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October 11, 1993




                            President's Board Room

                               October 11, 1993


  PRESENT:  Dr. E. Brown, Chair;  Drs. A. Abaye, R. Bambach, S. Brooker-

                Gross, T. Rakes for T. Cobb, J. Eaton, H. Griffin, R.

                Hendricks, P. Knox, M. Lewis, A. McDaniel, M. Ogliaruso, R.

                Lytton for R. Purdy, D. Smith, N. Spencer, J. Sawyers, J.

                Crunkilton for J. White: Prof. R. Daniel; M. Foushee for W.

                Dean, University Registrar; B. Obenhaus, Library Faculty; T.

                Hutchison, Undergraduate Honor System; B. Sgro, Dean of Stu-

                dents; S. Wheeler, Staff Senate.



  ABSENT:   Drs. G. Brown, J. Buffer, E. Carlisle, P. Edwards, B. Heath-Camp,

                P. Meszaros, R. Paterson,  R. Sorensen, L. Swiger, P.

                Torgersen, D. Williams; D. Bousquet, Admissions; T. Allen,

                Graduate Student Assembly; SGA Representatives; SGA Academic

                Affairs Representative.



  VISITORS  E. Guertin, M. Murray, D. Scott, J. Williams-Green.






      Dr. Brown called the meeting to order at 3:03 p.m.  No announcements

      were made.



  2.  The AGENDA was approved as distributed.



  3.  The MINUTES of the September 27, 1993 meeting were approved as distrib-






      Dr. Robert Hendricks, representative for the College of Engineering to

      the Course Criteria Committee, presented the September 27, 1993 for

      second reading.  Motion was made and seconded to approve for second

      reading, the September 27, 1993 report.  The motion CARRIED.


      Courses approved Spring 1994


      o   COMM 4024, Communication Internship, (revised)


      o   GER 3304, Introduction to German Literature, (new)


      o   PHYS 2715-2716, Physics Laboratory, (revised)


      o   MGT 1004, Introduction to Business, (revised)


      o   SOC 3614, Gender and Work in the U.S., (revised)


      o   STAT 3104, Probability and Distributions (revised)


      Action on Curriculum Checklists, Options and Concentrations


      o   Agricultural Education Checksheet, Graduating Class of 1995, Major

          and Minor

              Teaching Option

              Extension Option

              Training and Development Option




      Dr. Margaret Murray, Chair of the University Core Curriculum Committee

      presented the minutes of the September 14, 1993 meeting.  She reported

      that the new course approval process should be presented for second

      reading before University Council on Monday, October 18, 1993, due to

      the cancellation of the October 4, 1993 meeting.  She further stated

      that is anticipated the resolution will be passed.  Dr. Murray reported

      that the committee is now prepared to lift the moratorium on the inclu-

      sion of new courses in the University Core and to assist departments

      and colleges in the preparation of writing course proposals.  A work-

      shop is scheduled for Thursday, October 14th in McBryde 209 from 3:30pm

      - 5:00pm.  Dr. Nancy Metz of the English department, will give a brief

      presentation on course proposal writing.  Discussions will also be held

      concerning existing areas in the core and new areas for future imple-



      Dr. Ogliaruso asked if the courses "grandfathered" into the core cur-

      riculum are going to be reviewed.  Dr. Murray responded the courses

      would be reviewed but no plan or schedule has been established for the

      review of those courses at this time.  Motion was made and seconded to

      accept the minutes of September 14, 1993.  The motion CARRIED.





      Dr. Brown reported that Resolution 92-93B, Committees that report to

      the Commission on Undergraduate Studies, and resolution 92-93C, Course

      Approval Process, will be presented to University Council for second

      reading on Monday, October 18, 1993.  He stated that the new committee

      structure included two (2) new committees, Committee on Academic Poli-

      cies and Committee on Academic Support, and that three (3) committees,

      Scheduling and Registration, Scholarships and Financial Aid, and Honor

      System Review Board, had been incorporated into the new structure.  Dr.

      Brown gave a brief review of the six (6) committees and their respec-

      tive charges.


      Dr. Brown requested that volunteers wishing to serve on any of the com-

      mittees send a note indicating their interest and committee preference

      to BROWN@MATH.VT.EDU for e-mail, or hard copy to him at the Mathematics

      Department, 460 McBryde Hall.


      Dr. Richard Bambach questioned if the Commission thought University

      Council would have any problems in approving Resolution 92-93B.  The

      consensus was that the resolution would be approved, however it was

      suggested that members contact their colleagues and representatives to

      University Council and encourage the approval of the new committee







      o   Dr. Robert Hendricks requested a point of clarification concerning

          the graduation requirements based on the Date of Entry (DOE) versus

          the Date of Graduation (DOG).  He specifically asked "when should a

          checksheet be in place?".  Commission members were asked to review

          the minutes of the last two meetings and observe the limited number

          of checksheets presented for approval.  It was noted that that not

          only have very few been approved at these two meetings, but also

          few are apparently in the process for approval.  Dr. Norrine

          Spencer commented that University Policy states the checksheets

          must be in place two (2) years prior to graduation.  She also noted

          that departments having no changes in the existing checksheets

          should notify the University Registrar's Office that the current

          checksheets remain in place and are valid.  The question was

          raised, "is two years adequate notice to students?", and the point

          was made that by fall of their junior year, this may not be suffi-

          cient time for students to make necessary course adjustments.  This

          would allow only three (3) semesters if there is to be a change.

          The questions were asked, "is it possible to collect information on

          the number of checksheets revised for Spring 1993, and how many

          checksheets are on place with the University Registrar's Office for

          Spring 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997 and 1998?".  It was noted that a re-

          solution to change the current structure should state what action

          would be taken with departments that do not conform to the univer-

          sity policy.  It was recommended that the University Registrar send

          to departments a request for checksheet revisions  with notifica-

          tion that the existing checksheet will be used if no changes are



      o   Dr. Richard Bambach suggested that a review of the schedule of

          breaks between classes be made.  This suggestion was referred to

          the Committee on Academic Support.


  8.  Meeting adjourned at 3:48 p.m.


                                     Respectfully submitted,





                                     Marvin C. Foushee for

                                     Wanda Hankins Dean

                                     University Registrar



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