  8.  Meeting adjourned at 3:40 p.m.


                                     Respectfully submitted,

                                     Wanda Hankins Dean

                                     University Registrar



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