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April 11, 1989

  University Committee on Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action

                         April 11, 1989


  Present:  Susan   Asselin,  Evelyn  Grender,  Larry  Harris,

            Janine Hiller, Larry  Lawrence,  Brian  McConnell,

            Donna McEldowney, Patricia Morris, Charles Pinder,

            Vince  Ruark,  Lon  Savage,  Wayne  Speer, Charles

            Welch, Linda Woodard.


  Lon Savage called the meeting to  order.    Minutes  of  the

  March 22 meeting were approved as corrected.




  Judith Jones was absent from the meeting due to illness.


  Wayne  Speer has been named as Interim Director of the Equal

  Opportunity/Affirmative Action Office.


  Upon suggestion from President McComas, Lon Savage forwarded

  the Committee's recommendation on the child care  center  to

  Dr.  Larry  Moore  of the University Planning Task Force and

  Dr. David Ford, Associate  Vice  President  for  Facilities.

  The  Committee's  remaining eleven recommendations that were

  prioritized from the "Year 2000" report were also  forwarded

  to the University Planning Task Force.


  Dr.  David Kingston of the chemistry faculty and a member of

  the  University  Council  will  speak   to   the   Committee

  concerning  the  issue  of the proposed policy change of the

  University's EO/AA statement.




  1.  Provost Search - Larry Harris  reported  that  the  four

      announced  candidates  for  Senior  Vice  President  and

      Provost were on campus and have been interviewed.    The

      president  concluded  that in order to have the broadest

      possible  basis  for  comparison  of   the   candidates'

      strengths   and   qualifications,  he  is  inviting  two

      additional candidates to campus  for  interviews.    Dr.

      Fred  Carlisle, Provost and Executive Vice President for

      Academic Affairs at Miami University of Ohio will be  on

      campus  April  13  and  Dr. Curtis Tompkins, Dean of the

      College of Engineering at West Virginia University  will

      be on campus April 20.


  2.  Provost  Search  -  Larry  Harris informed the Committee

      that the Screening and Interviewing  Committee  met  and

      identified  eight individuals who are well qualified for

      the position.  Their names have been  forwarded  to  Dr.

      McComas.    It  will  be  the president's prerogative to

      identify  candidates  to  be  brought  to   campus   for

      interviews.    The  interviewing process will be modeled

      after the provost interviewing process.   Three  of  the

      candidates  are  women  and  seven of the candidates are



  3.  Case Update - Five cases have been recently resolved  in

      the  University's favor.   Three cases are still active.

      Two cases are based on national origin and one  case  is

      based on procedures.


  4.  Proposed  Policy  Change  -  Judith  Jones has requested

      written  opinions  from  Jerry  Cain,  University  Legal

      Counsel  and  George Gardner, Director of EEO, Richmond,

      Virginia, concerning the proposed change to add  "sexual

      orientation" to the EO/AA policy.  Replies have not been

      received.   Dr. David Kingston expressed his concerns of

      the the proposed change to the University's EO/AA policy

      statement.    After  discussion,  on  motion  by   Susan

      Asselin,  seconded  by  Mary  Ross,  the Committee voted

      unanimously to maintain the  University's  EO/AA  policy

      statement as it now stands.


  New  Business  -  Lon Savage made a request to the chairs of

  the Subcommittees for a summary of the year's activities  to

  be included in the annual report.





  1.  Subcommittee  on  Minorities  - The advisor to the black

      graduate students met with the Subcommittee  to  discuss

      issues  and  concerns  pertaining to the students.   The

      committee also reviewed the progress for the search  for

      the  new  director  of Affirmative Action.   Among other

      items discussed were  suggestions  for  recruiting  more

      black graduate students.


  2.  Subcommittee  on Women - Janine Hiller reported that the

      Subcommittee received  notice  that  there  would  be  a

      discontinuance  of  the faculty exit questionnaire.  The

      Subcommittee is going to review  and  discuss  the  exit

      questionnaire  form  at  their next scheduled meeting to

      evaluate the subject of continuance.   Another issue  on

      the Women's Subcommittee agenda will be the study of the

      status of part-time faculty.


  3.  Subcommittee on Handicap Concerns - No report.


  The Committee will meet May 3, 10:00 a.m.


  Meeting adjourned.


  Submitted by Sue Bowen


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