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November 13, 1990

         University Committee on Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action

                               November 13, 1990



  Present   Susan Asselin, Robin Ball, Alan Bayer, Virgil Cook, Mona Edwards,

            Doris Evans, Muriel Flynn, Laurie Good, Jane Harrison, Melissa

            Holland, Michele Holmes, Patricia Hyer, Joan Kalnitsky-Alif,

            Noreen Klein (for Janine Hiller), Cornel Morton, Harry Pence,

            Nancy Simmons, Wayne Speer, Judy Schwab


  Absent:   Allison Ballew, Randy Grayson, Doretha Butler, Mark Flora,

            Deborah Ho, Dawn Maxey, Pat Morris, Dennis Jones, Michael Lambur,

            Kathy Lewis, Linda Woodard, Glenn Valentine



  Cornel Morton called the meeting to order at 2:00 p.m.





      The agenda was adopted as distributed.




      The minutes from the meeting of October 10, 1990 were approved with a

      minor revision.




      o   Dr. Morton noted the upcoming "Breakfast With. . ." program on De-

          cember 12th, featuring Forrest D. Toms from the Institute of Multi-

          cultural Education and Training at Lenoir-Rhyne College in North

          Carolina. Dr. Morton also announced that Dr. Jacqueline Fleming

          will be the January speaker for the "Breakfast With. . ." program

          on the 24th.  She will be addressing the academic success of black

          college students at predominantly white college campuses. Dr.

          Morton then informed the Committee that he hopes to schedule a

          presenter who will address the area of sex equity during February's

          breakfast program.








          Dr. Morton relayed a message from Dr. Hyer who indicated her inter-

          est in relinquishing the position of chair.




          Dr. Cook highlighted several aspects of the "Breakfast With. . ."

          program earlier that day, which featured Dr. William Scales, Direc-

          tor of Disabled Student Services at the University of Maryland.  In

          part, Dr.  Scales focused on the development and utilization of a

          comprehensive set of informational guidelines that have been made

          available to faculty who work with students with disabilities; he

          left several such pamphlets with Mr. Speer.  Dr. Cook also reported

          that Dr. Scales and his colleagues had established a "commission"

          on disability concerns with a direct line to the president's of-

          fice. Dr. Cook singled out these aspects of the presentation be-

          cause they parallel the projects that the subcommittee is thinking

          of initiating. Mr. Speer then compared the budget of the Disabled

          Student Services Office at Maryland to that at Virginia Tech.  The

          University of Maryland serves the needs of approximately 300 disa-

          bled students with an annual budget of $268,000 per year.  In com-

          parison, Mr.  Speer's annual budget of $4500 is expected to cover

          the needs of 106 students.  Mr. Speer noted that the comparatively

          larger Maryland budget reflects a stronger state legislative com-

          mitment to services for students with disabilities.  He also men-

          tioned that Maryland's budget for these services is spread among

          fewer colleges and universities than in Virginia, thus contributing

          to the difference.  Mr. Speer then recalled the priorities that Dr.

          Scales listed for disabled students.  In particular, Dr. Scales

          strongly advocated the installation of more elevators, a shuttle

          service for students with disabilities, and automatic door-openers.






          Dr. Morton suggested that this issue be brought to closure at the

          December 11 meeting.  Committee members were again asked to care-

          fully consider the proposed new EO/AA Committee structure so that

          it can be discussed next month.




          Dr. Morton initiated discussion of the editorial recommendations

          made by the ad-hoc group assembled last month to examine the docu-

          ment. Several additional editorial changes were made to the draft

          and it was approved for submission to Philip Sheldon.




          Dr. Morton requested that the Committee examine the draft and offer

          their editorial recommendations.  The major revisions included: 1)

          changing "handicapped" to "persons with disabilities";  2) extend-

          ing the deadline for submission of fall semester proposals to Janu-

          ary 14th; and 3) changing the wording of the amount of the grants

          to "grants of up to 2,500." Once the editorial changes are made,

          the proposal will be copied and distributed campus-wide (especially

          to the special interest groups).  The program, to be managed by the

          Office of EO/AA, will also be advertised in the SPECTRUM and in the

          COLLEGIATE TIMES. Discussion then focused on the evaluation proc-

          ess. It was agreed that the preliminary 5-member review committee

          would be made up of the chairs of each of the subcommittees, one

          person from the Office of EO/AA, and one person from the Office of

          the Provost -- preferably Dr.  Hyer. The Committee also discussed

          the source of funds for this and subsequent years.  It was tenta-

          tively agreed that the total amount of $15,000 for 1990-91 would be

          split between the Office of the Provost and the Office of EO/AA.




          Ms. Joan Kalnitsky-Alif expressed her belief that the revised cus-

          todial leave policy unfairly discriminates against the custodians

          at Virginia Tech. Ms. Robin Ball provided some background for the

          policy that permits each department to establish its own discipli-

          nary procedures for unscheduled leave.  She concluded that the pol-

          icy reflects an attempt to prevent the abuse of sick/annual leave.

          Ms. Kalnitsky-Alif maintained that, even with a written doctor's

          excuse, custodial workers are still "penalized" for unscheduled

          sick leave. Dr. Morton reminded the committee that this issue had

          been addressed last year because of the equity issues involved, but

          added that even with some revisions to the policy, it remains vul-

          nerable to review.  Dr. Morton added that Mr. Wyatt Sasser had been

          very helpful in the past in dealing with this issue and he felt

          that he would be willing to discuss it again.  Dr. Morton asked

          Committee members interested in pursuing this issue to identify

          themselves to him, in order that a meeting might be scheduled with

          Mr. Sasser.



  The meeting adjourned at 3:00 p.m.



  Respectfully submitted,





  Laurie S. Good

  Executive Secretary

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