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October 13, 1987


                            FACULTY SENATE MEETING

                                13 October 1987


                             CEC Conference Room G

                                   7:30 p.m.



  Present:  Senators Arnold, Baumgartner, Beyer, Birch, Blieszner, Campbell,

            Conn, Dugger, Duke, Eng, Eustis, Fine, Geller, Geyer, Grossman,

            Hansen, Hicks, Killough, Kornegay, Ludwig, Morrill, Myers,

            Nielsen, Novak, Oliver, Paterson, Polan, Salvaggio, Scanlon,

            Schug, Smeal, Snoke, Sullins, Wang, Wokutch.


            Alternates J. L. Eaton for Collins; F. C. Gwazdauskas for Kohl;

            E. Scott for Goss.


  Absent:   Senators Cranford, Knocke.


  Guests:   Eric Randall, Roanoke Times; J. P. Mason, Susan Trulove (Spec-

            trum); Mark Owen, Wayne Redford, Jim Wiggert, Harry Robertshaw,

            Greg Greer, Ralph Copera (VTU); David Baker (SGA); Greg Battaglia

            (Class of 1989 President); Mike Anderson, Lynchburg News; Jim

            Chenault, Montgomery Co.  News Messenger; Maggie Steemann, Scott

            Hoffman, Catherine Miller, James Thompson, Collegiate Times,;Guy

            Hammond, Gail Norrity, Richmond Times Dispatch; Karen Debord, Ex-

            tension Faculty observer; Cindy Farmer, WSLS TV; Peggy Fox, WBKA

            Bluefield; Joe McKean, WDBJ TV; Todd Decker WBVA Bluefield; Glen

            Ellert, WDBJ TV; Mark Kolakowski, WSLS TV; P. Rony; C.  L. Foy;

            John Perry.




      Open meetings on self-study chapters will be held on October 15, 21,

      22, and 26.


      Plans have been made to have senate minutes on the Information System.

      Senators will receive hard copy as usual.


      A faculty review committee has been appointed.


      Members are: J. Fontenot, Agriculture & Life Sciences; W. Scheuller,

                Architecture H. Campbell, Arts & Sciences J. Crunkilton, Edu-

                cation; D. DeWolf, Engineering; F. Beams, Business; J.

                McCauley, Human Resources; S. Gerken, Extension; M. Norstedt,

                Library; C. Domermuth, Veterinary Medicine.


      Faculty Senate office hours are as follows:


      Monday 2-3; Wednesday 2-4; Thursday 8-9


      Committee on committees recommended the following names be sent to

      President Lavery to serve on the Task Force on Planning:


      M. Boisen


      D. Ludwig


      P. Siegel


      P. Smeal


      Two names will be chosen.


      Search Committee for the Athletic Director expects to make recommenda-

      tion by mid-November.

      Faculty Senate will invite SGA members to a social event.  Reception

      and Volleyball game will be on 11/11 at 7:00 p.m. in the Coliseum.  Re-

      ception following in Bowman Stadium Club.


  II.  Adoption of the Agenda


      Agenda was adopted with two amendments.  Under New Business, J.

      Wiggert will address the senate on recommendations from the Presidents'

      Roundtable.  Senator J. Duke will introduce an amendment as circulated.


  III. Approval/Acceptance of Minutes


      Minutes of September 8, 1987 Faculty Senate Meeting were approved.


      Minutes of October 2, 1987, Cabinet Meeting were approved.


  IV.  Program


       1.  Dr. J. P. Mason, Chair of Commencement Committee was introduced,

           and addressed the senate.  He described the structure and func-

           tions of the Commencement Committee.  There were 4,957 graduates

           at this year's Commencement and 350 faculty participated.


               QUESTION Re unruly behavior.




               No easy answer.  It was as much under control as it could be

               this year and was not worse than in other years.


               QUESTION Re two commencement exercises.




               Equal distribution would not result and so problems of large

               crowds would not necessarily be solved by two commencement ex-



               Dr. Mason requested faculty participation on suggestions for

               the 1988 Commencement


       2.  Interim Provost J. Perry, was introduced.


      Given the interim nature of his appointment Dr. Perry indicated that

      his agenda would be constrained.  He indicated that he would tend to

      concentrate on consensus issues but recognized that consensus on impor-

      tant issues can be a problem.


  V.  Council, Commission and Committee Reports.


      UNIVERSITY COUNCIL - Senator Conn.  Met 9/21 and 10/5.  On 9/21 reports

      by several committees (traffic, library, computer, athletic associ-

      ation), were presented.  Concern was expressed that some of these com-

      mittees presented reports that were too brief and too late.  It was

      agreed that minutes of these committees would be provided to University


      On 10/5, student representation on the Traffic committee was increased

      while Faculty representation was kept the same.

      First reading for CUS resolution 1986/87G recognition of additional ma-

      jor.  Placing 2 degree names on the same diploma presents technical

      problems.  A second certificate would be the solution.  CUS are doing a

      survey on this.  Senate will wait for students' decision before pro-

      ceeding.  First and second reading on CUS Resolution 1986/87E which

      proposes a 2 year moratorium on proposed core courses beginning Fall

      1988 have been made.  No objections.


      COMMISSION ON EXTENSION - Senator Collins - No report.


      COMMISSION ON FACULTY AFFAIRS - Senator Grossman - Met 10/2/87.  Went

      over list of business for the year including business held over from

      last year (Faculty handbook revisions, faculty liability, faculty rep-

      resentation on the Board of Visitors, annual leave of faculty with fis-

      cal year appointments, and comprehensive guidelines for record

      keeping).  New business items include issues regarding distinguished

      professors, particularly UDP and ADP distinctions and possible time

      limits, guidelines for appointment of endowed chairs, and issues of

      promotion of faculty in emeritus status, evaluation of contribution of

      faculty to instruction and extension missions and whether a committee

      on faculty ethics should be formed.


      COMMISSION ON GRADUATE STUDIES - Senator Baumgartner.  GTA handbook has

      been printed.  Graduate enrollment is 3860 - 66 over projections, 150

      over last year.


      COMMISSION ON RESEARCH - Senator Arnold.  Meeting largely informa-

      tional.  Budget was made available.  A resolution from last year to

      place all non-federal grant funds in the Virginia Tech Foundation was

      discussed.  This has implications re interest generation.  How interest

      so generated would be distributed was not resolved.  Commission on Re-

      search would have a role in how interest would be distributed.


      COMMISSION ON STUDENT AFFAIRS - Senator Morrill.  Commission met 9/24

      and 10/8.  Most of business was routine except for a memo of 9/8/87

      from V.P. Sullivan, endorsed by the Board of Visitors, concerning a

      policy for censorship of films.  Objections have been raised by student

      organizations on two grounds - (1) means of enactment of policy and (2)

      substance of the policy.  SGA plan to submit a resolution at the 10/22

      CSA meeting to call for elimination of the policy.


      COMMISSION ON UNDERGRADUATE STUDIES - Senator Myers.  CUS tabled a re-

      solution to deny transfer credit to students taken while on academic

      drop status.  Acted on resolution to place a 2 year moratorium on add-

      ing new courses to the core curriculum beginning Fall 1988.



      Board was in executive session at 2 meetings held.  No report for one

      other meeting.


      BUILDING COMMITTEE - Senator Ludwig.  No Meeting.


      COMPUTER COMMITTEE - Senator Birch.  Met 10/7.  Six items of importance



      1.  PC Labs will be changed again.  Hillcrest will house digital

          switching equipment and so will mean that the 23 PC's there will

          need to be housed elsewhere.  A new location is being sought, and

          advice is needed on a place for new location.


      2.  Switching equipment is being purchased and the process of cabling

          the campus is underway with dormitories to be finished by Fall 1988

          and rest of campus by January 1989.


      3.  CIS and Computing Center will be moved to the corporate research

          center by Summer 1989.


      4.  P.C. Auxillary no longer handles purchase of required student PC's,

          the Bookstore does.


      5.  VM1 is overcrowded.  Requested to move non-scientific computing to




      6.  Considering replacing the 2 VAX machines with a new DEC machine and

          need suggestions.



      10/13/87.  Provost Perry has initiated a study of salaries to determine

      if there are inequities based on gender or race.


      LIBRARY COMMITTEE - Senator Duke.  Met 9/27/87.  Library Committee re-

      ports to no one, but serves as a means of advice to library.  Minutes

      are sent to the University Council.  Committee discussion included re-

      sponses to library survey and appropriate responses.  Library will cre-

      ate a catalog of resources (especially collections).  Budget problems

      are significant.  Not all books are on the library system due to lack

      of room on the system, and lack of personnel resources to enter the

      books.  A one-time request for $250,000 to fund the entry of books was

      denied.  The cost of periodicals has escalated.  Unless relief is

      granted this is the last year that the present set of journals can be

      purchased.  There is a freeze on purchases of new periodicals.  Georgia

      Tech spends $110,000 annually on standard publications vs. $6,000 at

      Virginia Tech.  University Administration is informed of the problem

      but is unresponsive.  Library goal in the Campaign for Excellence was

      $1m., but only $30,000 was pledged.  A request to fully fund the $1m.

      goal was denied.  Changes in library as announced to faculty are merely

      relocations.  Card catalog will go to the 2nd floor.


      Q.  How has administrative budget grown relative to the book purchase



      A.  Will check on this.


      PARKING COMMITTEE - Senator Killough.  Will comment on report at next



      SCHOLARSHIP AND STUDENT AID COMMITTEE - Senator Wang.  No meeting.


      SELF STUDY STEERING COMMITTEE - Senator Novak.  Drafts have been looked

      at and are available for review by faculty.  Faculty are urged to re-

      view them.


      PROVOST SEARCH COMMITTEE - Senator Polan.  Three meetings since the

      last report plus several subcommittee meetings.  At this time there

      have been 8-9 able candidates identified and 5-6 others have to be in-

      vestigated further.


      FACULTY SENATE OF VIRGINIA - Senator Smeal.  Will meet in November.  No



  VI.  Old Business


      P.C. labs report.  Senator Birch reported for the sub-committee of

      Birch, Ludwig and Eng and circulated a written report (attached).  Af-

      ter much discussion the following resolution was moved, seconded and



      WHEREAS the Computing Center has reduced support to certain PC labs re-

      sulting in fewer PCs being available for general use, and


      WHEREAS the decision was apparently made without adequate coordination

      with the faculty who would be affected by the decision, and


      WHEREAS the impact of this decision resulted in frustration of faculty,

      staff, and students in achievement of the academic mission, and


      WHEREAS there are decisions to be made in the future that will further

      alter the structure of the existing PC labs, specifically to the facil-

      ities at Hillcrest and McBryde;

      THEREFORE be it resolved that the Vice President for Computing and In-

      formation Systems be advised of the Faculty Senate's displeasure over

      the aforementioned lack of coordination and be requested to adequately

      publicize and coordinate future changes in computer center policy with

      appropriate faculty groups with respect to future changes in the PC



  VII. New Business


      The Senate Presidents' Roundtable has written faculty concerning ath-

      letics.  An ad hoc committee has been formed (Senators Baumgartner,

      Nielsen, Smeal, Snoke), to respond to this letter.


      James Wiggert addressed the Senate on the recommendation of the Senate

      Presidents' Roundtable concerning athletics.  He emphasized the impor-

      tance of faculty input into athletic matters, the role of the faculty

      chairman in athletics and his/her reporting to faculty, and a recommit-

      ment to academic integrity.


      Resolution by Senator Duke.


      A motion to waive the Visitor Rules was made, seconded, extensively

      discussed, and failed on a vote (15 to 16).


      Senator Duke introduced the following resolution:


      Whereas the President and his senior administrators have and continue

      to perform, through both statements and actions in a manner:


      that disregards the stated mission of the University, and


      that brings embarrassment to the University and to the Commonwealth,


      Therefore be it firmly resolved that the Faculty Senate expresses a

      lack of confidence in President William E. Lavery, in particular, and

      his senior administrators in general as regards their ability to act in

      ways that will serve to accomplish the true, stated mission of the Uni-



      Be it further resolved that the Faculty Senate representatives be re-

      quested to bring this resolution to the University Council for endorse-

      ment at the earliest occasion of their meeting, and that the Faculty

      senate secretary be directed to forward a copy of this resolution to

      the Board of Visitors and to the SPECTRUM as soon as possible.


      Motion was seconded.  Extensive discussion followed.  A motion (sec-

      onded) was made to postpone action to the Senate meeting in December.

      Motion was defeated (17 to 20).  After further discussion a motion

      (seconded) was made to postpone action to the Senate November meeting.

      Motion passed (27 to 10).  Further discussion ensued.  A motion to have

      the cabinet consider modification of the resolution prior to the next

      meeting was withdrawn.  A motion to hold an open forum at next meeting



      Ad hoc Senate Committee on Information systems - Senator Snoke - A re-

      solution to create a Commission on Information Systems was amended as



      That the Director of the Communications Network, the Director of the

      Computer Center, the Director of the University Libraries and the Exec-

      utive Vice President for Business Affairs or designated representative

      be ex-officio non-voting members of the Commission.  The amendment



      The amended resolution passed and will be sent to University Council.


      Medical Examination - The resolution from the Agricultural Faculty As-

      sociation to establish a program whereby each faculty member receives

      periodic free medical examinations and will be sent to the Commission

      on Faculty Affairs was approved.


      Faculty Review Committee Procedures - An amendment to Section 4F of the

      Procedures for handling faculty grievances to define a lawyer as "any

      person who has a law degree and/or is duly licensed or authorized by

      any state to practice law" was approved.


      Meeting was adjourned.



  Respectfully submitted,



  Patrick F. Scanlon,

  Secretary, Faculty Senate.

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