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October 15, 1990


           Special Senate Cabinet Meeting October 15, 1990


  Members Present:  Senators Farkas, Eiss, Kriz, Hillison, Geyer,

                    Eng, and Canestero.


  Guests:  Ralph Byers, Government Relations

           Kathy Johnston, Director, Budget and Planning


  The meeting was called to review the appropriate response, if any,

  by the Senate to the letter sent by Governor Wilder to University

  President McComas concerning the school's budget and staff layoffs.


  Ms. Kathy Johnston said current budget reductions are both a

  reduction in base and a reduction in new initiatives.  Ms. Johnston

  discussed the pending layoffs in extension and research division.

  Ms. Johnston promised that "Burruss" Administration would provide

  a list showing how the administration has taken its "share of the

  cuts."  The Deans are to share the cuts taken at their level with

  the respective faculty.


  Concern was expressed as whether all academic slots were actually

  in academic positions.  Are some of these in administrative



  Johnston stated that Deans were given reductions differences in

  first round.  Deans are hired to make management decisions.  Tech

  cannot achieve reduction in budget in the short term.  Faculty and

  administrators must have 1 year notice.  Some non-instructional

  layoffs are inevitable in the instructional division even with the

  tuition surcharge.


  Concern was expressed over whether other Universities were hurt as

  much as Tech-class size and travel.  Johnston stated that the

  University of Virginia was funded at 93 percent of Appendix M

  guidelines and Tech started at 90.1 percent.  Therefore cuts hurt

  more.  Tech had also put more money into people over the last few

  years and therefore had the "leanest" budget at any University.


  A discussion focussed on concerns over the governor's support of

  higher education.  Tech was thought to be more open about the

  process both on campus and in the state.


  After deliberation and consideration, the Cabinet recommended that

  President Eng send a letter to Secretary Dyke expressing our

  concern over the continued budget turmoil and instability caused by

  the governor's letter to the President.  Secretary Dyke was also to

  be invited to discuss our concerns over the view of higher

  education in Richmond.


  The Cabinet also discussed and expressed its view that the Faculty

  Association should be the vehicle for implementation of budget and

  planning within the colleges.


  Post Script:  Secretary Dyke was invited and agreed to address the

  Senate on November 5 at 2:00 PM.  Senators, Heads, Deans and

  interested faculty were invited by mail and through Spectrum.

  Secretary Dyke canceled due to the need to attend a state cabinet



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