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June 21, 1991


                   Faculty Senate Cabinet Minutes



                            June 21, 1991




  Present:  Senators Hillison, Jones, Carrig, Norstedt, Geyer.

            Guests Ralph Byers and Darrell Martin.



  1.  Darrell Martin and Ralph Byer discussed the role of faculty and

      the political process.


      Suggestions or comments included the following:


       A.  Work with local legislators.

       B.  Faculty should speak to alumni groups.

       C.  In the future there will be more competition to secure a

           part of the pie.

       D.  Budgets stay 94% of the way the executive sends to

           legislature, and policy is left to the executive branch.

       E.  Virginia support for education per capita has slipped to


       F.  Future state-wide candidates are now visiting VPI&SU.

       G.  Higher education has dropped from fifteen to thirteen

           percent of the budget.

       H.  Should an expertise directory of faculty be made

           available to legislature?

       I.  How can the concept of a state-wide institution be

           reinforced with Richmond and legislators?

       J.  Byers and Martin will attempt to keep Senate president

           informed of crucial legislative issues.

       K.  The administration is developing an internal plan to

           "inform" the legislature on issues and to make sure "we"

           speak with a unified voice.

       L.  Expect continued concern for state (and forthcoming study

           of what professors do) over didactic hours and an emphasis

           on undergraduate education [Governor's vision or model

           may be that of a small liberal arts college of the




  2.  Possible September 10th Agenda:


       Lud Eng - past president's address

       Carol Burch-Brown - University Forum on a Liberal Education

       Transfer Policy

       Governance Structure



  3.  Possible Future Forum Topics:



       Departmental Organization

       Honor System



  4.  Announcements:


       A.  Jane Ashe has agreed to serve as PR officer for the


       B.  A committee to review the Senate Constitution and Bylaws

           of Pat Scanlon, Chair; Leon Geyer; and Joane Eustice was


       C.  Harlan Miller and Rosemary Goss were considered for

           nomination to a University Name Use Committee.





  Respectfully Submitted,



  L. Leon Geyer

  Substitute Secretary

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