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September 13, 1993




                            President's Board Room

                              September 13, 1993


  PRESENT:  Dr, E. Brown, Chair;  Drs. A. Abaye,  R. Bambach,  S. Brooker-

                Gross, J. Eaton, H. Griffin, B. Heath-Camp, R. Hendricks, P.

                Knox, M. Lewis, A. McDaniel, M. Ogliaruso, R. Paterson, R.

                Purdy, B. Sgro, R. Sorensen, N. Spencer, J. Sawyers, J.

                White, D. Williams; Prof. R. Daniel; K. Torgersen for D.

                Bousquet, Admissions; W. Dean, Univeristy Registrar B.

                Obenhaus, Library Faculty; S. Wheeler, Staff Senate; T.

                Hutchison, Undergraduate Honor System.



  ABSENT:   Drs. G. Brown, J. Buffer, E. Carlisle, A. Cobb, P. Edwards, P.

                Meszaros, D. Smith, L. Swiger, P. Torgersen; T. Allen, Gradu-

                ate Student Assembly, SGA Representatives; SGA Academic Af-

                fairs Representative.



  VISITORS  E. Guertin, M. Murray, S. Wilson






      Dr. Brown called the meeting to order at 3:05 p.m.  He welcomed the

      members to the first meeting of the year and asked that everyone intro-

      duce themselves to allow both new and returning members the opportunity

      to become acquainted.



  2.  The AGENDA was approved as amended.



  3.  The MINUTES of the April 26, 1993 meeting were approved as distributed.





      Dr. Betty Heath-Camp, Chair of the Course Criteria Committee presented

      the September 13, 1993 report for first reading.  Dr. Spencer inquired

      on the status of the Real Estate Concentration from the College of

      Business.  (The concentration was approved for first reading at the

      February 8, 1993 meeting and for second reading with approval of those

      minutes at the February 22, 1993 meeting).







      o   Dr. Brown noted that two resolutions passed at CUS last year,

          92-93B, Report of the Committee on Committees and 92-93C, Course

          Proposal "Grand Plan", will go before University Council on Septem-

          ber 20th for first reading.



      o   Dr. Hendricks referred to a draft report distributed at the last

          CUS meeting addressing the issue of graduation requirements in ef-

          fect at the date of entry versus the date of graduation.  He stated

          the major concern of the committee was the submission of

          checksheets for final approval which are currently due at the end

          of the fall semster of the junior year, or 4 semesters prior to

          graduation.  The subcommittee felt it is not unreasonable to have

          departments submit their checksheets for final approval at the end

          of the fall semester of the sophomore year or 5 semesters prior to

          graduation.  He asked that responses to this recommendation be sent

          via e-mail to the subcommittee members.


      o   Dr. McDaniel, Chair of the Calendar Committee, stated a resolution

          was proposed by the Commission on Student Affairs to place reli-

          gious holidays on the academic calendar.  He asked that any deci-

          sion on this issue be deferred until the new committee structure

          reporting to the Commission is approved.



      o   Dr. Bambach asked the commission to consider the issue of schedul-

          ing a 15 minute break between classes that meet on Monday, Wednes-

          day and Friday.



      o   Dr. Lewis inquired to the outcome of a status report distributed at

          the last CUS meeting addressing admissions policy.  Ms. Dean stated

          the subcommittee will bring forward a resolution at the end of

          their review.



      o   Dr. Eaton inquired to the status of a resolution presented by Dr.

          Leon Geyer during the previous year addressing the issue of late

          drops.  Consensus of the commission members was the resolution had

          not been brought forward.  Dr. Eaton stated the essence of the re-

          solution was to clarify who would approve drops after the specified



  6.  Meeting adjourned at 3:30 p.m.


                                     Respectfully submitted,

                                     Wanda Hankins Dean

                                     University Registrar



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