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January 10, 1994

  Faculty Senate Cabinet Minutes

  January 10, 1994

  Accepted by the Faculty Senate:  25 January 1994


  Present:  William E. Barbeau, David R. Beagle, Don G. Creamer,

            David A. de Wolf, Timothy G. Gregoire, Michael T. Lambur

            Robert T. Sumichrast




     The Cabinet reviewed the remaining vacancies on committees and

     commissions.  David de Wolf stated that he expected to fill

     them at the next Senate meeting.




     David de Wolf reported that the speaker scheduled for the

     January Senate meeting, Minnis Ridenour, is likely to be

     unable to attend due to meetings in Richmond during the final

     shaping of the commonwealth's budget.  David de Wolf

     circulated a list of potential replacement speakers.

     Significant interest in Patrick Liverpool was expressed.  Bill

     Barbeau suggested inviting a representative of the Board of

     Visitors to address the Senate concerning the aborted

     presidential search or inviting new area legislators, such as

     Jim Shuler and his associates.  The cabinet discussed both of

     these ideas.  There was some sentiment that no new useful

     information would be gained from a representative of the BOV

     at this type of forum.  Also expressed, was the opinion that

     such a forum would be useful and interesting.  David de Wolf

     suggested that the topic of the aborted presidential search be

     addressed later in the Cabinet meeting.  While there was

     interest in the suggestion of inviting local politicians, it

     was decided that it would be more useful to invite them to a

     meeting later in the year.  David de Wolf said he may arrange

     for a meeting between the senate officers and politicians in

     the future.  Interest was expressed in having a speaker

     discuss the re-organization of the registration process and

     related areas.  David de Wolf will make arrangements for a

     speaker based on the Cabinet's discussion and speaker





     David de Wolf summarized a suggestion which he received from

     one of the university's professors.  It was suggested that the

     university consider a pay system which rewards professors

     equally regardless of their disciplines.  The letter provided

     examples of pay at universities in some European countries as

     evidence of the suggestion's practicality.  A discussion of

     the proposal lead to the consensus that the faculty Senate has

     little power to promote such a change.  There was some

     interest in promoting a discussion of pay issues on which

     change might occur.  There was no support for pursuing the

     original proposal.




     David de Wolf distributed copies of a letter from Peter Rony

     which questioned the legality of terminating the presidential

     search prematurely.  At issue was whether EO/AA guidelines had

     been violated.  Members of the Cabinet agreed that the issue

     was important and should be pursued.  David de Wolf will wait

     until the Board of Visitors has replied to him on the issue

     before considering further actions.  There was agreement that

     the Board of Visitors' response should be provided to all

     Senators and to Dr.  Rony.



  Respectfully submitted,


  Robert T. Sumichrast

  Secretary, Faculty Senate

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