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September 28, 1990

                  Senate Cabinet Meeting   September 28, 1990


                 Minutes Revised by Faculty Senate    10/9/90


  MEMBERS PRESENT:  Senators Lud Eng, John Hillison, J. Wang, Harry Kriz, Dan

                    Farkas, Norm Eiss, Nancy Canestero, Leon Geyer.


  GUEST:            Phil Sheldon, Planning Coordinator.


  1.  Presentation by Phil Sheldon on Planning.


      The third round of planning has targeted dates of December for the

      final draft and February for presentation to the meeting of the Board

      of Visitors. Phil thought faculty input was needed but not another open

      forum/workshop method as used in Round 1 and 2.  A more structured set

      of responses is needed at this time.




          How should planning proceed?

          How should faculty senate have input?




      Original assumption of planning was a healthy university made

      healthier.  But now, the base line has changed.  Therefore, the plan

      needs to be changed.


      o   What does it now mean to have a plan?


      o   Controversial ideas may have become platitudes.


      o   The structured response could look at and review the changes.


          Planning may be OK, but decisions are often made ad hoc in depart-



          Planning could be abandoned in tight times as low priority.


          Top administrators are supportive of planning to look at reallo-

          cation of resources within the University.


          Senate could participate and narrow the issues.


          Faculty associations might be a way to define and narrow the prior-

          ities and to determine the common areas of agreement versus the

          areas of controversy.  The senate could debate the areas of disa-

          greement or controversy.


          Look to classified, student and other groups for additional input.


          Mission statement should not be part of planning.  Mission state-

          ment is the responsibility of University Council.




      Cabinet would review and then put issues in controversy before the Sen-

      ate at the November meeting.  College associations to review and bring

      areas of concern to the Senate at a parallel time.  Other organizations

      to consult are responsibility of the planning coordinator.




      The current planning document is available on INFO System under INFO

      PLAN.  It was recently published in Spectrum and is appended to these


      minutes for Senators.  Appendixes on "Planning Enrollment" and "Plan-

      ning Assumption" are available on INFO System and not attached.


  2.  Report of the Senate Task Force on University Council Constitution.


      President McComas appointed a task force of University Council members

      and Faculty Senate Task Force members to reconcile the University Coun-

      cil's report and the Faculty Senate report.  Senate version has strong

      support of most conferees. CSAC has expressed major concern over fac-

      ulty chair of all committees and majority faculty membership on some.

      Appropriate commissions would have different chairs.  The issue of rep-

      resentation on Commission from the Senate and the issue of nominations

      versus elections would be reviewed upon formation of Commissions and

      Committees.  Senators Farkas and Scanlon and former Senate President

      Eustis are representing the Senate.


  3.  Faculty Ethics Committee Appointments.


            Dave Martens        Agriculture and Life Sciences

            Tom Dunlap          Arts and Sciences

            Dale Oliver         Education

            Elaine Scott        Human Resources

            Michael Furey       Engineering

            Vicki Kok           Library

            Michael Leib        Veterinary Medicine

            Terry Rakes         Business

            James Woods         Architecture, Chair

            Roy Jones           Extension Division



  4.  Other business.


      a.  October Senate Program.


          Parking and Transportation personnel to explain expenditures to

          date and enforcement problems and/or Employee Benefits on health

          insurance cost.


      b.  Resolution of last meeting on Senate pay.


          A discussion of the December pay issue relating to the University

          and State's ability to "revise" its pay obligations, the law, and

          the public perception of such action was discussed.  Concern was

          expressed over how the issue was handled at the University and

          State level.  President Eng will discuss the issue with appropriate

          and interested individuals.


          Former President Conn will be asked to have the Faculty Senate of

          Virginia review the 2% salary issue.


      c.  Ad hoc Budget Committee.


          It was reported that the ad hoc University Budget Committee will

          now become the Interim Budget Committee.  The process should become

          a permanent part of the reorganized budget and governance process.

          Likewise, college level participation by faculty in the budget

          process should be forthcoming in the future.  It was reported that

          the Provost supports the institutionalization of these processes.


      d.  Heads and administrators review.


          Faculty Associations are to have a role in drafting and implement-

          ing the Department Head reviews.  Associations should be working on

          the process.


      e.  Health care benefit changes.

          Health benefits problem areas include:


          1)  Which local and area doctors are in KeyCare?

          2)  Which local and area hospitals are in KeyCare?

          3)  What percentage is covered if your doctor is not in KeyCare?

          4)  What is covered if you need experts outside local area?


              Employee benefits officer will be invited to next meeting to



      f.  Senate Constitution as approved last spring will be forwarded to

          University Council for approval.  This includes the 50% requirement

          faculty participation for future changes in the Senate Constitu-



      g.  Next cabinet meeting will be held November 2, 1990.  Norm Eiss will



    Attachments: a)  Letter of September 28, 1990, from Sheldon to Eng.

                 b)  Draft of "The University Plan 1991-96."

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