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February 15, 1989


                               February 15, 1989



  Lon Savage called the meeting to order and announced that Judith Jones had

  been called away on a university matter and could not be present.  The min-

  utes were approved as distributed.




  1.  The idea of a meeting house for minority students is alive and is still

      under consideration by Dr. Tom Goodale.  Unfortunately, no progress has

      been made on locating a suitable facility.


  2.  The March EO/AA meeting is scheduled for Wednesday during spring break.

      Members voted to reschedule the meeting.  The meeting will be held

      March 22, 1-3 p.m., Board Room.


  3.  Lon Savage reviewed the announcements made at the President's EO/AA

      breakfast on February 14.  The position of Director of Affirmative

      Action/Assistant to the President has been nationally advertised and a

      screening committee has been formed.  Larry Harris distributed copies

      of the position announcement.  Judith Jones has accepted a new position

      in the Extension Division effective March 1.  Wayne Speer will move to

      Student Affairs as Director of Disabled Student Services, and Michele

      Holmes will remain with the EO/AA Office as Minority Concerns Counse-

      lor.  A compliance position with Title IX responsibilities will be ad-

      vertised in the near future.




  1.  Lon Savage announced that the Provost has responded to the Committee's

      recommendation to clarify "maternity leave" in the FACULTY HANDBOOK.


  2.  Larry Harris provided a brief update on the Provost search.  The Com-

      mittee will be conducting off-campus interviews with 10 semifinalists

      during the next two weekends.  On-campus interviews for finalists will

      take place in March and possibly early April.  Of the 10 semifinalists,

      two are women.


  3.  The Committee agreed to discuss the Year 2000 priorities during the

      Subcommittee reports.




  1.  Information concerning attitude surveys will be presented at a future





  After considerable discussion, the Committee approved all the recommen-

  dations of the Subcommittee.  Recommendation #10 was amended.  The prior-

  itized recommendations, including the amendment to #10, are as follows:


  18.  The University should undergo a thorough study of the status of Blacks

       at Virginia Tech and through that process provide an educational per-

       spective on the environment for Blacks at Virginia Tech.


  21.  The University should improve its efforts to provide a more comforta-

       ble social environment for Black faculty, staff, and students.  The

       lack of a substantial Black community suggests that the University

       should strive to assure that there is a supportive environment for

       personal and professional growth.


  9.   The University must aggressively hire more Black faculty, staff, ad-

       ministrators, and coaches who will serve as role models with broad-

       based decision making responsibilities.  The present representation

       should be increased from 2% to at least 8%.  The University should

       also appoint Blacks to high-level administrative positions with

       decision-making responsibilities, and hire and promote additional



  10.  The University must develop a comprehensive system of accountability

       for administrators for the recruitment and development of Black and

       women faculty and staff.  This should be included as part of an admin-

       istrator's job description.


  19.  Colleges and administrative departments should undergo a thorough

       self-evaluation of their affirmative action efforts and produce an an-

       nual progress report with suggested recommendations for improvement.




  Larry Lawrence reported that Virginia Tech did not receive the $500,000 re-

  quested in the governor's budget to cover the cost of upgrading elevators.

  The amended budget request will include $250,000 to improve campus accessi-

  bility.  Wayne Speer's budget to cover improvements for handicap accessi-

  bility has been depleted but he may be able to borrow against an encumbered



  The Committee presented priority recommendations from the "Toward the Year

  2000" report:


  1.  Virginia Tech, through the budgetary process, should focus on obtaining

      additional funding to achieve program accessibility for all students,

      staff, and faculty.


  2.  Comprehensive support services at Virginia Tech should be maintained

      through the hiring of a learning disabilities specialist.  A budget

      should be established for tutoring, note-taking, copying and providing

      software and other equipment used in academic support.




  The Committee unanimously approved the following recommendation which was

  acted upon at the Subcommittee meeting of February 1:


  "A Task Force on Women should be established to coordinate and communicate

  women's issues to the Administration of the University.  This task force

  should be composed of at least one member of each group concerned with wom-

  en's issues on campus:  the women's subcommittee of EO/AA, the Women's Net-

  work, Women's Studies, Women's Research Institute, Student Affairs, and

  various classified associations.


  Larry Harris suggested that recommendations be forwarded to the President

  for disposition.


  The meeting adjourned at 4:00 p.m.


  Submitted by Sue Bowen


  (Note:  Attendance was not recorded at the February 15 meeting.)



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