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April 20, 1993

  University Committee on Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action


  April 20, 1993



  Present:   A. Bayer, J. Harrison, B. Greene, J. Reilly, R. Sapon-White,

  N. Klein, P. Hyer, K. Tarnoff, M. Flynn, J. Scarrette, M. Holmes,

  H. Pence, C. Morton, M. Farmer, L. Holloman (in place of

  Valerie Giddings), B. Feldman, A. LoMascolo


  Guests:   Dean H. Doswald, College of Arts & Sciences and Dr. P. Eyre,

  College of Veterinary Medicine


  Dr. Cornel Morton called the meeting to order at 2:05 P.M.


  1.  Approval of the minutes from January 19, 1993


  These minutes were approved with corrections.


  2.  Introductions


  Cornel Morton asked everyone to introduce themselves for the

  benefit of our guests.


  3.  Marion Farmer presented a report concerning on-campus rape.


  Marion Farmer presented the following statistics concerning on-

  campus rape:


  1989 - one reported

  1990 - one reported

  1991 - four reported

  1992 - none reported


  She explained that on-campus rape is the most extreme form of

  sexual harassment and is a violation of the law.  A discussion

  ensued questioning the outcome of the on-campus sexual

  harassment survey that Judith Scott began, as well as questioning

  the number of unreported rapes and whether or not some reports

  might be routed through the Dean of Students Office.


  4.  Report from Peter Eyre, Dean, College of Veterinary Medicine


  Dean Eyre shared information related to several equal

  employment/affirmative action initiatives that are underway in the

  College of Veterinary Medicine.


  *   The College of Veterinary Medicine been functional for just over a

  decade.  Female to male ratio has stayed very constant over

  time, but the numbers are about to change as the female

  population coming out of graduate school increases.  The first

  class graduated about half men and half women; now it is 2/3 to

  3/4 female.


  *   At present, the faculty is comprised of 13% women, two Asian,

  two Hispanic, no African-Americans.  Our minority status is very

  poor.  We do not attract African-Americans in particular.  Our four

  department heads have been told to actively search for African-

  American candidates when a faculty opening occurs.


  *   There are only 27 schools of Veterinary Medicine in the U.S.

  If you eliminate Tuskegee from the statistics, there are only

  31 African-American Veterinary Medicine faculty in the entire

  nation.  With this kind of competition, it is extremely difficult to

  recruit African-American faculty.


  *   We continue to work on this problem whenever we have a

  vacancy.  Much time is spent trying to contact people; even

  the creation of special opportunities have been unsuccessful.

  There are several universities with very aggressive affirmative

  action programs and they make the competition very difficult

  for Virginia Tech.


  *   We are putting a great deal of effort into graduate program.

  There are now growing numbers of African-American students in

  the program; more than double the number of graduate students

  as there are faculty.  There is a tendency across the nation to do

  the same thing we are doing -- try to increase the pool of

  graduate students.


  *   In 1992, we created a specific African-American recruiting

  program.  We were able to fully fund three graduate positions.

  We were able to fill two of the positions and have almost filled

  the third one.  Next year, we will add two more positions.  We

  were also able to create one minority graduate internship and

  that has been filled at this time.


  *   Four years ago we signed two memoranda-of-understanding

  agreements with two universities so we could take several of

  their students from very good Honors programs, channeling

  students into medicine, into our program at Virginia Tech.

  Virginia State University channels students into Veterinary

  Medicine but they all go to Tuskegee, not to Virginia Tech.

  We've worked with Virginia State for three years and not a

  single student has come in our direction; not even a serious

  inquiry.  They are still sending their students to Tuskegee.

  Since, there is no tradition of veterinary medicine for African-

  Americans in the past, It appears that we need to go into high

  schools and make veterinary medicine a career choice.


  *   Our relationship with the University  of Maryland Eastern

  Shore has been a different matter.  Last year, we took two

  students from Eastern Shore into the freshman class.  We

  have every expectation that this cycle will continue and we

  can take even more students.  We have developed a

  relationship with one of the members of the faculty at the

  University of Maryland.  She seems to trust us and things

  have been working out extremely well.


  *   We have formed a diversity council, comprised of faculty, staff,

  and students, a mixture of females, males, and different minority

  groups.  This council, enthusiastically received by everyone in the

  College, looks at faculty, staff, and student recruitment and all

  other aspects of maintaining a respectable diversity within the



  5.  Report from Herman Doswald, Dean, College of Arts and



  There are six main areas Dr. Doswald wanted to share with the

  Committee in terms of EO/AA actions:


  *   Assignment of an assistant dean for special projects


  *   Developed an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Committee

  which is a committee to develop affirmative action planning,

  discuss diversity issues affecting faculty and students, and the

  chair of this committee serves on steering committee for the

  College's long-range planning effort.


  *   Faculty Recruitment, Hiring, and Retention area:


  *   Acquiring new annual directories for faculty recruitment,

  *   Ongoing development of innovative faculty mentoring


  *   Monitoring EO/AA target lists for faculty hires,

  *   Providing matching support for minorities and women to

  enable them to apply for support from University Creative

  Match Grant Program.


  *   Diversity Issues:  Panels and Programs


  *   Sponsored a seminar and workshop focusing on curriculum

  transformation in the sciences,

  *   Programs on sexual harassment and dealing with disabled



  *   Undergraduate and Graduate Student Recruitment and Retention


  *   Improved contact with minority students regarding minority-

  directed scholarships in the Arts and Sciences,

  *   Surveyed departments to determine type of minority-directed

  programs being offered,

  *   Diversity initiatives in curricular programs,

  *   Continuing participation in undergraduate and graduate

  student recruitment.


  *   Outreach Initiatives


  *   VAMPSE (Virginia Alliance for Minority Participation in

  Science and Engineering),

  *   Collaborative program with the School of Sciences at Virginia

  State University,

  *   Other program linkages in the planning stage.


  6.  Muriel Flynn handed out statistics on the 1993 Goals for Staff

  On-Campus at Virginia Tech and discussed the statistics in some



  7.  Announcements


  Dr. Cornel Morton addressed the Committee regarding the Associate

  Director of EO/AA Position.  He apologized to the committee

  regarding the inability of all the members to meet with Michael Buda,

  a practicing attorney from Fresno, California, who was the first

  candidate interviewed.  He shared the names of two other potential

  candidates and said that Sue Bowen would be in touch with

  everyone regarding an opportunity to meet with said candidates.


  The Committee meeting adjourned at 3:30p.m.  This was the last

  meeting of the 1992-93 academic year.


  Respectfully submitted,




  Bobbi J. Lowe

  Executive Secretary



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