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February 4, 1994

  Faculty Senate Cabinet Minutes

  4 February 1994

  Accepted by the Faculty Senate:  15 February 1994


  Present:  William E. Barbeau, David R. Beagle, Don G. Creamer,

            David A. de Wolf, N. Larry Shumsky

            Robert T. Sumichrast


  David de Wolf distributed copies of background material and a resolution

  to University Council from Provost Carlisle.  This resolution concerns

  the University's Policy for Reduction in Force Associated with

  Discontinuance or Reorganization of Programs.  President de Wolf said

  that he would bring up the proposed change, and background surrounding

  it, at the February 15 Faculty Senate meeting.  Then he asked for

  comments from the Cabinet.


  Larry Shumsky provided an analysis of the events and circumstances which

  lead to the proposal.  He reviewed the most significant effects of the

  proposed change:  1)The review required is changed from several levels

  to one, 2)The University Advisory Council on Strategic Planning and

  Budgeting replaces an ad hoc committee in the review process.  He

  described the proposed change as "far reaching".  Dr.  Shumsky reviewed

  his efforts to have faculty propose a change to the policy some months

  ago.  He said that the effort was abandoned due to low faculty morale

  and the suspicions which such a change might create.  He stated his

  regret that a faculty initiated change was not created.  Dr.  Shumsky

  stated his belief that the proposal is intertwined with the recently

  announced plan to reduce the College of Education's budget by 20% and

  this constitutes a change in process after the fact.  He pointed to a

  timetable included in a letter written by the Provost as evidence

  supporting his belief.  He said that if approved, the policy should not

  apply to the College of Education's announced funding cuts.  Dr.

  Shumsky outlined courses of action available including asking for

  specific changes and requesting that the proposal be referred back to

  appropriate commissions from University Council.


  The Cabinet discussed specific objections to parts of the proposed

  changes and reviewed events surrounding the proposal including

  restructuring plans already submitted by the College of Education.

  Cabinet members were in agreement that the administration must follow

  policies and procedures.  Cabinet members agreed that every effort

  should be made to work with the University administration on this



  David de Wolf summarized the discussions and proposed the following plan

  of action.  He will arrange for a meeting between Senate Officers and

  Provost Carlisle as soon as possible to present concerns raised at the

  meeting.  He will stress the need to de-couple the proposal from changes

  occurring in the College of Education and will suggest that the matter

  be taken up by appropriate university commissions before reaching

  University Council.  Cabinet will reconvene February 9 at 7:30 a.m. to

  discuss developments in this matter.



  Respectfully submitted,


  Robert T. Sumichrast

  Secretary, Faculty Senate

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