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May 3, 1989


                                  May 3, 1989



  Present:  Alan Bayer, Elizabeth Fine, Larry Harris, Michele Holmes, Donna

            McEldowney, Patricia Morris, Charles Nunnally Vince Ruark, Lon

            Savage, Wayne Speer, Linda Woodard.


  Lon Savage called the last meeting of the academic year to order.  Minutes

  of the April 11 meeting approved.




  Rotating off the Committee this year are Jack Davis, Charles Nunnally, Gina

  Eubanks, Charles Pinder, Elizabeth Fine, Debora Snead, Evelyn Grender,

  Martha Fitzwater, Linda Woodard, Janet Evers, Charles Welch, Heather Kelly,

  and Vince Ruark.


  Before the meeting, Janet Evers asked Mr. Savage to convey to the Committee

  her thanks for being able to serve on the Committee and that she regrets

  she is unable to attend the Committee's last meeting of the academic year.





  1.  PROVOST SEARCH - Larry Harris reported that Dr. Fred Carlisle returned

      to campus for a second visit and that it is not known at this time

      whether additional candidates will be invited to the University for

      second visits.


  2.  DIRECTOR OF AFFIRMATIVE ACTION - Larry Harris informed the Committee

      that the Screening and Interviewing Committee has selected three

      candidates to be interviewed.  The persons selected and scheduled

      interviews are as follows:  May 15, Dr. Artie Thrash, Assistant to the

      President at Texas Women's University at Denton, Texas; May 17, Dr.

      Cornell Morton, Director of Affirmative Action at the University of

      Toledo; May 25, Dr. James McLean, Director of Affirmative Action for

      the State of Virginia.


  3.  EO/AA UPDATE - The EO/AA Office will be accommodating an excess of 100

      handicapped persons during the graduation ceremonies on May 5.  There

      was no movement on any existing complaints during the past four weeks.


  4.  ANNUAL REPORT OF COMMITTEE - Betty Fine and Wayne Speer submitted

      summaries of the year's activities for the Women's and Handicap



  5.  PROPOSED POLICY CHANGE - For the information of the Committee, Lon

      Savage shared a response requested by Judith Jones and received from

      George Gardner, Director of the Office of Equal Employment Services,

      Richmond, Virginia in regard to the proposed change to add "sexual

      orientation" to the EO/AA policy.




  1.  On motion by Mary Ross and seconded by Wayne Speer, the Committee

      unanimously affirmed a resolution that salutes and commends Ms. Judith

      Jones for her decade of excellent leadership, expresses appreciation

      for all that she has done for the EO/AA Program and the University, and

      wishes her continued success in her career as Assistant Vice Provost of





      a.  Subcommittee on Women - Betty Fine reported that the Subcommittee,

          the Coordinating Council on Women and women from the English

          Department met with Dr. Robert Madigan, Department of Employee

          Relations, to discuss ways of improving the University's benefits

          for permanent part-time faculty.  Members of the Subcommittee feel

          they do not have enough information at this time to make

          recommendations, but that it should be an item of on-going business

          for the EO/AA Committee in the the coming year, in collaboration

          with other campus groups.


      b.  Subcommittee on Handicap Concerns - J. B. Sutphin was guest speaker

          at the Subcommittee's April 24 meeting.  Discussed were ways the

          University would spend an allotted $145,000 for handicap

          accessibility.  A future focus of attention will be to elevators.




  3.  A motion was made by Pat Hyer and seconded by Alan Bayer that the EO/AA

      Committee become more involved in reviewing and advising on the

      substantive aspects of the Affirmative Action Plan and its annual

      updates.  This would include, but is not limited to, establishing the

      goals and changes in various programs or policies.  The motion passed



  4.  Larry Harris expressed that President McComas wishes to publicly thank

      Lon Savage for his willingness to serve as Chairperson to EO/AA

      Committee.  A motion was made and seconded that the Committee express

      their appreciation and thanks to Mr. Savage for his continuance of

      leadership to the Committee and wishes him the best of luck in his new

      enterprises.  Loud applause indicated the unanimity of the Committee.


  Adjournment at 10:55 a.m.



  Respectfully submitted by Sue Bowen


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