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November 2, 1990


              Senate Cabinet Meeting  November 2, 1990


  Minutes Accepted or Revised by Faculty Senate


  Members Present:  Senators Lud Eng, John Hillison, J. Wang, Harry

                    Kriz, Daniel Farkas, Norm Eiss, Nancy Canestero,

                    Leon Geyer.


  Guest:  Senator Barry Crittenden


  The Senate Cabinet Meeting was called to order at noon in 111

  Randolph Hall.


  1.  First reading of the Constitution of the Faculty Senate is

      scheduled for University Council on November 6.  The Senate-

      Council Task Force is meeting to resolve differences in the

      proposed University Council Constitution.  Senator Farkas will

      convey the concerns of the Senate with respect to 1) A

      reporting mechanism to Senate when non-senators are on

      committees representing the Senate and 2) when and how

      presidential appointments are made on behalf of the Senate or

      Faculty.  The latter issue involves the question of when should

      the president be given a choice versus a direct election and

      how are the choices sent to the president (alphabetical, by

      number of votes or random)?


  2.  Update on Virginia Tech Employee Fund.  (For individuals laid

      off by the State at Virginia Tech)  Money will be collected on

      campus and directed through the Montgomery County Assistance

      (MCA) program.  Gifts will be tax deductible.  The funds will

      be directed by MCA to those laid off at Tech.  The fund will

      supplement assistance available through normal channels.

      Individuals will receive a voucher or have the bill paid by the



  3.  Involuntary Faculty Transfer


      The involuntary transfer of a faculty member from an off-site

      duty station to Campus was discussed in detail.  The individual

      has been given a three week notice to transfer to Tech (Mid

      November).  The individual will be terminated June 30 1991 for

      failure to make tenure.  If the move is for cause, then the

      faculty hand book should be followed for termination.  The

      current case raised great concern among the cabinet about

      fairness.  Two resolutions of the current issue are to be

      explored.  First, the Senate officers are to meet and discuss

      the issue as soon as possible with the Provost.  Secondly, the

      Commission on Faculty Affairs is to review and recommend a

      procedure for involuntary faculty transfers.




  4.  Special Admissions


      Senator Crittenden presented a review of the status of special

      admissions procedure within the governance process.  Details

      from the October 26, 1987 CUS; February 9, 1988 Faculty Senate,

      and March 14, 1988 CUS minutes were explained.  Senator

      Crittenden does not believe that the special admissions policy

      has been approved by CUS and the governance system.  The issue

      was resolved by asking the Senate's representatives on CUS,

      Senators Etgen, Deisenroth and Murray, to ask for the

      establishment of a policy on special admissions.  The Faculty

      Senate Resolutions as passed by the Senate 2-9-88 were

      recommended to the Senators on CUS.  Resolutions are attached.


  5.  November Senate Meeting Program


      The Senate has invited individuals from parking to meet with

      us.  Senator Eng will request #s, projected budget and policy

      positions prior to the meeting.


  6.  Upcoming visit by Secretary Dyke


      The Senate Cabinet had met in emergency meeting on October 15,

      to review faculty concerns over the Governor's letter to the

      President of the University on the budget.  In response to the

      issue, the Senate Cabinet authorized President Eng to invite

      Secretary Dyke to meet with the Senate and share his views on

      higher education.  Secretary Dyke had agreed to meet with the

      Senate at 2:00 PM Monday November 5.


      The cabinet planned to use the Press Club format with Senator

      Eng handling the questioners role.  Cabinet members would

      solicit written questions from the floor.  Senate Cabinet

      members were also asked to prepare questions.  The immediate

      issue became mute when Secretary Dyke canceled the meeting at

      2:30 on Friday, November 2, 1990.


  7.  Responses to draft of planning document.


      Previously, Phil Sheldon addressed the Senate Cabinet on the

      University planning document.  The Cabinet reviewed the

      planning document for issues to be discussed at the November

      Senate meeting.  They are as follows:


      1)  Page 9-Why the distinction of sponsored and non-sponsored



      2)  Why are some items tied to "if we have the money" and other

          items (Hotel Roanoke) not tied to "if we have the money"?


      3)  Problem of how we value our own goals?  What direction are

          we going in as a University?  These should be spelled out

          with specificity.


      4)  Why are there 11 items on Administration and 5 on

          scholarship (pages 10-12)?


      5)  The document often restates the obvious.


      6)  Student organizations should be added under undergraduate

          curriculum and quality of student life.


      7)  A discussion of how international programs are dealt with

          should be explored.


      8)  Should a planning document include how to manage faculty

          and staff?  This is void in the document.


      9)  Should a goal of reducing Administrative overhead be

          established?  How can more be moved into the program and

          less into overhead?


      10) The process of planning was supported by the Cabinet.  The

          hows need to be resolved.  This is a first document.


      11) The following recommendations were forwarded to the Senate

          from the Library Association.

          a.  Delete the word "remain" from the goal statement for

              Information Systems and the Library.

          b.  Replace the first objective by including in each of the

              sections on undergraduate education, graduate education

              and professional education, research, and public

              service, an objective calling for acquisition and

              development of appropriate technologies which support

              the goals for those areas.

          c.  Remove the second objective from the plan.  Its intent

              will be subsumed under other recommendations.

          d.  Replace the third objective by including in each of the

              sections on undergraduate education, graduate and

              professional education, research, and public service,

              an objective calling for improvements in the

              accessibility of information resources that support the

              goals for these areas.

          e.  Replace the third objective by including in each of the

              sections on undergraduate education, graduate and

              professional education, research, and public service,

              an objective related to the enhancement of those goal

              areas through the acquisition and development of the

              computing and communication capabilities which support

              those areas.

          f.  Transfer the objective "To develop and implement a

              comprehensive plan for administrative information

              systems..." to the section of the plan dealing with

              Administration so it may be seen in its global context

              and be directly related to the functions of the


          g.  Insert the new Goal section in the plan under the

              heading "Information Resources."  The goal should

              state:  "To improve the quantity, availability, and

              usability of the information resources necessary for

              successful implementation of superior programs of

              instruction, research, and extension.


  8.  The Senate Cabinet resolved to invite Professor Bauer to a

      future Cabinet meeting to discuss budget issues.


  The Cabinet adjourned at 1:45 PM


  Next Senate Cabinet Meeting-November 30, 1990

  Host-College of Arts and Sciences

  Political Science Conference Room-McBryde 666


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