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November 1, 1991


                         held on Friday, November 1, 1991

                           in the Phase II Boardroom -

                          College of Veterinary Medicine



  Present:  Bill Barbeau, Colin Carrig, David de Wolf, John

  Hillison, Roy Jones, Marilyn Norstedt, Joseph Wang



  The following is a synopsis of agenda items discussed at the



  1.  Chair of Faculty Review Committee:


      John Hillison is the present chair of the Faculty Review Com-

      mittee since "no one else wants to chair this committee".

      John has designated present committee members to be case

      chairs - chairing one grievance procedure at a time.  John

      expressed some concern about the reluctance of faculty mem-

      bers to chair this committee and whether we can devise a

      suitable mechanism for appointing a chair.  David de Wolf

      pointed out that this may be an indication the University is

      in need of an omsbusman.  Dr. Hillison said that he will

      speak to Leon Geyer about this issue.


  2.  Faculty Membership on the Board of Visitors:


      Dr. Hillison told Cabinet members that the time might be

      right to bring up this issue once again.  A stumbling block

      may be who makes the appointment - the Board of Visitors or

      the Governor.  The general feeling of the Cabinet members was

      that Dr. McComas and University administration were in sup-

      port of having a faculty member on the board.  The consensus

      of the Cabinet was that we would once again "test the waters"

      on this issue.


  3.  Resignations from CUS and University Council:


      Dr. Hillison announced that Dr. Brown has resigned from CUS

      and Dr. Battie from her position on the University Council.

      Replacements are still needed.


  4.  Issues for Past Senate Presidents' Roundtable:


      Dr. Hillison asked for suggestions of issues that could be

      brought before the Past Senate Presidents at a Roundtable

      discussion.  Issues that were suggested for discussion in-

      cluded:  grievance procedures, the faculty award system, and

      the hiring policy for minority faculty.


  5.  Faculty Senate Liaison to the Staff Senate:


      Marilyn Norstedt presently attends Staff Senate meetings.

      She reported that the Staff Senate is still in its "infancy

      stage" and is presently working on a Constitution.  Roy Jones

      offered to replace Marilyn at meetings she could not attend.


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