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April 26, 1993




                            President's Board Room

                                April 26, 1993


  PRESENT:  Prof. R. Daniel, Chair; Drs. E. Brown, D. Smith for G. Brown, A.

                Cobb, G. Egger, L. Geyer, B. Heath Camp, M. Lewis, J.

                Marchman, M. Murray, M. Ogliaruso, R. Purdy, N. Spencer, J.

                Taper, J. White; C. Burch-Brown, Associate Provost; D.

                Bousquet, Admissions; W. Dean, University Registrar; B.

                Obenhaus, Newman Library; Fred Bailey III, GSA.



  ABSENT:   Drs. J. Buffer, E. Carlisle, G. Clough, H. Doswald, J. Eaton, R.

                Hendricks, S. Ritchey, R. Sorensen, C. Steger, L. Swiger; S.

                Wheeler, Classified Staff; Jennifer Chilton, Stefan Hall, C.

                Wade Hasle, SGA; Jennifer Gold, Honor System.



  VISITORS  G. Bugh, E. Guertin, C. Shoulders, J. Williams-Green, S. Wilson.






      Prof. Daniel called the meeting to order at 3:00 p.m.



  2.  The AGENDA was approved as amended.



  3.  The MINUTES of the April 12, 1993 meeting were approved as distributed.





      The presentation of the minutes from March 16, 1993 were deferred to

      the next meeting of the commission.





      Dr. Glen Bugh, Chair of the University Core Committee, presented the

      minutes of the committee from April 6, 1993 and April 20, 1993.  Carol

      Burch-Brown expressed her appreciation to Dr. Bugh for his exceptional

      service to the committee.  She also thanked Dr. Marge Murray for her

      contributions and announced she will be chairing the committee next

      year.  Motion was made and seconded to accept the minutes.   The motion






      Dr. Ezra Brown, Chair of the Course Criteria Committee, presented the

      April 26, 1993 report for first reading.  Dr. Murray expressed concern

      over the "pushing through" of checksheets and asked about the review of

      the changes made to the 1994 checksheets.  Wanda Dean provided an ex-

      planation of the changes and stated the checksheets are available for

      review between first and second reading if anyone chooses to question

      the changes.  She also noted that the committee always asks what impact

      the changes will have on the students.  Norrine Spencer questioned the

      naming of the Business Option on the Animal Science Checksheet.  (She

      felt that the university should have a policy that approval be sought

      and given from the program of which the option name is taken.)  Dr.

      Spencer noted that a list of appropriate courses by the College of

      Business was presented to Animal Science.   Dr. John White replied that

      the list was limited and that the option should be much broader.  Dr.

      Geyer reminded the Commission that this issue was one of procedure,

      since the department was not making changes to the Business Option.

      Dr. Cobb asked that a policy be established and discussed at a future

      meeting of the commission on how to identify problems with checksheets.

      Dr. Cobb also expressed concern over UAP 3414, Theories of Public and

      Non-Profit Organizations.  His concern was of a 40% overlap of content

      that some of the texts are the same as a course offered in the College

      of Business.  He stated this issue was brought up at 30 day review, but

      no objections were raised.  He then asked if objections could be raised

      if missed at 30 day review, and if so, would they be addressed by CCC,

      CUS or both.  Dr. Ogliaruso stated it is the responsibility of the de-

      partment proposing the course to contact the department in which a sim-

      ilar course exists.  Motion was made and seconded to waive first

      reading of the report with the exception of Animal Science Checksheets

      and UAP 3414.  The motion was APPROVED.  Dr. Cobb moved to exclude

      these two items from second reading of the report.  Prof. Daniel asked

      that a vote be taken with a "yes" vote to exclude the items and a "no"

      vote not to exclude the items from second reading.  The vote was taken

      and the motion to exclude was NOT APPROVED.  Dr. Cobb then moved to ex-

      clude UAP 3414 from second reading, pending a letter of support from

      the Department of Management. Vote was taken to exclude pending letter

      of support.  The motion was APPROVED.  Motion was made and seconded to

      approve the report for second reading as amended, the April 26, 1993

      report.  The motion CARRIED.


      Courses approved Fall 1993


      o   AGE 2105-2106, Biological Systems Engineering and Laboratory


      o   AGE 3514, Physical Properties of Biological Materials


      o   AGE 4125-4126, Design Project and Report (revised)


      o   AGE 4144, Biological Systems Simulation


      o   AGE 4404, Design of Processing Systems (revised)


      o   AGE 4504, Instrumentation and Control for Biological Systems (re-



      o   BC 4014, Building Systems Technology II (revised)


      o   BIOL 1004, Freshman Biology Seminar


      o   BIOL 2314, Plant Science Laboratory


      o   BIOL 4764, Capstone Microbiology and Immunology


      o   BION 4115-4116, General Biochemistry (revised)


      o   CE 4174, Solid and Hazardous Waste Management


      o   CE 4184, Environmental Design of Water Supply and Sewerage Systems


      o   COMM 4144, Magazine Writing


      o   ECON 3014, Economics of Poverty


      o   GEOG 4315-4316, Automated Mapping and Geographic Information Sys-



      o   GEOL 3524, Optical Mineralogy


      o   HRIM 3464, Hospitality and Tourism Research Methods

      o   ISE 4254, Computer Aided Process Planning (revised)


      o   ISE 4264, Industrial Automation (revised)


      o   PSCI 3255-3266, Politics of Race, Ethnicity and Gender


      o   ISE 4244, Fundamentals of Computer Integrated Manufacturing


      o   UAP 4614, Health Policy


      Courses approved Spring 1994


      o   EE 4144, Introduction to Optical Information Processing (revised)


      o   MATH 4214, Linear Analysis


      o   MUS 2054, Intermediate Midi Applications






      Action of Curriculum Checklists, Options and Concentrations


      o   Animal Science Checksheets, Graduating Class of 1994 (major,

          options, minor)


      o   Biochemistry Checksheets, Graduating Classes of 1994, 1995 and 1996


      o   Crop and Soil Environmental Science Checksheet, Graduating Class of



      o   Food Science and Technology Checksheets, Graduating Class of 1994


      o   Mathematics Checksheet, Applied Discrete Mathematics(ADM), Graduat-

          ing Class of 1995


      o   Business Education Checksheets, Graduating Class of 1994


      o   Agricultural Engineering Checksheets, Graduating Class of 1996


      Courses to be deleted effective Fall 1993


      o   AGE 2104, Agricultural Engineering Laboratory I


      o   AGE 3104, Agricultural Engineering Laboratory II


      o   AGE 3114, Numerical Methods and Systems Analysis in Agricultural



      o   AGE 4114, Probabilistic Engineering Design


      o   AGE 4204, Plant and Animal Production Facilities


      o   AGE 4124, Design Project and Report


      o   CE 4164, Hazardous Waste Management


      o   GEOG 4314, Computer Cartography


      o   ISE 2004, Technology of Metals


      o   PSCI 3124, Legislation and Lobbying


      o   PSCI 3254, Anglo-American Governments and Politics




      Dr. Brown, Chair of the Course Criteria Committee presented the resol-

      ution.  Motion was made and seconded to waive first reading and approve

      for second reading.  Dr. Spencer moved that a friendly amendment be

      added to page 2 of the report, to include a statement of support from

      ALL departments offering courses in an option and/or concentration.

      Motion to add amendment was seconded.  The motion CARRIED.  Motion to

      approve as amended, waive first reading and approve for second reading

      was made.  The motion CARRIED.





      Dr. Shoulders distributed a report of the subcommittee for informa-

      tional purposes.  He stated that any comments concerning the report

      should be directed to him.






      Ms. Dean opened the floor for nominations.  Dr. Geyer moved to nominate

      Dr. E. Brown with Dr. Heath-Camp seconding the motion.  No other nomi-

      nations were made.  The motion to elect Dr. Brown CARRIED.






      Dr. White distributed a report of the subcommittee studying the policy

      on graduation requirements.  The primary issue is if students are to be

      required to fulfill those requirements which are in place at the time

      of entry into the university, or at the time of graduation.  He stated

      the subcommittee would continue to meet over the summer and report back

      to the commission during the fall semester.  Dr. Spencer suggested a

      subcommittee be formed to address the issue of naming options in degree




  11. Meeting adjourned at 4:50 p.m.


                                     Respectfully submitted,





                                     Wanda Hankins Dean

                                     University Registrar


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