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December 14, 1988


                               December 14, 1988





  Present:  Alan Bayer, Jack Davis, Gina Eubanks, Elizabeth Fine, Martha

            Fitzwater, Evelyn Grender, Michele Holmes, Pat Hyer, Calvin

            Jamison, Judith Jones, Mike Lambur, Larry Lawrence, Patricia

            Morris, Charles Pinder, Barbara Pindergrass, Mary Ross, Vince

            Ruark, Lon Savage, Deborah Snead, Wayne Speer, Ann Zajac.


  Guests:   Tom Goodale, Susan Truelove


  1.  Chairman Lon Savage called to order the December meeting of the Equal

      Opportunity/ Affirmative Action Committee and introduced guest speaker,

      Dr. Thomas Goodale, Vice President for Student Affairs.




      a.  Dr. Goodale began his presentation by saying he would like the

          help, guidance, and counsel of the EO/AA Committee as he moves

          forward with the Division of Student Affairs.  Space was

          rededicated for the Black Cultural Center that is to be housed in

          the renovated Squires Student Center.  Included in the

          reorganization of Student Affairs will be a position dedicated to

          the area of minority affairs.  This position will probably be at

          the vice presidential office level.  Dr. Goodale emphasized that

          this position should encompass all areas of minority student life

          concerns.  Dr. Goodale feels the University needs to attract more

          women to the undergraduate student population and to provide more

          opportunities for undergraduate women to participate in leadership



      b.  Wayne Speer gave a slide presentation of handicap accessibility on

          campus.  All buildings constructed after 1976 must meet handicap

          accessibility codes.


  3.  Minutes of the November meeting were approved.




      a.  EO/AA REPORT


          1)  Wayne Speer has been invited to give several lectures the week

              of February 13th at the University of Jyvaskyla (Finland).  Mr.

              Speer will be lecturing on impact of laws and regulations in

              the United States that give disabled students the right to

              attend colleges and universities without discrimination.


          2)  The EO/AA Office currently has 6 informal complaints pending--3

              based on possible age discrimination, 1 sex discrimination, 1

              equal pay, and 1 sexual harassment.  Two formal complaints are



          3)  The Black Student Directory has been published and distributed.


          4)  A report on the University's affirmative action efforts has

              been submitted to the Council of Higher Education.


      b.  PROVOST SEARCH - The Search Committee met specifically to discuss

          those minority candidates that could be identified.  The Committee

          is still seeking qualified candidates; however, time is getting

          getting shorter.  The "yes" list has grown to 16-20 people and

          includes at least two women and possibly two black candidates.


      c.  CONSULTANTS' REPORT - A motion was made that the subcommittee

          chairs make an appointment to meet with Dr. McComas to discuss the

          status of the report and status of the Committee.  The motion was

          seconded and carried.  Judith Jones will make the appointment with

          the President.




      a.  WOMEN'S SUBCOMMITTEE - The Committee made a motion to have

          clarified in the faculty handbook medical benefits as they relate

          to pregnancies, to include pregnancy in the index in the faculty

          handbook, and would like to have the wording as follows included in

          the handbook:  Pregnancy-related medical conditions including

          post-natal condition, are treated as any other medical disability.

          Faculty may use sick leave for this purpose.  Medical certification

          may be required.  Annual leave for calendar-year faculty only or

          leave without pay may be used as needed.  The motion was seconded

          and carried.  The Committee will consider a second motion to

          include a broader topic of maternity/paternity leave.


      b.  MINORITY SUBCOMMITTEE - Chairman Charles Pinder reported that the

          Black Cultural Center's space has been increased to 1,584 square

          feet.  Students are still calling for a house off campus to serve

          as a gathering place for black students and black student



          The Committee made a motion that there be a January 15 deadline for

          the identification and awarding of scholarships for prospective

          black students and that research on the availability and the

          awarding of minority scholarship be conducted.  The motion was

          seconded and carried.


      c.  HANDICAP SUBCOMMITTEE - Larry Lawrence was selected Chairman of the

          Committee at its December 9th meeting.  The Committee will be

          reviewing the recommendations in the Year 2000 report and will

          further break them down into more manageable listed items.  A

          request for $500,000 has been submitted to the Govenor for

          elevators to increase the accessibility for the handicapped on

          campus.  The Committee will know the status of that request in



  6.  ANNOUNCEMENTS - The salary survey has been placed in the library under

      the heading "McComas."  Included with this information is a listing of

      all salaries, the classified compensation plan, a listing of all job

      titles for the State, and the Board of Visitors version of the approved



  Meeting adjourned at 11:30 a.m.



  Submitted by Sue Bowen




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