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November 14, 1989

  University Committee on Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action


  November 14, 1989



  Present:  Cornel N. Morton, Jane Harrison, Danielle Carpenter, Mark Flora,

            Kathy D. Lewis, Laurie Good, Janet Town, Pat Hyer, Alan Bayer,

            Della Marie Marshall, Patricia Morris, Judith Scott, Mona Gillis

            Edwards, Michele Holmes, Linda Woodard, Harry J. Pence, Michael

            Lambur, Mona Edwards.



  Cornel Morton called the meeting to order and following the introductions

  of members present, the minutes from the meeting of October 11th were ap-

  proved with the following amendments:  1) Linda Woodard mentioned that the

  minutes omitted her reference to the Minority Female Talent Bank; and 2)

  under item #2, "Racism 101 Forums," Danielle Carpenter (not Kristen King)

  represented the SGA.





  1.  Pat Hyer announced that the Provost's Office is working on two searches

      at the present time:  1) Assistant/Associate Provost of Undergraduate

      Programs (primary a campus-based search) and 2) Director of Planning (a

      national search).  She asked committee members to contact her with nom-



  2.  Linda Woodard mentioned the "Trades Apprenticeship Program," in the the

      Physical Plant Department.  After an extensive search involving both

      the university and the greater community, seven individuals (three of

      whom are Black) were selected to participate in the program.  A lunch

      was held in October to thank the many people who were involved in the

      selection process.  It is hoped that new apprentices can enter the pro-

      gram every other year, although that has not been decided yet.  Linda

      Woodard added that plans are underway to extend the program beyond the

      trades area.


  3.  Danielle Carpenter announced that on October 21-22 the Student Govern-

      ment Association sponsored the Virginia Student Association Conference

      at Virginia Tech.  The conference this year focused on minority re-

      lations.  Dr. James McLean from SCHEV was a guest speaker and encour-

      aged the students to submit proposals for programs that would improve

      student minority relations on campus.  Ms. Carpenter welcomes sug-

      gestions from committee members about possible proposals.


  4.  Mona Edwards reported that the Dean of Students' Office is working to

      establish two new programs:  1) a women's mentoring program that will

      pair undergraduates with women faculty and staff; and 2) an undergradu-

      ate women's network, modeled along the lines of the Women's Network.





  Year 2000 Recommendations


  Cornel Morton reiterated his desire to use the document as an "agenda" for

  the Office of Affirmative Action.  In that context, Dr. Fred Carlisle has

  articulated the need to develop a comprehensive program of activity and di-

  rection for addressing areas under recruitment, retention and development

  (both for minority students & faculty, and women) and for improving the

  campus facilities and climate for the physically and mentally challenged.

  Dr. Morton mentioned that the work of the subcommittees is vital to that

  end, and asked members of those subcommittees to use the Year 2000 Report

  as a guide for their work.  The three subcommittees and their 1989-90 mem-

  bership are as follows.





      Paula Dail

      Pat Hyer (will convene first meeting)

      Andrea Burrows

      Chris Taylor

      Mark Flora

      Allen Bayer

      Danielle Carpenter

      Anne Sajac




      Jane Harrison

      Michael Lambur

      Chris Taylor

      Larry Lawrence

      Virgil Cook (will convene first meeting)

      Mary Ross

      Wayne Speer




      Valerie Giddings

      Kathy Lewis

      Paula Dail

      Michele Holmes

      Harry Pence

      Brian McConnell

      Pat Morris (will convene first meeting)


  Cornel Morton requested that the three subcommittees report on their

  progress and anticipated direction at the next EO/AA Committee meeting.

  Dr. Morton then mentioned the publication, MINORITIES ON CAMPUS:  A HAND-

  BOOK FOR ENHANCING DIVERSITY (published by the American Council on Educa-

  tion), and said that he would try to obtain sufficient copies to circulate

  among members.  He also mentioned publications on women's concerns made

  available through the D.C.-based organization, Project on the Status and

  Education of Women.  On the subject of the mentally and physically chal-

  lenged, Dr. Morton mentioned a useful handbook, updated monthly, which is

  available to subcommittee members through Wayne Speer's office.  Before

  terminating discussion on the subject of the subcommittees, Pat Hyer asked

  Dr. Morton how he envisioned the role of the three groups -- as policy- or

  programatically-oriented?  He responded that subcommittee visibility would

  be better established through program development.  He also suggested that

  subcommittees identify a liaison person in each of the larger departments

  who could implement programmatic activities at the local level.  In addi-

  tion, Dr. Morton stressed the importance of sponsoring relevant workshops

  and seminars.  In response to a concern about lack of programmatic follow-

  through and subcommittee viability, Dr. Morton suggested that a newsletter

  be circulated to increase the visibility of the subcommittees and their ac-




  Compliance Officer Position


  Dr. Morton reported that interviews are now underway.  Five candidates will

  be visiting the campus and will have an opportunity to meet with EO/AA Com-

  mittee members.








  o   "BREAKFAST WITH. . .":  Cornel Morton announced the new lecture series,

      sponsored by the EO/AA Office (occasionally in collaboration with other

      departments).  This monthly discussion series will focus on contempo-

      rary issues in human relations.  The programs will feature speakers who

      will support a dialogue designed to improve the quality of campus life

      for students, faculty and staff.  The first "Breakfast With. . ." will

      take place on Thursday, November 30th, and will feature Howard Ehrlich

      and Adele Terrell from the National Institute Against Prejudice and Vi-

      olence in Baltimore.  They will be speaking on "Climate of

      Ethnoviolence on Campus:  Strategies for Improving Diversity."  The

      second breakfast, scheduled for December 5th, will address "Sexual

      Harassment:  The Power to Change."  Dr. Billie Wright Dziech from the

      University of Cincinnati will be the guest lecturer.


  o   It was suggested that Jim Wolfe, the new Vice Provost, be invited to

      the next EO/AA Committee meeting.


  o   BLACK STUDENTS/WHITE FACULTY COMMITTEE:  Dr. Morton informed the com-

      mittee that last year a group of faculty/administrators developed a

      committee to deal with issues of classroom climate and sensitivity.

      Dr. Morton was asked to reconvene that group, which met earlier in the

      day.  The committee decided to broaden the scope of their efforts to

      include underrepresented populations and women.  An initial workshop

      has been tentatively scheduled for faculty participation which will

      look at questions of race equity.  The Office of the Provost will be

      working with this committee on this and future projects.



      chairing this committee which will look at strategies to improve the

      enrollment of minority graduate students.


  o   BLACK HISTORY MONTH:  Dr. Morton reported that the calendar is near

      completion and will be available for distribution around Christmas.


  o   WOMEN'S NETWORK:  Judith Scott reported on the history and goals of the

      Women's Network, an advocacy/support group for female and male graduate

      students, faculty and staff.  Some of the issues that the Network have

      addressed include childcare, EO/AA, employee health benefits, wage em-

      ployee benefits, recruitment and retention of women, salary equity,

      mentoring, and staff development programs.  Programs are held for mem-

      bers throughout the year.  The Network also forms task forces which

      deal with issues such as childcare, staff development and upward mobil-

      ity, and curriculum integration.  Fall and Spring newsletters are pub-

      lished each year and special topic programs are held throughout the

      year.  Applications to the Women's Network can be obtained from Judith








  o   Jane Harrison expressed her concern for Virginia Tech's custodial

      staff.  She explained that regardless of where she has worked on cam-

      pus, she has confronted illiteracy, fear and powerlessness among these

      workers.  After lengthy discussion among committee members, it was

      agreed that a number of constituencies should be informed of these and

      additional custodial staff concerns, including the Staff Affairs Com-

      mittee, Employee Relations, Physical Plant and Dining

      Services/Residential Programs.  In addition, a core group of EO/AA Com-

      mittee members -- Kathy Lewis, Linda Woodard, Jane Harrison, Cornel

      Morton, and Patricia Morris (she sat next to Della) -- have agreed to

      further investigate these issues.


  The meeting adjourned at 3:30 p.m.


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