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November 10, 1987


                            FACULTY SENATE MEETING

                               10 November 1987

                                   7:30 p.m.



  Present:  Senators Arnold, Baumgartner, Beyer, Birch, Blieszner, Campbell,

            Collins, Conn, Dugger, Duke, Eng, Eustis, Fine, Geller, Geyer,

            Goss, Grossman, Killough, Kornegay, Ludwig, Morrill, Myers,

            Novak, Oliver, Paterson, Polan, Salvaggio, Scanlon, Snoke,

            Sullins, Wang, Wokutch

            Alternate F. C. Gwazdauskas for Nielsen Faculty Extension Faculty

            Representative: K. DeBord.


  Absent:   Senators Cranford, Kohl, Schug, Smeal.


  Guests:   R. S. Crittenden, J. B. Crittenden; S. Trulove (Spectrum); D.

            Barker (Montgomery County News Messenger); D. Kramer (Collegiate



  1.  President Eustis called the meeting to order at 7:30 p.m.




          Senator Killough is no longer a member of the Athletic Association



          A Senate subcommittee on parking has been appointed.  It consists

          of Senators Geller, Wokutch, Oliver and Dr. J. B. Crittenden.


          The search for the Athletic Director has reached the interview

          stage.  Three candidates were interviewed in Washington.  One with-

          drew thereafter.  Two applicants will be interviewed on campus with

          Dr.  Lavery.  They are L. Travis (Kansas State University) and D.

          Braine (Marshall University).

          Concern was expressed at the lack of faculty involvement in its

          interview process.


          Senate officers have met with President Lavery, Provost Perry, Mr.

          Ridenour and Dr. Heterick (V.P. Information Systems) during the

          last month.


          The Senate Ad Hoc committee on Athletics will hold its first meet-

          ing on 11/17/87.  They will respond to its recommendations of the

          Senate Presidents roundtable regarding the reorganization of ath-



          A letter from Dr. Lavery indicated that he will ask Senator Ludwig

          and Dr. Paul Siegel to serve on the Planning Task Force.


          A letter from the Provost indicated that Senator Paterson will

          serve on the National Speakers Forum Committee.


          Faculty Senate will host a reception for the Student Government As-

          sociation on 11/11/87 at the Bowman Club Room in the Coliseum.

          This follows a challenge volleyball match vs. SGA.  Senators Goss

          and Bliezner were thanked for planning the game and reception.


          It was suggested to President Eustis that the Senate agenda be cir-

          culated to Department heads for distribution to faculty or for

          posting.  This will be done in future.


          The Senate resolution of 10/13/87 concerning the PC labs was for-

          warded to Dr. Heterick (V.P. Information Systems).  He sent a long

          explanation of his efforts to try to publicize the decision.  Fol-

          lowing a subsequent meeting with Dr. Heterick, President Eustis

          feels the communication lapse was possibly at the college level.

          The lack of a senator on the computer committee also contributed to

          the problem.  (The senate is now represented on this committee).

          The Senate looks forward to better cooperation and no more problems

          with the computer committee.

          Comment At the commission on graduate studies both Dr. Hooper and


          Dr. Teekell indicated a lack of information about decisions con-

          cerning the P.C. labs.

          Dr. Heterick will be invited to a future faculty senate meeting.


          President Eustis has written a letter to the Rector of the Board of

          Visitors indicating readiness of the Senate in participating in the

          presidential search.


          A revised version of the Senate constitution will be considered at

          the December Senate meeting.


          It was suggested that the Senate form an ad hoc committee to con-

          sider the possibility of incorporating the computer committee, the

          library committee, and the communication network services committee

          into a commission.  This will be a recommendation in the self study

          chapter on Information systems.  Volunteers for the ad hoc commit-

          tee are requested.


          Fuller reporting of commissions, etc., can be done in future by a)

          placing senators who are members of commissions/committees other

          than the designated reporter on the agenda or b) having such mem-

          bers report or comment during the report of the meeting.


  2.  Mr. Minnis Ridenour, Vice President for Finance was introduced.


          He distributed copies of the budget proposal for the 1988-90

          biennium as submitted to Richmond.


          He addressed himself to 5 topics


          o   the 1987/88 Budget


          o   the Biennium Budget submission for 1988-1990


          o   the Taskforce on Planning


          o   Library funding problems


          o   Commission on Research Concerns on capital projects.


          Regarding the 1987/88 Budget:  He reviewed the history and impact

          of the 1982/83 and 1983/84 6% general fund reversion.  This re-

          sulted in a $6 m loss to the university.  There has since been

          level funding except for special projects until the current year.

          Additional positions have been received for this biennium (80 last

          year, 50 this year).  He described the operation of the State

          equipment trust which is $150m of which $90m is authorized.  This

          resulted in a yield of $3.87m to VPI&SU to address deficiencies in

          engineering, to purchase computer work stations, and to help with

          obsolescence of equipment.  It is planned to address obsolescence

          of equipment and deficiencies in disciplines (engineering, computer

          work stations, biological sciences, veterinary medicine, physics,

          chemistry.)  Future access to funds will be made in May 1988

          ($8.9m) and November 1988 ($19m) and $31.2m later.  These are

          Statewide figures.


          Improvements in cash management programs at the University have

          added $1m to operating budgets this year ($800,000 to the Provost's



          Biennial Budget


              The distributed brochure is being used with support groups and

              with legislative meetings.  The budget is before the executive

              branch.  A new approach is being used in presenting this budget

              in which programs rather than traditional divisions (instruc-

              tion, research, and extension) are emphasized.  The programs

              relate to initiatives expressed by the Governor (Economic De-

              velopment in Agriculture, and Economic Development in Indus-

              trial Technology), to Council of Presidents Initiatives, and to

              University Initiatives.


              The Council of Presidents' initiatives are being addressed

              through a staffing request to bring the University to 95% of

              guidelines in contrast to 89% at present at VPI&SU and an aver-

              age of 92% Statewide.  The current State administration is

              willing to allow new positions where there is need.  Positions

              were lost in previous administrations.  A phased approach to

              the 95% level is likely over several budgets.  Another Council

              of Presidents initiative is to control the percentage of tui-

              tion cost to be borne by students at 35% (vs. 37.9% at pres-



              Among the university initiatives is $3.3m for the library above

              the regular base.


              The total package for education in general (instruction, re-

              search, extension) will be $89.9m in new funding for the

              biennium (an 18.2% increase for the biennium).  The student aid

              request is $4.4m.


              The Budget also includes a request for parking auxiliary and

              there is a request to establish an authorization for an athlet-

              ics auxiliary.


              The present budget base is $700m and we are requesting $807m.


              As to capital budgets preplanning studies have been authorized

              on all instructional division projects.  The priority schedule

              from SCHEV are; maintenance reserve, human resources infill,

              and coal-field facilities.  A blanket authorization for re-

              search facilities which will reduce delays in getting equipment

              has been requested in the amount of $3m.


              Two of three Commonwealth Centers of Excellence programs have

              been recommended for funding.  These are The Virginia Institute

              for Material Systems and the Wood Science and Technology pro-

              posal.  Mr. Ridenour then took questions on the Budget.




              How many capital construction projects will we get?




              We have a good chance to get one new project (Human Resources

              Infill) plus one renovation project (possibly Randolph/PAB).

              There is a chance to get funds to finish the College of

              Veterinary Medicine either this or next biennium.




              What is the Athletic Auxilary item?




              The Athletic Association was a separate corporation, outside

              the budget.  All auxilaries must be in the budget request.  No

              problems are anticipated as no general funds are involved with

              this item.




              What is the general plan for a parking auxiliary?




              There is a committee looking into a parking auxiliary to see

              how it should be structured within the university.  The general

              fund can no longer be used to support parking.  Parking lots

              have been maintained until now by educational general budget.

              The university will have to discontinue this arrangement except

              for new parking lots with new buildings.  Maintenance of these

              new lots will not be available from general funds.




              Regarding the Governors initiatives.  Are these University,

              College, or faculty generated?




              I hope they are the result of faculty involvement.  After the

              last budget attempts were made to devise a new way to develop

              the budget.  Inputs for the initiatives were sought from Col-

              lege Deans.  In turn input was sought from departments and fac-

              ulty.  There seems to be differences among colleges in the

              level of department and faculty involvement.




              How can the $3.3m figure respond to the steep rise in library





              We receive 2 types of funding for the library 1) Staffing funds

              based on our ranking in the ARL libraries and 2) a Voight for-

              mula for development funds for books and subscriptions.  This

              method is way below the real costs of books and subscriptions.

              The budget asks for marked price values to maintain current

              subscriptions.  The $3.3m if obtained will help with additional

              staffing and to get market price funding for book buying and





              Was a supplement provided to the library when the Veterinary

              School was started?




              I'm almost positive there was.  Those items in the Veterinary

              library, to the extent they were bought with Veterinary funds,

              were an add-on to the library.  Vet medicine was added as a

              discipline to the Voight formula so contributed as an add-on to

              the library budget.






              You mentioned a $700m base and a $807m request.  How much is

              appropriated and how much is generated from grants, lifestock

              sales, etc.?




              Of the $700m, $320m are general funds, $372m are from fees,

              grants, revenues, operation of auxiliaries, etc.




              Where in the budget are requests for increase in classroom and

              laboratory operations?




              In two categories 1) uncontrollable costs increase via savings

              from insurance costs etc., and 2) uncontrollable cost increases

              in telecommunications, etc.




              Will any of the savings trickle down?




              That is a primary objective in focusing on the increase in op-

              erating costs.




              What happens interest on the capital campaign funds?




              All are deposited in the Virginia Tech Foundation.  Most funds

              are restricted gifts often in forms in which the interest only

              can be used.  Very little unrestricted funds were received.

              Where there is flexibility those earnings are used to support

              projects such as the Corporate Research Center, a line of

              credit to get projects of to early starts, supplemental grants

              program, etc.




              What is the item computer support for faculty and staff?




              The equipment trust provided work stations for students but not

              for faculty.  This is an effort to get money to obtain and

              maintain work stations.  The other is money in support of main-

              tenance of equipment bought with equipment trust funds.




              If this year is the base year will the additional funds re-

              quested for uncontrollable costs based on next year's costs?




              We are really seeking replacement of cost increases and then

              releasing the money so saved.

              Mr. Ridenour then discussed the Task Force on Planning.



              The Task Force will aim to develop a planning process for the

              university rather than planning per se.  Real faculty involve-

              ment should come through a planning process thereby shaping the

              goals and objectives.  Mr. Ridenour discussed the need for and

              history of the financial planning at the university.  Univer-

              sity wide planning will relate to programatic needs.  He hopes

              to have a planning process ready for recommendation in late

              winter or early spring and to have the process operational for

              July 1.  Concerning faculty involvement:  At present there is a

              finance discussion group with representatives from each college

              meeting weekly on financial matters.  Concerning administrative

              service to academic missions of the University:  one of Mr.

              Ridenour's goals is to improve the sense of service and lines

              of communication betweeen administrative staff and faculty.

              Several training programs are in place.




              Concerning the Commission on Research subcommittee on con-

              struction and renovation.  Will the new planning process pre-

              vent the types of problems in construction and renovation?




              These types of problems are more directly of a day-to-day ad-

              ministrative nature.  The planning process will improve commu-

              nications conerning goals.




              Will there be a relationship between the self study and the

              planning process?




              Yes.  The self study is the first step in planning.


  3.  The Agenda was adopted.


          Minutes of the 13 October 1987 Faculty Senate meeting were approved

          with two corrections:  1) The spelling of S. Gerken was corrected,

          and 2) In the commission on Undergraduate Studies Report the resol-

          ution concerning denial of credit should read students on medical


          drop status rather than students on academic drop status.



          Minutes of the 21 October Senate Cabinet meeting were approved.


  4.  Council, Commission and Committee Reports.


          UNIVERSITY COUNCIL.  Senator Conn - University Council met 2 Novem-

          ber.  The resolution concerning the certificate of recognition for

          an additional major was deferred again to allow more information

          from students.


          The resolutions concerning the University traffic committee and

          University core courses were both passed by the Council.


          COMMISSION ON EXTENSION - Senator Collins - no meetings held.


          COMMISSION ON FACULTY AFFAIRS.  Senator Grossman - met 6 November

          1987.  There were preliminary discussions on comprehensive guide-

          lines on record keeping.


          COMMISSION ON GRADUATE STUDIES.  Senator Baumgartner - problems of

          PC labs were discussed.  Each recommendation in the graduate


          studies chapter of the Self Study will be reviewed by the Commis-



          Policy memorandum No. 14 dealing with the appointment of graduate

          faculty is being reviewed.  Recommendations have not yet been made.


          COMMISSION ON RESEARCH.  Senator Arnold - Commission met 14 October

          1987 and 18 October 1987.


          The Commission was informed that the Office of Management and

          Budget has issued a computerized black list of organizations and

          people with which it is seriously improper to do business and the

          University is keeping a watch on this.


          A subcommittee report on construction and renovation was received.

          This report discussed a variety of problems and the Commission in-

          structed Dr.  Hooper to solicity a response from Mr. Ridenour be-

          fore forwarding it to University Council.


          There is a greater need for oversight of contracts that the Univer-

          sity makes which relates to what IRS considers income generation.


          A meeting with the State Director of Purchases and Supplies dealt

          with problems of timeliness of purchases.


          A report was given on $3.4m purchase of computing hardware.


          There was a wide ranging discussion of core research area and areas

          of research which the state will fund and how this is incorporated

          into the budget.  Procedures for solicitation of core research pro-

          posals were discussed.  The committee of College Research Deans are

          informed about open dates.


          The Center for Innovative Technology is proposing two technology

          development centers in 1989.  The deadline for proposals will be

          made available through College Research Deans.


          A standardized procedure for calculating faculty salaries for fac-

          ulty under special assignment to the Federal government is being



          COMMISSION ON STUDENT AFFAIRS.  Senator Fine - one meeting was

          held.  A new resolution was introduced and passed which essentially

          indicated that there will be no censorship of films at VPI&SU and

          that organizations can now show films without going through the re-

          view board.


          COMMISSION ON  UNDERGRADUATE AFFAIRS.  Senator Myers - Commission

          met on 26 October and 9 November.


          Approved a reolution concerning denial of credit during a period of

          medical drop.  The commission received from Provost Perry informa-

          tion copies of a policy on special admissions.


          Provost Perry announced 3 appointments to the Admissions Appeals

          Committee.  These are:  Associate Dean M. A. Lewis, Senator D.

          Myers, and Professor C. Yates (AOE).


          Commission approved a linked cluster from the department of Family

          and Child Development as a core course sequence.  The Commission

          heard a request that freshmen admitted in Summer 1988 be admitted

          under the semester system.


          ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION BOARD.  Senator Sullins - the Board met in

          Executive session on 27 October.


          BUILDING COMMITTEE. Senator Ludwig - A briefing by the Architect

          and the building program for this year were presented.  Two

          projects were bid well over budget.  The Architecture and Engineer-

          ing infill will be rebid without the Architecture component.  The

          Squires renovation is behind schedule with redesign to conform to

          money available.  A small student activities building between

          Burruss and Pamplin Hall is out for bid.


          COMPUTER COMMITTEE.  Senator Birch - Committee met 4 November.  The

          Hillcrest PC lab will be reduced in size by 30% rather than 65%

          earlier reported.



          Nothing of substance to report from 10th of November meeting.


          LIBRARY COMMITTEE.  Senator Duke - Committee met 4th November.

          Discussed budget with Dr. Carson.  The Committee decided to write

          Mr.  Ridenour regarding budget support.  A breakdown of annual

          spendings since 1975 by category was made available.  VPI&SU li-

          brary was ranked 49th as a research library.


          A large number of items are not entered on VTLS.  Library staff

          need input concerning criteria for long term storage and nature of

          access to items in long-term storage.




              Is a list of unnecessary books needed by library staff?




              They would welcome such input.




              Is a better method needed for getting books out of circulation

              and back to the library?




              It could be a future agenda item.




              What is the budget for administrative staff in comparison to

              the budget for book buying?




              Specifics are not available at this point.


          SCHOLARSHIP AND STUDENT AID COMMITTEE.  Senator Wang - no meeting.


          SELF-STUDY STEERING COMMITTEE.  Senator Novak - D. Hinkle (Coordi-

          nator) is not making substantive changes during the editing proc-



          PARKING COMMITTEE.  Senators Oliver and Geller - A report has been

          printed in Spectrum.  Future funding for parking will be minimal.

          An RFP has been sent out to study parking - 3 groups were invited

          to interview and 1 has been selected.  The Parking Committee will

          work with the consultant group and will report by May 1.  Input

          from faculty and students are very welcome.  A faculty forum on

          parking may be sponsored later this year.



          PROVOST'S SEARCH COMMITTEE.  Senator Polan - The Committee met 26

          October and considered how to respond to applicants.  The Committee

          has not been disbanded.


  5.  Old Business


          Resolution re University Administration was withdrawn by Senator

          Duke.  The motion was seconded and passed unanimously.


  6.  New Business


  7.  Procedures on special admissions.  After extensive discussion it was

      decided to invite Provost Perry to address the Senate on this topic.


  8.  A motion to adjourn was passed at 10:00 p.m.


  Respectfully submitted,


  Patrick F. Scanlon,

  Secretary, Faculty Senate.


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