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August 17, 1993

  The following minutes were approved and accepted by the Senate on

  September 21, 1993.


  Faculty Senate Cabinet


  August 17, 1993


  Present:  David deWolf, Timothy Gregoire, Mike Lambur,

  Marilyn Norsted, Mike O'Brien, Larry Shumsky, Bob Sumichrast




      The Retreat will be held September 3 beginning at 6:00 p.m. in the

      University Club.  Invitations have been sent to current senators,

      presidents of the College Faculty Associations and Leon Geyer.  After

      some discussion, the Cabinet decided to also invite past presidents of

      the Faculty Senate.  David de Wolf will provide Bob Sumichrast with a

      list of the past presidents.




      David de Wolf informed the Cabinet that several commissions and

      committees require additional appointments from the Faculty Senate.

      The following nominations and related actions were approved.  David

      will contact these people.


      * Faculty Senate of Virginia

        No action will be taken.  Additional information about

        requirements and current appointments is necessary.


      * University Core Committee

        Harlan Miller


      * Parking and Transportation Committee

        Send nominations to David.


      * University Council on Human Rights and Social Responsibility

        Send nominations to David.


      * Faculty Ethics Committee

        Cabinet members should forward nominations to David as soon as

        possible.  There are several vacancies.


      * Virginia Tech Services Board of Directors

        David reported that the new Virginia Tech Services Board of

        Directors is receptive to accepting one of two nominations from

        the Senate in the future.  David will determine the current

        number of vacancies before taking nominations.


      * Commission on Faculty Affairs

        Mike O'Brien was forced to resign due to a time conflict.  Send

        nominations to David.




      The cabinet discussed the need for people to report to the Faculty

      Senate.  The cabinet recommended people for each of the reporting

      positions.  David de Wolf will write to each of them and request their





      The Provost and Past-President of the Senate will speak at the first

      regular meeting (September 21).


      David deWolf suggested that the Faculty Rewards Project be a major

      discussion topic at the second meeting (October 19) and that the deans

      be invited to provide insight on how the project will affect each of

      the colleges.  There was general agreement that this would be useful.

      However, Larry Shumsky cautioned that the report might now yet be

      available.  If the report is unavailable, then it was decided to try

      to arrange for one or more political candidates to address the Senate.




      David deWolf has been in constant contact with the members of this

      committee during the summer.  Sam Riley is now chairing the committee

      since McDaniels is no longer in the Faculty Senate.  During the summer,

      Sam Riley researched the charges leveled at higher education in various

      books.  He has prepared a summary and will present it to the Faculty

      Senate.  The committee does not yet have a full strategy for responding

      to these charges.  Within the university, one suggestion made by Larry

      Shumsky has been embraced by President McComas enthusiastically--Eminent

      Professors will be asked to provide presentations for undergraduates

      which expose the students to research without requiring students to

      bring specialized backgrounds to the classes.  Finding an effective

      response to those critics not connected to the university is proving

      more difficult.




      David deWolf reported that very intense discussions concerning this

      project have ended and a report will be produced.  The report will

      contain many ideas which will not be easily accepted by everyone.

      For example, the report will recommend greater emphasis be placed on

      teaching and service in the determination of rewards.




      David de Wolf reported that the University is requesting over $200,000

      for a Women's Center.  This request may become part of the 1994-1996

      SCHEV Initiatives Biennial Budget and will fund several administrative

      positions.  The Cabinet debated the wisdom of this proposal.  Two

      objections were voiced. 1. The Women's Center could detract from the

      Women's Studies Program if it is linked too closely to it.  The Women's

      Studies Program must not appear to be linked so closely to this center

      that it appears to be non-academic. 2. Additional funding could be spent

      in better ways than funding additional administrative positions.  It

      may be wiser to redistribute the duties of current administrative

      positions. On the other hand, it was also noted that this initiative

      may have been requested by SCHEV and may represent one of the few

      ways that additional funding will be allocated to the university.




      David de Wolf reviewed the activities which lead to the questioning

      of the procedures of the Ethics Committee.  The committee is not

      required to interview anyone and is not required to record its

      actions.  The Cabinet discussed these procedures.  It was noted

      that changes in the committee's charter must be made carefully so

      that the committee is not forced to conduct interviews which slow

      down the procedures without providing additional relevant information.

      The need for confidentiality was also noted.  David will draft new

      requirements and submit them to the Senate for discussion.




      Leon Geyer suggested that the faculty form a political action committee

      and nominated some initial members for the organization.  The Cabinet

      discussed the idea noting that such an organization would require

      significant funding to succeed.  In addition, the benefits of statewide

      support rather than exclusively Virginia Tech support were noted.  David

      de Wolf will ask Sam Riley to consider the idea in the context of the

      Riley/McDaniels committee and report to the Senate.


  The next Cabinet meeting is tentatively scheduled for September 27 at




  Respectfully submitted,


  Robert T. Sumichrast

  Secretary, Faculty Senate


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