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April 12, 1988


                            FACULTY SENATE MEETING

                                 12 April 1988


                                  CEC Room C

                                   7:30 p.m.



  Present:  Senators Arnold, Baumgartner, Beyer, Birch, Blieszner, Collins,

            Conn, Cranford, Dugger, Eng, Eustis, Geyer, Goss, Grossman,

            Hansen, Killough, Kornegay, Ludwig, Nielsen, Novak, Oliver,

            Paterson, Polan, Salvaggio, Scanlon, Snoke, Sullins, Wang


            Alternates A. M. Prestrude for Geller, D. Kingston for Schug, J.

            Eaton for Smeal


  Absent:   Senators Campbell, Duke, Fine, Hicks, Knocke, Kohl, Morrill,

            Myers, Wokutch


  Visitors: D. Farkas, P. Rony, S. Trulove (Spectrum), J. Dudley, C. Eustis,

            N. Marriott, K. DeBord (Extension Faculty Representative), S.

            Clarke, G. E. Bunce, S. Batie, H. White, P. Torgersen.




      Senate Cabinet meeting will take place in the Group Listening Room,

      Newman Library 15 April 1988.


      The Faculty Senate team finished second to the Administration team in

      the volleyball challenge.


      The program for the May meeting will include D. Ford (Associate Vice

      President for Faculties) and D. D. Ostroth (Director of Student Activ-



      The Faculty Senate Newsletter will appear this quarter.  Decisions have

      been made on its content.


      Interest forms for Senate representation on Commissions and Committees

      will be distributed again at this meeting.  In filling these out per-

      sons outside the Senate may be nominated.


      Senate officers met with the following during the past month:  The SGA

      officers, the Provost, and the Interim President.  They also attended

      the Board of Visitors meeting.  The Sunday afternoon program was a se-

      ries of presentations by student leaders.


  II.  Adoption of the Agenda


      The Agenda was adopted with the addition of "May elections" under new



  III. Approval/Acceptance of Minutes


      The minutes of the 8 March Senate meeting were approved.


      The minutes of the 15 March Cabinet meeting were accepted.


  IV.  Program


      President Torgersen was introduced and his cooperation with the Senate

      officers was praised as was his role in achieving faculty represen-

      tation at the Board of Visitors.  He addressed the Senate.


      He shared several impressions many of which were based on his busy

      speaking program.

      We have significant competition from other Universities and Colleges in

      Virginia for students.  We have to reassure the alumni that the Univer-

      sity is strong and would survive recent adverse publicity.  Some alumni

      are concerned about the increasing role of faculty in shaping the fu-

      ture of the University.  Others are apprehensive that we may be less

      competitive when we have instituted reform in athletics.  In general,

      alumni have many concerns.


      President Torgersen next shared his dog (African wild) and pony (Zebra)

      show on African animals that he uses when addressing groups of alumni.

      The rest of his typical presentation to alumni address the 8 colleges

      of the University, the strengths of the student body, the faculty and

      the research programs.  The alumni are very important and supportive of

      the University.  Seventeen alumni serve in the legislature; many others

      are influential with the legislature.  The Alumni Association nominates

      candidates for the Board of Visitors.


      The budget process was described as well as President Torgersen's role

      in this.  The news was both good and bad.  Additional funds were ob-

      tained for operations, salaries, the library, for planning and for a

      fisheries experimental program.  Some capital for the

      architecture/engineering infill and for a 4-H Center were allocated.

      Our peer group of 20 Universities are not appropriate and this results

      in salary problems.  Capital projects tend to be pork-barrel--

      essentially one building per school per legislative session.


      Other impressions of the legislative session:


      1.  We are the most complicated University in the State--we're large,

          have a big research program, have off-campus graduate programs,

          have remote instructional programs, are the land-grant school, have

          extension programs, and have a rural location.  Commodity groups

          want to help and lobby on our behalf.


      2.  We are expected to be well-managed and we don't always give that

          impression--e.g. athletics, land-swap, etc.  We need to clearly de-

          cide issues of Veterinary medicine, student body members, and the

          size of the graduate program.  We need better interactions with the

          legislature on the budget process, e.g. we don't have a lot of lo-

          cal legislators.


      3.  Our niche is not totally clear.  Our purpose is not clear on an in-

          stitutional basis.


      Where do we stand?  We are the land-grant institution.  We need to ar-

      ticulate and act on our commitments.  We are a comprehensive doctoral

      granting institution.  We need to emphasize the full range of our

      strengths more.  Virginia does not have a tier system of Universities.

      We should be seen with UVA as the 2 flagship institutions in the Com-

      monwealth.  UVA seems to be receptive to this approach and the 2 uni-

      versities need to work together on this.  Our identification with the

      top 50 research institutions has to be emphasized.


      The task of Interim President has been enjoyable and been a lot of hard



      Q.  What can we do about space and getting a better share relative to

      our needs?


      A.  We have to work better in the political process.


      Q.  Have numbers of applications changed significantly?


      A.  We have had a straight line increase for several years.  We have a

      slight drop this year.  I expect the original trend will resume next


      Q.  What about the University's name?


      A.  VPI doesn't represent what we have become.  VPI&SU is too long.  We

      should use the official name on official business and the nickname as

      appropriate but not as the official name of the University.  Changing

      the name is the prerogative of the State legislature.


      Q.  Has quality of students levelled off?  How are we relative to our



      A.  Some of the other schools are increasing rapidly but we are more



      Q.  If we lowered enrollment what will this do to the selection of stu-



      A.  I don't know what we'll do about enrollment.  We have allowed our

      maximum to creep up and this worries Richmond.  We should decide what

      our cap is and abide by it.


      Q.  Is engineering part of the land-grant system?


      A.  It is.  Agriculture is unique to the land-grant system, engineering

      is not unique to the land-grant system.


      Q.  Being a flagship university takes considerable effort in the re-

      search mission and leads to a tendency to specialization.  Does this

      lead to different classes of citizens when people emphasize teaching or



      A.  Not necessarily.  In such an institution if faculty wish to empha-

      size teaching they are to be considered first class citizens but they

      need to be good teachers and have heavier than average teaching loads.

      I don't feel that people have to do one or the other well.  Many do

      outstanding teaching while doing outstanding research.


      A series of questions on philsophical differences between "research"

      and "scholarship" and the impact of grantsmanship on evaluation of fac-

      ulty performance ensued.  These were mostly framed in the context of

      circumstances existing in the College of Engineering.  The responses

      are summarized as follows:


      What a professor seeks to do with his career is acceptable.  The pro-

      fessor must compete with peers for salary adjustment.  Funded research

      is important to a College of Engineering though not mandatory.  Among

      the top 20 engineering schools VPI&SU was next to last in research dol-

      lars among the public schools in the top twenty.  This does not indi-

      cate an obsession with research funding.


      Q.  To move VPI&SU into the top 25 research universities (from the top

      50) what criteria do we have to satisfy?


      A.  Total research dollars is the measure.  But are we interested in

      dollars only?  the answer is no, but dollars do provide major help to

      graduate research programs.


      C.  Refereed journal articles are an important measure of productivity.


      A.  Yes - they are in some disciplines.  Books are important measures

      in others, placement of Ph.D. graduates are measures in others.


      Because he closed on research issues President Torgersen emphasized his

      respect for the importance of teaching.


  V.  Council, Commission and Committee Reports.


      UNIVERSITY COUNCIL - Senator Conn - Met 4/4/88.


      CGS resolution to allow graduate diplomas to have departmental desig-

      nation was approved on second reading.


      The resolution to change the University Council to set up a Commission

      on Information Systems was deferred to the request of the Library.  The

      following were given a first reading:


      The revised constitution of the faculty senate


      The proposal for the University Committee on Athletics.


      A proposed name change for the Committee on Scholarships and Student



      A CSA resolution concerning court rerpresentation by the Student Ser-

      vices attorney.


      A CSA Resolution re allowing fraternity rush in the fall of freshman



      A proposal on increased representation on University Council on a pro-

      portional basis.


      A CUS resolution re eligibility for continued enrollment (essentially a

      definition of satisfactory progress).


      A CUS resolution re assignment of NG grades.


      A CFA resolution concerning review of faculty appointments at ranks

      above assistant professor or with tenure.


      Two search committees were approved


      1) for V.P. Student Affairs


      2) for V.P. Business Affairs.




      The Provost provided the dinner.  The areas covered included the future

      of the Senate (work load, visibility, etc.).  It seemed unanimous that

      one per month meetings should be continued and reports on all activ-

      ities should be given at each.  A better meeting room was considered

      desirable where Senators are separate which allows clarity of who's

      voting, etc.  Who the Senators represent and how do they solicit input

      was discussed.  Each varies but surveys on each issue does not seem ap-

      propriate.  The communication role is important as is cooperation with

      the adnministration in implementing the governance system.  Ex-Senators

      could greatly encourage and improve the effectiveness of College fac-

      ulty associations.  As to the self-study - the Senate should closely

      monitor matters relevant to governance.


      COMMISSION ON EXTENSION - Senator Collins - Met 4/6/88.


      Got updates on resolutions on 1) Extension Associate position and 2)

      the consulting policy.


      Updates on success of the budget.


      An ad hoc committee on evaluation of extension and service is in opera-

      tion.  It was noted that only one member is a cooperative extension

      faculty member.



      Aspects of governance were discussed as were the extension represen-

      tation on Commissions and Committees.


      COMMISSION ON FACULTY AFFAIRS - Senator Grossman - Met 3 times since

      the last Senate meeting.  Items dealt with were:


      Passed a resolution re new faculty appointment at ranks higher than as-

      sistant professor or with tenure.


      Liability issues of advising student groups.  The CFA amendment of the

      CSA resolution was voted down by CSA.


      Extension Associate position resolution was approved.


      Initiated discussion of the issue of department heads vs chairs.


      Discussed possible guidelines for appointment of endowed chairs.

      Agreed that each college should establish its own criteria which should

      include peer review.


      The proposal for a Commission on Information Systems was discussed.  It

      was agreed to ask for tabling discussion on this pending aproposal to

      establish a task force to examine the operation of committees and their

      operational problems.


      The Provost in conjunction with CFA, announced 2 ad hoc committees 1)

      on evaluation of public service and extension (D. McAllister Chair) 2)

      on evaluation of instruction (D. Hinkel Chair).


      COMMISSION ON GRADUATE STUDIES - Senator Baumgartner - Met twice.


      Graduate applications are up 9%.


      Re graduate catalog:  1) decided to drop the residency requirement for

      MS candidates and 2) drop the requirement that Ph.D. preliminary exam-

      inations be given 9 months before the degree is granted.


      Re memorandum 14.  It was agreed that this memo established a good pur-

      pose and that more explicit requirements within colleges need to be

      stated.  A questionnaire will be sent to departments about this which

      will be routed back to CGS by College Deans.


      The resolution re the establishment of a Commission on Information sys-

      tems was approved.


      Q.  Do college deans have a role in graduate programs which would make

      the routing of the questionnaire though then appropriate?


      A.  There are a number of areas where the college deans' roles are ap-



      COMMISSION ON RESEARCH - Senator Arnold - Met 3/9/88 and 3/23/88.


      It was announced that Alan Steiss will be leaving in mid-May to become

      Director of Research Development and Administration of the University

      of Michigan in Ann Arbor.


      Revisions in the MANUAL OF PROCEDURES



      cedures on funding ending dates were issued by Provost Wilson in 1981

      in an effort to minimize cost overruns arising from salary charges ex-

      ceeding funds available in project budgets.  A mechanism to permit ap-

      propriate charges to be made to sponsored projects, regardless of the

      timeliness of the personnel action was adopted last year.  The revision

      being discussed concerns charging - 12 accounts for sponsored project

      salaries that extend beyond a project's ending date.  Revisions to Ap-

      pendix G were discussed at the March 9 and March 23 meetings.  Dis-

      cussion will continue at the April 11 meeting.


      APPENDIX N:  VARIOUS ACCOUNTS.  This new appendix, discussed on MARCH 9

      and approved on MARCH 23, provides guidelines for establishing and

      maintaining "Various Accounts" as a funding option for ongoing research

      with multiple sponsorship.  Various accounts are mechanisms for aggre-

      gating relatively small sums of money to support a research effort.

      Funds placed in various accounts are generally quite small, are for

      roughly the same general purpose, and are without expectation of stated



      The Faculty Senate resolution on a Commission on Information Systems

      was discussed re role of commission in governance.


      MOTION that the Commission on Research endorse the final version of the



      modification that the Director of Communications Network Services; the

      Director of the Computing Center; the Director of the University Li-

      braries; the Vice Provost for Research and Graduate Studies or desig-

      nated representative; and the Executive Vice President and Chief

      Business Officer or designated representative be EX OFFICIO, nonvoting

      members of that Commission.  Motion passed.


      COMMISSION ON STUDENT AFFAIRS - Senator Goss - Met twice.


      Five students were interviewed for the student position on the Board of

      Visitors.  Three were chosen for forwarding to the Board.


      Discussed and passed the resolution for the legal services board policy



      Discussed and passed the resolution concerning the allowance of rush in

      the fall semester.


      Discussed and passed a resolution to increase the proportional repre-

      sentation of students in the University Council.


      Voted down a modification by CFA of the CFA resolution re registration

      of student organizations.  A subcommittee to meet with a CFA subcommit-

      tee was appointed to resolve the issues that pertain to liability.




      Semester calendar has one week added.


      The resolutions concerning special admissions procedures and the moni-

      toring of academic success of student athletes were both tabled pending

      University Council action on the Athletics Committee.


      ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION BOARD - Senator Sullins - No meeting since the

      last Senate meeting.


      The proposed Athletic structure now has incorporated the bulk of the

      concerns of the Faculty Senate in the new draft proposal.  Issues not

      addressed are the method of selection of the NCAA representative and

      the method of selection of the Chair of the Committee.


      BUILDING COMMITTEE - Senator Ludwig - Met once.


      The style of doing business has changed.  They held a discussion of the

      role -- e.g. how to set priorities for future buildings.  A task force

      to develop a data base on facilities, etc. has been set up.


      COMPUTER COMMITTEE - Senator Birch - Met twice - 3/9/88 and 4/6/88.


      The VM1 system installed on 3/20/88 has some problems.  Those pertain-

      ing to line works graphics are being dealt with.


      Computing center will soon issue an RFP for a UNIX system on campus.

      Input on desirable features should be sent to the committee.


      A new DEC computer to replace the DEC 11780's is being installed.


      Re remote sites and withdrawal of support at McBryde:  Will not happen

      at least not before 6/89 or until a remote site in the upper quad area

      is located.  The micro lab will be turned over to Computer Science.


      Self-study on Information Systems.  D. Hinkel and J. Novak made a pres-



      The proposed Commission on Information Systems was discussed with

      strong feelings for and against.


      Q.  Was the removal of off-site printing at Burruss to off-campus dis-



      A.  No.


      C.  Please ask them to consult users.



      Met 4/12/88.


      Child care committee will meet 4/15/88 to discuss a draft report.


      Discussed plans for recruitment and retention of Black student and fac-



      Discussed policy to monitor progress on the report "Towards the Year

      2000:  Affirmative Action at Virginia Tech."


      LIBRARY COMMITTEE - Senator Baumgartner.


      $1.4m has been added to library budget by the State.  $187k has been

      allocated to add records to VTLS this year with an additional $187k for

      the same purposes next year.


      RE:  Book buying:  $343k has been added to book budget for this year

      and $725k has been added to book budget for next year.


      A proposal that LRC film library be moved to the Newman library was

      discussed.  Will ask Dr. Heterick for additional rationale.


      The proposed Commission on Information Systems was discussed.  The Com-

      mittee was opposed primarily because of differences of information be-

      tween the library and the other units to be dealt with by the proposed



      Q.  Was the question of transfer of serials to the Veterinary Medicine

      library discussed?


      A.  No.


      Q.  Would you ensure that committee pools into this and ensure that af-

      fected departments be consulted before materials are moved?


      Q.  Can the film-using faculty be consulted concerning the moving of

      the LRC film library to the Newman library?


      Q.  Can something be done to improve the quality of films in the LRC

      library?  New versions of 16mm films are needed.


      PARKING COMMITTEE - Senator Oliver


      The consultants have received considerable input on parking.  Their re-

      port is due 4/15/88.  Groups will be asked to react to this report and

      this reaction is due back to the consultants 4/22/88.




      FACULTY SENATE OF VIRGINIA - Senator Smeal - sent the minutes of a

      meeting of 9 April 1988.  The highlight was that faculty in the commu-

      nity college system will be subjected to do the same grievance proce-

      dures as classified personnel and are opposed to this.


      PLANNING TASK FORCE - Senator Ludwig - Has met.  A document is out for

      review by deans and the commissions, etc.  The planning teams are still

      unnamed pending appointment of the new president.  Next meeting is on 6

      May 1988.




      The new constitution was distributed with ballots.  The return is about

      25% while a 50% vote is needed.  There were few no votes.


      Spectrum will be asked to run a reminder to vote.


      PRESIDENTIAL SEARCH COMMITTEE - Senator Paterson - Met 3/30/88 and

      identified 16 applicants who appeared suitable for the position.  Addi-

      tional information was sought on this 16.  Interviewing procedures were

      discussed.  The Committee met 12 April 1988 in Richmond and heard a re-

      sponse from the consultants and selected the list of candidates to 8.

      These 8 will be considered and visited with until 1 May when the list

      will be shortened to about 3.


      Q.  Will the top 8 come to campus?  No.  Some will come to campus and

      details of who will visit with them have to be finalized.  The chosen

      candidate will be named on 23 May 1988.


      NATIONAL SPEAKERS FORUM - Senator Paterson - Noted the names of the fu-

      ture speakers for AY 1988.


      COMPUTER NETWORK SERVICES COMMITTEE - Senator Nielsen -  Meetings con-

      flict with Senator Nielsen's class time.  He reported from the minutes.


      SCATS seems to cost more than long-distance dialing.  How long this was

      known is unclear but communications does not seem to be a strong point

      of CNS.


      Implementing cable TV for classroom is still being worked on especially

      in considering needs of students not living in dormitories.


      The Commission on Information Systems was discussed and the committee

      sems to be opposed to the idea.


  VI.  Old Business


      1.  Report on goals and objectives of research.


              D. Kingston and L. Arnold led a discussion on the document.

              "Goals and Objectives for Research" which was adopted by the

              Commission on Research, 22 May 1987.  A purpose of the dis-

              cussion was to seek to reintroduce the report into its

              governance system.  (Commission reports do not go on to the

              University Council).

              A motion to approve the report in principle was made.  There

              was much discussion of the potential impacts of the recommen-

              dations on programs other than Research, on operational proce-

              dures in departments, on the allocation of scarce resources,

              and on the new planning process (it would provide many of the

              ideas appropriate to the planning process).  While acknowledg-

              ing the existance of the document was considered desirable it

              was agreed that endorsement would signify approval.  The motion

              was amended to recommend that the Commission on Research for-

              ward the report to University Council for submission to the

              University Planning Task Force.  The amendment was approved and

              the amended motion was then approved.


      2.  Commission on Information Systems.  Senator Snoke.


          The recommendation of the CFA that University Council study the

          role of commissions and committees was considered.  Nevertheless

          considerable discussion took place.  No action was taken.


      VII. New Business


      1.  The May elections.


              Voting Rules for the May elections and the input of the as yet

              unratified constitution on time of vacation of offices was dis-

              cussed.  Offices currently ran until 31 August.


      2.  Fan Behavior Committee:


              Steve Clarke was recognized as a resource person as he worked

              on the original report.  After much discussion a motion that

              the Faculty Senate endorse the final report of "The Fan Behav-

              ior Committee of Virginia Tech:  Tech Pride Through

              Sportsmanship" and encourage appropriate action be taken.  Mo-

              tion passed.


              President Eustis will send a report to Mr. Ridenour with a let-

              ter noting the Senate action.


      3.  Officers Elections:


          There were no additional nominations.


          For President - Senator Conn


          For Vice President - Senator Scanlon


          For Secretary - Senator Blieszner


          Nominations were closed.


          Senator Conn addressed the Senate on his priorities if elected

          president.  He would work to ensure the letter and spirit of shared

          government will continue.  Vigilance is essential given that new

          University leaders are about to be appointed.  He will work closely

          with the follow-up committee to ensure the self-study recommen-

          dations be subjected to action.  He will work to ensure that the

          official name of the University (not the nickname) will be used in

          official capacities.  He stressed the importance of identity given

          the stature of the University as a major comprehensive University.


          The candidates were elected unanimously.


      Meeting adjourned 10:40 p.m.


      Respectfully submitted,


      Patrick F. Scanlon,

      Secretary, Faculty Senate.




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