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September 15, 1988


                              September 15, 1988





  Present:  Alan Bayer, A. Jack Davis, Lee Drowne (representing Wayne Speer),

            Gina Eubanks, Janet Evers, Elizabeth Fine, Martha Fitzwater,

            Evelyn Grender, Janine Hiller, Michele Holmes, Pat Hyer, Calvin

            Jamison, Judith Jones, Mike Lambur, Donna McEldowney, Patricia

            Morris, Charles Nunnally, Charles Pinder, Lon Savage, Deborah

            Snead, Barry Stewart (representing Vince Ruark), Linda Woodard,

            Anne Zajac


  The September meeting of the Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Committee

  was called to order by Lon Savage.  After the introduction of members, the

  agenda for the meeting and the minutes of the May meeting were approved.


  The first item on the agenda was the recommendation passed at the May

  meeting which calls on the EO/AA Committee to reassess its status,

  function, and effectiveness.  Several suggestions on how to create a more

  effective committee were to:  (1) change the composition of the Committee

  by decreasing its size and adding deans and vice presidents to the

  membership; (2) retaining the representation of the Committee as it now

  stands and adding a vice president or dean to its membership; (3) creating

  an EO/AA Commission.  These and other suggestions will be discussed further

  with Dr. McComas at the October meeting and within the Committee throughout

  the coming year in order to decide how the Committee might address the



  A summary report of actions taken on EO/AA Committee recommendations for

  the last two years and the Annual Report to the University Council were

  distributed to Committee members.  Mr. Savage noted that many

  recommendations have been implemented. Several have been addressed but have

  not been implemented.  Judith Jones will forward to Committee members any

  documentation concerning action requested on future recommendations.  Mr.

  Savage also suggested that at the beginning of each meeting a report be

  given on pending recommendations.


  Linda Woodard gave an update on the Childcare Report.  Several members of

  the committee met with Dr. McComas in early September at which time a

  history of the committee and recommendations of the report were presented.

  Mr. Minnis Ridenour was also present at this meeting and submitted the

  names of several people he planned to have cost out various proposals that

  resulted from the Childcare Report.  Dr. Ray Smoot will lead this activity.

  Cost information should be available soon.


  Pat Hyer reported on the search for the Vice President of Student Affairs.

  Ninety applications and nominations were received, of which 75 were

  complete. Twelve blacks and 13 women were identified.  Extensive efforts

  were made to recruit women and minorities.  Three white males and one

  female were interviewed by various student groups, faculty senate groups,

  vice presidents, student affairs directors and the search committee.  The

  name of the person selected will be announced soon.


  Jack Davis, a member of the search committee for the position of Provost

  felt it would be more appropriate to invite Dean Herman Doswald, the Chair

  and spokesperson for the Committee, to give a more detailed report of the

  search.  He did state that announcements have been sent out to appropriate

  journals and believes it will be January before anyone is on campus to be

  interviewed.  Judith Jones will meet with the Search Committee on September

  19 to review affirmative action recruitment.


  Judith Jones distributed a list of subcommittees for 1988-89.  Betty Fine

  will chair the Women's Subcommittee and Charles Pinder will continue to


  chair the Minority Subcommittee.  A chairperson will need to be selected

  for the Handicapped Concerns Subcommittee.


  The EO/AA Committee will meet in the President's Boardroom on the following

  dates:  October 12, 10:00 a.m., November 8, 2:30 p.m., December 14, 10:00

  a.m..  President McComas will speak at the October 12 meeting.


  Judith Jones presented a summary of EO/AA complaints.  There are five

  pending federal cases dealing with age, handicap, ethnic origin and

  national origin.  There have been 24 informal cases in 1988.  Seven dealt

  with race, two age, 6 sex discrimination, 3 handicap concerns, 3 national

  origin, one equal pay, one harassment and one on the general topic of

  preselection.  Of these 24 cases, six are pending.


  Judith Jones distributed a checklist on which members may record progress

  made toward implementing the "Year 2000" recommendations.  She reviewed

  those recommendations which have already been fully or partially

  implemented and will provide brief reports at each EO/AA meeting.


  Calvin Jamison reported that he is now doing a summary of recommendations

  that resulted from the Minority Workshops held during the summer to forward

  to the Provost.  These workshops dealt with issues concerning quality of

  life for students on campus, financial aid and scholarships, academic

  advising, and recruitment and development of black faculty.  He will keep

  the EO/AA Committee informed about the activity that has been generated by

  these workshops.


  Lon Savage distributed a draft of the EO/AA Committee's annual report.  He

  would like to present the report to the Council at their next meeting.  If

  there are any changes to be made in the report, please contact Lon within

  the next week.


  The meeting adjourned at 3:00 p.m.



  Recorded by Sue Bowen



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