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October 12, 1988


                               October 12, 1988





  Present:  Alan Bayer, Barbara Board, Penny Burge (visitor), Elizabeth

            Creamer (visitor), Jack Davis, Janet Evers, Elizabeth Fine,

            Martha Fitzwater, Valerie Giddings (visitor), Evelyn Grender,

            Janine Hiller, Michele Holmes Calvin Jamison, Judith Jones, Mike

            Lambur, Larry Lawrence, Patricia Morris, Charles Nunnally.

            Charles Pinder, Mary Ross, Vince Ruark, Lon Savage, Debbie Snead,

            Wayne Speer, Linda Woodard, Ann Zajac.


  Guest:    President James McComas


  Lon Savage called the October meeting of the Equal Opportunity/Affirmative

  Action Committee to order and introduced President James McComas.


  Dr. McComas announced that two outside consultants, Dr. Freddie Grooms,

  Affirmative Action Officer from Florida State University, and Dr. Herman

  Smith of the University of Georgia will be on campus October 27th and 28th

  to evaluate the structure and organization of affirmative action and

  minority affairs.  Dr. McComas stated that he is not comfortable that we

  have the best kind of arrangement or accountability that we ought to have.

  He went on to say that this does not necessarily mean we should be

  organized differently but that the structure should be evaluated.

  President McComas believes the University has a real challenge to add both

  minority and women faculty members.


  The agenda for the October meeting and the minutes of the September EO/AA

  Committee meeting were approved.




  Consultants will meet with the EO/AA Committee October 27th at 2:30 p.m. in

  the President's Board Room.


  Chairs of the EO/AA subcommittees and Officers of the Faculty Senate will

  meet with the consultants on October 28th for lunch at the Donaldson Brown

  Center for Continuing Education.


  The Alumni Board approved changes in the wording of the ALMA MATER.  In the

  chorus, the words "VP, all hail to thee," were changed to "VT, all hail to

  thee."  In the third verse, the words, "All loyal sons of VPI, we raise our

  banners to the sky," were changed to "All loyal sons and daughters one,

  raise our banner to the sun."


  There will be a meeting and reception for Special Services students October

  25th, 7:00 p.m., rooms D and E at the C.E.C.


  A "kick-off" reception is scheduled for October 26th, 7:00 p.m.  at the

  Airport Sheraton in Roanoke for Project Pipeline.  Speakers will include

  Mayor Noel Taylor and Dr. James McComas.


  If anyone is interested in participating in the faculty mentor program,

  please contact Calvin Jamison.  He has several students waiting to be

  assigned a faculty mentor.


  Judith Jones announced there will be a video conference October 21st,

  1-2:30 p.m., Rear Auditorium, C.E.C., concerning sexual harassment on

  campus.  The conference will be open to the public and the student

  population is particularly encouraged to attend.




  The topic of Committee effectiveness was discussed.  It was decided that no

  action on any points of discussion would be taken until reports from the

  consultants are received.


  Jack Davis reported that the last Provost Search Committee meeting was

  September 19th.  Dr. McComas visited with the Committee and outlined his

  expectations for the position of Provost.  Dr.  McComas wants the search to

  be as broad based as possible without ruling out local candidates.


  Pat Hyer reported that Dr. Tom Goodale was selected as the Vice President

  of Student Affairs.


  Judith Jones announced that the articulation agreement between the the

  College of Agriculture and the community college system in Virginia has

  been approved.  If a student follows a prescribed program and meets certain

  requirements, this agreement guarantees admission to the College of



  Ms. Jones also reported there has been one EEOC case closed since the last

  EO/AA meeting.  The EEOC found no basis for the claim of sex and race

  discrimination in the selection of a faculty member.


  Wayne Speer, Counselor for Special Services, gave the following report.


  o   A faculty member who is quadriplegic as a result of an automobile

      accident is returning to campus.  There are plans for a totally

      electronic office, the first at Virginia Tech, to support the work of

      the faculty member.


  o   Mr. Speer is currently advising and providing academic support services

      to 83 disabled students.


  For the 1987/88 academic year:


  o   Ninety-eight disabled faculty, staff students and visitors were

      assisted in graduation ceremonies and activities.


  o   Seventy-nine faculty, staff and students were provided temporary

      handicap parking.


  o   Nine applicants voluntarily acknowledged disabilities that may required

      accommodation in the work place.


  o   Three new faculty/staff with permanent disabilities were hired.


  o   Eight current faculty/staff notified the EO/AA Office of recently

      diagnosed permanent disabilities.




  Betty Fine reported that the Women's Subcommittee will be reviewing a

  completed study entitled, "Women Faculty at Virginia Tech: An Analysis by

  Discipline and Rank."  The Women's Subcommittee will also be dealing with

  the issues of spouse assistance and child care.


  Charles Pinder announced the Subcommittee on Minorities will be meeting

  October 18th.


  Wayne Speer requested members of the Handicap Concerns Subcommittee to

  submit a list of dates and times most suitable for a meeting.


  The meeting was adjourned at 11:30 a.m.



  Recorded by Sue Bowen


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