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March 21, 1990

          University Committee on Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action




                                 March 21, 1990



  Present:  Robin Ball, Alan Bayer, Virgil Cook, Muriel Flynn, Valerie

            Giddings, Jane Harrison, Michele Holmes, Pat Hyer, Mike Lambur,

            Larry Lawrence, Kathy Lewis, Brian McConnell, Wayne Speer, Chris

            E. Tayloe, Linda Woodard, Anne Zajac



  Michele Holmes called the meeting to order at 2:00 p.m. Since Dr. Morton

  was conducting the Black Students/White Faculty Workshop, he was unable to

  preside over the meeting.




      Pat Hyer requested that this meeting's agenda include a discussion of

      events for the remainder of the year. Michele Holmes then requested

      that agenda items 5a and 5b under New Business (the "Mission of the

      Subcommittee on Minorities" and "EO/AA Representation on the Faculty

      Senate") be tabled until Dr. Morton could be present.  She added that

      discussion of the draft Proposal for Accommodating Disabled Employees

      would also have to be postponed until the next meeting. The agenda was

      adopted as amended.




      The minutes from the meeting of February 21, 1990, were approved with

      minor amendments.





      o   Ms. Holmes announced that the fifth and final "Breakfast With. . ."

          program of this academic year would take place on Friday, April

          20th.  The topic will be curriculum transformation with speakers

          Johnnella Butler and John Walter from the University of Washington.


      o   Ms. Holmes noted that the EO/AA meeting scheduled for April 19th

          (it has since been rescheduled to Tuesday, April 24th) would likely

          be the final meeting of the 1989-90 academic year.  In response,

          Pat Hyer expressed her concern that the Subcommittee on Women would

          not have sufficient time to present a draft of the sexual

          harassment policy to the committee before the close of the year.

          She added that the Subcommittee's proposed timetable involves the

          submission of a draft to University Council sometime in the fall.

          Thus, unless the draft can be discussed and approved by EO/AA Com-

          mittee members before the end of the year, it would be difficult to

          submit it for university-wide approval as planned.


      o   Ms. Holmes suggested the possibility of calling another meeting in

          May to address this and other important issues. Several committee

          members voiced their concern about the direction of the EO/AA Com-

          mittee.  Ms.  Holmes suggested that the committee consider appoint-

          ing a new chairperson for the coming year to provide relief for Dr.

          Morton.  Additionally, she suggested that members reexamine the

          mission and goals of the committee.  A suggestion was also made to

          name an alternate chairperson so that, in the event of the chair-

          person's absence, substantive work could still be carried out.





      a.  Ms. Holmes announced that the three "Black Students/White Faculty"

          workshops have been well-attended (about 150 total participants).

          Additional campus climate workshops are planned for the fall.




          o   Subcommittee on Minorities


                  Valerie Giddings announced that the subcommittee had not

                  had an opportunity to reconvene since the last EO/AA meet-

                  ing.  She added that until meaningful discussion can be en-

                  acted concerning the Subcommittee's mission, there is

                  little that they can accomplish.


          o   Subcommittee on Women


                  Anne Zajac reiterated that the Subcommittee continues to

                  work on the sexual harassment policy.  They have also sent

                  a memo to the Dean of Students' Office regarding the incor-

                  poration of a sexual harassment statement in the PYLON.


          o   Subcommittee on Disability Concerns


                  Dr. Cook reported that the subcommittee met in early March

                  to discuss the set of guidelines for accommodating disabled

                  employees.  He noted that copies of the document had been

                  sent to EO/AA committee members and he invited their com-

                  ments.  The members also proposed that the title of the

                  subcommittee be changed from Subcommittee on the Physically

                  and Mentally Challenged to Subcommittee on Disability Con-

                  cerns.  The members felt that a shorter title was more

                  congruent with the titles of the other subcommittees.  The

                  motion was seconded and approved.




              Ms. Holmes reported that a draft proposal of the staff affirma-

              tive action plan is being circulated to various individuals and

              constituencies for their review.  The staff proposal was writ-

              ten primarily by personnel services, under the direction of

              Linda Woodard. Ms. Holmes said that copies of the draft pro-

              posal will be shared with members of the committee before a

              final draft is approved.


              Ms. Holmes also reported that the draft proposal of the faculty

              affirmative action plan is currently being prepared.  The pro-

              posal has not been circulated to the faculty yet.  Copies of

              the proposal will be shared with EO/AA committee members once

              it has been released to faculty.  Ms. Holmes added that both

              proposals will be discussed at the next EO/AA meeting, provided

              that both are available at that time.




      a.  Brian McConnell, student representative, proposed the development

          of another subcommittee that would address gay and lesbian rights.

          Pat Hyer suggested that a separate organization -- not affiliated

          with the University Committee on Equal Opportunity and Affirmative

          Action -- be formed to address these issues.  Such a group would be

          similar to other focus organizations, such as the Women's Network

          and the Black Faculty and Staff Caucus.  Wayne Speer suggested that

          a survey be developed and administered to identify the needs and

          concerns of these individuals.  Ms. Holmes stated that issues con-

          cerning the rights of gays and lesbians are not currently a part of

          the University Affirmative Action Plan or the Virginia Plan for


          Equal Opportunity in Higher Education.  Additionally, the state EEO

          policy does not include a statement regarding such issues.



  The meeting adjourned at 2:50 p.m.





  Respectfully submitted,





  Laurie S. Good

  Executive Secretary

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