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April 12, 1988

         University Committee on Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action

                                April 12, 1988



  Present:      Rosemary Blieszner, Heidi Engel, Bonnie Finfer,

                Evelyn Grender, Michele Holmes, Calvin Jamison,

                Judith Jones, Bernard Jortner, Larry Lawrence,

                Charles Pinder, Nancy Reynolds, Mary Ross,

                Lon Savage, Deborah Snead, Wayne Speer,

                Jay Won, Linda Woodard, Anne Zajac.



  The April meeting of the Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Committee was

  called to order by Lon Savage and the agenda was approved.


  Mr. Savage announced that Dr. Torgersen and Dr. Perry have scheduled a

  luncheon with the women faculty committee members of the last two years on

  April 13, 1988 to discuss women's concerns.  Those attending will be

  Rosemary Bliezner, Elizabeth Fine, Dana Johnson, Anita Malebranche, Sara

  Rosenberry, Mary Ross and Linda Shell.


  Wayne Speer will begin providing seating and parking information for

  handicapped graduation visitors on May 2.  The service will continue

  through May 13.


  Calvin Jamison reported on the 14th annual meeting of the Affirmative

  Action Association held in Denver, Colorado.  The theme of the conference

  was "It is Up to You".  The issues discussed were sexual harassment and the

  direction of Affirmative Action  at the national level.  The program

  emphasized joining forces to develop a mission to effect changes at the

  federal and state levels, in order to get things done faster.  430

  representatives attended.  Next year's meeting will be held in New Orleans.


  Linda Woodard gave a report on the Child Care Study.  The first draft will

  be ready on Friday, April 15 and will be presented to President Torgersen

  for his review.


  Mr. Savage reported on a monitoring plan for "Toward the Year 2000".  The

  EOAA office will set up a procedure to follow the implementation of the

  recommendations of that report.  We hope to have a status report soon on

  how we are coming along with implementation.  A discussion on the Virginia

  Plan will relate to this.


  Judith Jones reported on the Virginia Plan.  She distributed a narrative on

  Student Recruitment and Retention and Faculty Recruitment and Retention.

  Ms. Jones gave a background of the Virginia Plan up through the 1988-90

  revision then highlighted the key points and addressed questions.


  Charles Pinder reported on the Minority Subcommittee meeting.  They had a

  very productive meeting and put several issues on the table.  They

  discussed strategies to push along the "2000" document as it relates to



  Bernard Jortner reported on the Women's Subcommittee Meeting.  He brought

  forth the following issues for consideration:


  1.  The EO/AA Committee should reassess its status, function and

      effectiveness for the university.


  2.  Vacant administrative posts in the university are not regularly



  3.  The Subcommittee recommends that the agenda be sent out for meetings




  4.  A recommendation was made to meet more frequently but for shorter



  These issues will be put on the agenda for the May 10th Meeting.


  Charles Pinder suggested reviewing the goals and objectives of each

  subcommittee in the near future.


  Bonnie Finfer announced that the subcommittee on the handicapped will meet

  on May 9 at 4:00 in the CEC, Room F. The meeting will be devoted to

  discussion of learning disabled students.  Pepper Trietley will be a

  speaker.  Dinner will follow at Crickets at 5:00.


  Jay Won reported on the Student Government Association.  The Student

  Government Association passed a resolution recommending a credit sign

  language course and would like the support of the EO/AA Committee.  Mr.

  Won will propose a motion on the sign language course at the May 10



  The meeting was adjourned at 5:10.


                            Recorded by Kim Snider

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