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December 15, 1992

  University Committee on Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action


  December 15, 1992

  Corrected January 19, 1993


  Present: Robin Ball, Alan Bayer, Marion Farmer, Bernard Feldman, John

  Garrison, Betty Greene, Noreen Klein, Jane Harrison, Michele

  Holmes, Pat Hyer, J. J. Kiser, Sheri McConnell, Cornel Morton,

  Harry Pence, Richard Sapon-White, Janice Scarrette, Karen Ann

  Tarnoff, Nicole Vaughan, Muriel Flynn


  Absent:   Penny Burge, Nancy Simmons, Gail Lopes


  Cornel Morton called the meeting to order at 2:00 P.M.


  1.  Introductions


  Cornel Morton discussed the fact that the November meeting had been

  canceled and everyone should reintroduce themselves.


  2.  Approval of the minutes from October 20, 1992


  These minutes were approved.


  3.  Discussion


  *  Cornel Morton discussed the "statement of purpose and

  responsibility" of the University Committee on Equal

  Opportunity/Affirmative Action dated November 6, 1992.  Once an

  agreement has been reached that the committee is consistent with

  the goals and mission described, the recommendation will be

  forwarded to the Commission on Faculty Affairs (meeting on Friday,

  December 18, 1992).  The most important items are:  (1)  We would

  attempt to try to include more representation from the colleges and

  the administrative units, and (2) We would continue with the

  expectation that we would have constituent membership on the

  committee such as the Women's Coordinating Council, the Black

  Caucus, the SGA, and others and we would continue to make sure

  the committee is representative of faculty, staff, administrators, and



  *  Pat Hyer expressed CFA's advice that we make the membership list

  more manageable in terms of size.  CFA wants to hear from us again

  regarding our recommendations.  We might determine that we need

  29 members but CFA urges us not to think so big because of the

  difficulty of making such a large group functional.


  After lengthy discussion, a motion was carried to change the



  1.  Accept the Director of Cooperative Extension to the membership

  of the committee;


  2.  Suggest the Assistant Provost for Administration represent the

  area of Senior Vice President and Provost;


  3.  Combine the Executive Vice President and Chief Business

  Officer, Vice President for Business Affairs, Vice President for

  University Relations, and Vice President for Alumni Relations into

  a single general administration position;


  4.  Eliminate disabled student, faculty, or staff member;


  5.  Combine Faculty Senate member and Commission on Faculty

  Affairs member into one Faculty Senate representative from the

  Commission on Faculty Affairs;


  6.  Recommend that three staff senate representatives be assigned --

  one from the Commission on Classified Staff Affairs and two from

  Staff Senate.


  Regarding concerns about staff representation, Cornel reminded the

  committee that regardless of the membership of the committee, our

  meetings are open door -- anyone can attend and express their

  opinions on any given subject, though they would not have voting



  *  Reported Rape and Sexual Assaults.  Marion Farmer will attempt to

  get rape statistics together for the next meeting.  Marion described

  the difference between formal and informal complaints.  Marion also

  reported on complaints brought forth to her office.  A list of laws and

  various regulations were passed out last year called "Equal

  Opportunity/Affirmation Action -- What is it?"  She stated that the

  University is impacted by a myriad of federal laws but the two most

  common laws are (1) employment issues that are filed under Title 7

  regarding employees, and (2) student-related issues that come under

  Title 9.  As far as the number of formal complaints filed in her

  particular office, as of October 22, 1992, there were two on sexual

  harassment, four on sex discrimination, and two on race.  One case

  was filed with an external agency on the basis of race with the Office

  of Civil Rights; one filed with the Equal Employment Opportunity

  Commission on the basis of age, and one on the basis of disability

  filed with the State Agency dealing with the Rights of Disabilities for



  Robin Ball described her office's function regarding the rising number

  of grievances filed in 1992, many of these attributed to less people in

  jobs, no salary increases, people's general demeanor of being

  "down".  Robin explained that the University has a policy that it has a

  responsibility to take action if inappropriate behavior is occurring.

  Cornel Morton reported that investigating complaints is a very time-

  consuming and difficult process.


  *  Cornel Morton reported on Virginia Riley, the replacement for Wayne

  Speer.  She is a graduate student from the College of Education and

  works now in one of the local school districts -- working closely with

  disabled students.  She will join the University on January 4th and

  Cornel has extended an invitation for her to participate on this



  *  Michele Holmes briefly discussed the Affirmative Action Award

  Brochure.  It was moved and seconded that for the 1993-94 year,

  people who received Incentive Awards be allowed to be candidates

  for the affirmative action award.


  4.  Announcements


  *  The Black Student Directory has been published and distributed.


  *  The next Breakfast With --- Program features Edwin Nichols and is

  scheduled for January 29, 1993 at 7:30 a.m. in the Owens Banquet

  Room.  Dr. Nichols is a clinical psychologist who worked for many

  years with the National Institute for Mental Health, Bethesda, MD.  He

  is now retired, operates his own consulting firm, and does quite a bit

  of public speaking, especially on college and university campuses.

  He is able to include ethnic and racial groups due to his wide

  educational experience in ways that are very substantial and



  *  Classroom Climate Workshop -- February 3, 1993, CEC, at 8:30 a.m.

  to noon.


  *  Cornel Morton indicated that he had received about 52 applications

  for the position of Associate Director for EO/AA Search.  There is a

  screening committee to help narrow the applications to a workable

  group; hopefully interviews will begin in late January.  We would like

  to have the position filled by mid-March.


  *  Dr. Samuel Proctor is our next Commencement Speaker on

  December 19, 1992, 10:00 a.m., Cassell Coliseum.  He was our

  University convocation speaker in September, 1992.


  *  At the next meeting, January 19, 1993, a draft of the faculty and staff

  Affirmative Action Goals will be supplied to the committee for



  The meeting adjourned at 4:05 P.M.


  Respectfully submitted,




  Bobbi J. Lowe

  Executive Secretary



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