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February 22, 1991






                          FEBRUARY 22, 1991


                          202 COWGILL HALL


  ATTENDANCE:    Senators Kriz, Eng, Rakes, Eiss, Wang, Hillison,

                 Farkas, and Geyer.


  1.   Report on BOV meeting of February 18.


       The Board of Visitors met on February 18.  Actions of the

       Board have already been reported in the newspapers and in

       Spectrum, but those of special interest to the Senate include

       approval of Big East Conference Affiliation and approval of

       the Faculty Senate Constitution.  Past Senate President Pat

       Scanlon gave his review of the 1989-90 activities of the

       Faculty Senate.  The presentation was well received.


       The Secretary was instructed to distribute the revised Senate

       Constitution as appropriate.


  2.   Report on Interim Budget and Planning Advisory Committee.


       A.   Senator Eiss reported on concerns raised by the proposed

            General Budget planning document.  This was a draft

            document presented to the committee to guide future

            expenditures by the University.  Senator Eiss had raised

            concerns over the "priorities" for "new programs" that

            had been articulated in the document.  It was clarified

            that "new" referred only to programs which had prior



       B.   The document includes a goal of providing tuition relief

            for graduate students.


       C.   There have been proposals to merge the Budget and

            Planning process into a new council of governance.  An

            informal discussion of this issue was undertaken by the

            Interim Budget and Planning Advisory Committee and the

            Planning committee as to the work load of the two

            committees, advisability of one committee, the make up of

            the Committee, and the election or appointment of



       Cabinet Discussion:


            i).  What mechanism would be used and how would faculty

            be involved in the process if furloughs were to happen?


            How should 9- vs. 12- month faculty, graduate students

            and wage employees be handled if furloughed?  What is the

            percent of faculty on 9-month appointment?


            Answer:  Senate officers are to meet with Dr. Carlisle

            and Mr. Ridenour and discuss these issues.


            ii) There is a perception that summer school funds have

            been cut and the same faculty may not be able to teach as

            usual.  Although summer school is to pay for itself, a

            cut back could put faculty against faculty and faculty

            against graduate students.


            iii) The negative impact of new state tuition standards

            for out-of-state students was discussed.  Cabinet members

            expressed great concern over the impact and suggested

            that the issue be addressed by the Faculty Senate of



            iv) The Cabinet agreed that the faculty members of the

            Budget/Planning Council should be elected.


  3.   Agenda for the March Senate meeting.


       Program:  President McComas


       Possible Future programs:

            A) Discussion of the Core Curriculum.

            B) Public Service:  What is it and what does it mean?

            C) What is the budget impact on Public Service and on

               sources of Public Service funding?

            D) What is the distinction between Public Service and


            E) Why is there an emphasis on "growth" in public service

               when there is retrenchment in PhD. students and



       Conclusion:  Acting Vice President for Public Service would

                    be invited to address the Senate or the Cabinet.


  The Cabinet then undertook an extended discussion of the recent

  remark by Governor Wilder on the "easy life" of a professor made on

  WVTF and public TV in Roanoke.  Possible suggestions including

  efforts to create positive publicity.

            A) A video of what a professor does.

            B) Newspaper series on a day in the life of a professor

               like the Roanoke Times' recent series on a dairy

               farmer.  President Eng is to contact the education

               writer of the Roanoke Times and World News.


  4.   Reporting mechanisms from committees and commissions.


       Concern was expressed over the lack of reporting or the late

       timing of reporting from Committees and Commissions.

       Secretary Geyer has followed up with non-Senator reporters.

       Some of the committees do not meet often.  In the future, the

       Senate should review the process of electing non Senators to

       represent the Senate on Senate-elected committees and



  5.   Visit of Secretary Dyke.


       Each officer is to collect 3 or more questions for Secretary

       Dyke and send to President Eng.  President Eng will use the

       Press Club style approach to Question and Answer session to

       follow Secretary Dyke's presentation.


  6.   Adjournment.

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