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January 12, 1989


                               January 12, 1989



  Present:  Susan Asselin, Alan Bayer, Jack Davis, Janet Evers, Martha

            Fitzwater, Evelyn Grender, Michele Holmes, Pat Hyer, Judith

            Jones, Mike Lambur, Larry Lawrence, Charles Pinder, Barbara

            Pindergrass, Mary Ross, Vince Ruark, Lon Savage, Wayne Speer,

            Charles Welch, Ann Zajac.



  Chairman Lon Savage called to order the January meeting of the Equal Oppor-

  tunity/ Affirmative Action Committee.  Minutes of the December meeting were






  1.  The Martin Luther King memorial service will be held Monday, January

      16, 5:00 PM in the War Memorial Chapel.


  2.  The Provost's Office will soon begin a search for the position of Dean

      for the College of Education.




  1.  Judith Jones distributed a letter received from Provost John Perry re-

      sponding to the EO/AA Committee's resolution recommending two changes

      in the FACULTY HANDBOOK to clarify faculty maternity benefits.  Dr.

      Perry will ask the Commission on Faculty Affairs to take up the matter



  2.  A response was received from Associate Provost Eugene Carson regarding

      the resolution made by the Minority Subcommittee that a January 15th

      deadline be established for identification and awarding of scholarships

      for prospective black students and that research on the availability

      and awarding of minority scholarships be conducted.  Dr. Carson re-

      sponded that a January 15th deadline is probably unrealistic.  Gener-

      ally, students are not offered admission by that date and only early

      admission students are affected.  Mr. Savage encouraged the Minority

      Subcommittee to carefully examine Dr. Carson's response to determine if

      steps can be taken to resolve this matter.


  3.  Judith Jones will stay in contact with Dr. Goodale concerning the issue

      of an off-campus meeting place for black students.  She will keep the

      Committee informed.




      a.  STUDENT INSURANCE PLAN - no new information.


      b.  EO/AA CASES - The EEOC charge alleging age discrimination has been

          closed with a finding of no cause.


  5.  PROVOST SEARCH - Jack Davis reported that a few resumes are still com-

      ing in but that the general search for applicants has ended.


  6.  CONSULTANT'S REPORT - Lon Savage, Charles Pinder, and Larry Lawrence

      gave a summary of their meeting with Dr. McComas on January 5th.  Dr.

      McComas indicated he will be taking action within the next 30-60 days

      concerning the consultants' recommendations.  A copy of the consult-

      ants' report was distributed to the members of the EO/AA Committee.  A

      motion was made, seconded, and passed that a letter be written to Dr.

      McComas from the Committee members expressing their support for a cen-

      tralized structure and greater strength in the operation of the Commit-

      tee.  The Committee does not necessarily concur with all the findings

      which follow items a and b.  Judith Jones will write the letter to Dr.



  7.  SUBCOMMITTEE REPORTS - no reports.


  Meeting adjourned at 11:40 AM.


  Submitted by Sue Bowen



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