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March 22, 1989


                                March 22, 1989



  Present:  Susan Asselin, Alan Bayer, Jack Davis, Janet Evers, Elizabeth

            Fine, Martha Fitzwater, Muriel Flynn (substituting for Linda

            Woodard), Evelyn Grender, Larry Harris, Janine Hiller, Michele

            Holmes, Pat Hyer, Judith Jones, Larry Lawrence, Brian McConnell,

            Patricia Morris, Barbara Pendergrass, Vince Ruark, Lon Savage,

            Wayne Speer, Charles Welch, Ann Zajac.


  Lon Savage called the meeting to order.  Minutes of the February 15 meeting

  were approved noting the change that the recommendations presented by the

  Subcommittee on Minorities are of equal importance and that they were not

  presented in a prioritized order.





  1.  AFFIRMATIVE ACTION DIRECTOR SEARCH - Judith Jones reported that she and

      Charles Pinder have begun the initial screening of applicants.  To

      date, 45 applications have been received.  The Search Committee will

      meet again March 29.  Larry Harris added that the interview process

      will be patterned after the Provost search and that representatives

      from all interested groups will be included.


  2.  PROVOST SEARCH - Larry Harris informed the Committee that Howard Ball,

      Dean of Behavioral and Social Sciences, University of Utah and Ronald

      Hopkins, Vice Provost, Washington State University are being

      interviewed on campus this week.  Eloise Clark, Academic Vice

      President, Bowling Green State University, Ohio and Tony Marsella,

      Academic Vice President, University of Hawaii will be on campus for

      interviews the week of March 27.  Dr. Harris is hopeful that the

      candidate selected will be on campus by July.


  3.  CASE UPDATE - The student health insurance case filed against the

      University has been resolved.  By next fall, there will be in place a

      student health policy that covers pregnancy and related conditions in

      the same manner as other illnesses.  There will be coverage at no

      additional charge above the flat rate everyone pays.  The flat rate

      will increase.


  4.  STATUS OF RESOLUTIONS - Lon Savage wrote President McComas on February

      16 and provided him with a copy of the Minority Subcommittee's five

      most important recommendations from the "Year 2000" report and the

      recommendation from the Women's Subcommittee to establish a Task Force

      on Women.  These actions were taken in response to Dr. McComas's

      January 5 request.


  NEW BUSINESS - There were no items of new business.




  1.  Subcommittee on Minorities - No report


  2.  Subcommittee on Women - Elizabeth Fine distributed minutes of the March

      8 Subcommittee meeting at which proposals for two motions and a

      prioritized list of "Year 2000" recommendations were finalized.  These

      were presented to the Committee members.


      On motion by Elizabeth Fine, seconded by Vince Ruark, the Committee

      unanimously affirmed its support for the newly established Coordinating

      Council for Women's Concerns.  On motion by Elizabeth Fine, seconded by

      Alan Bayer, the Committee unanimously approved the following five

      recommendations and the explanatory language about the recommendations


      that was contained in the Subcommittee's written report.  These

      recommendations are stated in the "Year 2000" report.


      1.  Expand institutional support for the programs that are important to

          women and that promote institutional change.


      2.  Increase the number and percentage of women in tenure-track faculty

          positions and among top level administrators over the next five

          years to meet the University's established Affirmative Action



      3.  Significantly increase recognition and opportunities for

          advancement of classified employees.  Since 60% of classified

          employees are women, this is an important concern.


      4.  Increase the proportion of female students to more closely

          approximate the national averages at both undergraduate and

          graduate levels.  Currently, only 40% of the students are women.


      5.  Build an on-campus child care center and develop policies which

          recognize the important family roles of female and male employees,

          and students, such as a parental leave policy.


      The Subcommittee brought forward the issue of adding "sexual

      orientation" to the University's EO/AA clause.  Following considerable

      discussion, the Committee decided to postpone action until additional

      information is collected.  Judith Jones will request written

      information from the state EO/AA Office and from Jerry Cain, University

      Legal Counsel.


  3.  Subcommittee on Handicap Concerns - No report.


      Wayne Speer informed the Committee that the University received

      $225,000 for handicap accessibility.



      Respectfully submitted by Sue Bowen


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