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May 25, 1993

  The following minutes were approved and accepted by the Senate on

  September 21, 1993.


  Faculty Senate Cabinet


  May 25, 1993


  Present:  Bill Barbeau, Dave Beagle (for Marilyn Norsted), Don G.

  Creamer, David deWolf, Roy Jones (for Mike Lambur), Larry Shumsky, Bob




  David announced the proposed schedule of Senate meetings.  He

  reviewed the programs presented at last year's meetings and asked for

  suggestions for the current year.  After some discussion, the Cabinet

  recommended that the Provost be asked to discuss Phase II and the

  Faculty Rewards Project at the first meeting (September 21).  In

  addition, the head of the Faculty Rewards Project will be invited to

  speak.  The Cabinet suggested other speakers for future meetings and

  as backup speakers:  college deans, Patrick Liverpool, politicians and

  candidates for high office, and the athletic director or another

  individual connected to the "master plan for sports".  David will

  finalize plans based on the recommendations.


  Larry suggested that speakers be selected as late as is practical so

  that the programs more closely follow the issues of greatest concern to

  the Senate.  He also suggested that no speaker be invited if none is

  appropriate.  David noted his desire for shorter meetings and deeper

  discussion of fewer issues.



  The Cabinet recommended holding a an informal meeting, or

  Retreat, this Fall.  David will handle making arrangements for a date

  very soon after class begins.  The University Club was suggested as a



  The Cabinet discussed issues to be raised during the retreat.

  Suggestions for topics included:  the role and purpose of the Senate,

  how to be sure that issues raised at the Senate result in actions when

  appropriate, and future Senate meeting program speakers.



  Ten members of the Faculty Review Committee will rotate off this year.

  Nominations were discussed.  It was noted that senior people were

  desirable and that department heads and others with direct authority over

  faculty were not eligible.  David will appoint people with the

  approval of the Cabinet.



  One of the most important issues facing the Senate this year is the

  response of faculty to criticisms directed at faculty and universities.

  David plans to make this issue a theme of the 1993-1994 Senate.  He

  alerted the Cabinet to actions which are currently underway or which can

  be taken shortly.


  Sam Riley has researched published charges against faculty and responses

  to them.  He plans to publish a "fact book" containing a summary of his



  The Spectrum was discussed.  The consensus of the Cabinet was that it

  could be improved and could play a role in the response of the faculty

  to criticisms.  First, the purpose of the Spectrum must be defined and

  accepted by all interested parties.  There was general agreement that an

  editorial board would be useful if it was directed at policy and other

  significant, long-term issues, rather than at isolated stories.  David

  will contact John Ashby and discuss the value of the editorial board.

  Later discussions may include Larry Hincker and President McComas.


  There was agreement that the term "faculty bashing" should be avoided,

  especially in written records.



  The cabinet discussed the apparent circumvention of established

  procedures by the university administration.  Three specific examples

  in which it appeared that the Provost had not followed proper procedures

  were noted.  The Cabinet was informed of meetings with the Provost

  in which these examples were discussed.  His interpretation of the

  events was stated.


  While there was concern about the specific cases, there was also

  agreement that the important issues were more general.  David stated

  his intention to meet with Leon and the Provost for further discussion

  about the role of faculty in governance and the significance of the

  Faculty Handbook and its specified procedures.


  Respectfully submitted,


  Robert T. Sumichrast

  Secretary, Faculty Senate


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