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July 30, 1991


                   Faculty Senate Cabinet Minutes


                            July 30, 1991



  1.  September 10th Agenda:


        Possible speakers:


            Lud Eng - Past president's address

            Carol Burch-Brown

            Larry Moore - Revised University Constitution



  2.  Faculty Review Committee:


        Joanne Eustis has been asked to chair.  Linda Wilson and

        Charles Litchfield will represent the library faculty on FRC.



  3.  A meeting of the faculty Senate officers of Virginia colleges

      with Secretary Dyke is scheduled for September 23rd.  Senate

      officers to attend.



  4.  Senatorial and delegate candidates will be invited to attend

      the October Senate meeting.



  5.  Written procedures for an appeal from the Ethics Committee are




  6.  A column on shared governance will appear in the Spectrum on

      behalf of the Senate.



  7.  Other items discussed included representation at upcoming BOV

      meeting, information for senate reporters, proposal for a

      College of Forestry, and grievance request.





  Respectfully Submitted,



  L. Leon Geyer

  Substitute Secretary

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