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December 13, 1988


                                FACULTY SENATE


                               13 December 1988


                          (approved 10 January 1989)


                                32 Pamplin Hall


  Present:  Senators Arnold, Baumgartner, Beyer, Blieszner, Bunce, Conn,

            deWolf, Dudley, Dugger, Duke, Eiss, Eng, Farkas, Fine, Geyer,

            Goss, Grossman, Hansen, Killough, Kingston, Knocke, Kriz,

            Marriott, Neilsen, Oliver, Polan, Scanlon, Schug, Snoke,

            Thompson, Wang, Wokutch, Falkingham (alternate for Cranford),

            Gwazdauskas (alternate for Batie)



  Absent:   Senators Birch, Geller, Morrill, Salvaggio, Sullins, White


  Visitors: Ms. Trulove (SPECTRUM), Ms. DeBord (representing Extension fac-

            ulty), Dr. Dennis Hinkle (Office of the Provost)




      President Conn called the meeting to order at 7:35 pm, welcomed guests,

      and made the following announcements:


      a.  The volleyball game is postponed because of scheduling conflicts

          with the gym.


      b.  Appointments were made as follows:  Senators Schug and Oliver to

          the Traffic Appeals Committee; 12 new members to the Faculty Review

          Committee (names will be submitted to SPECTRUM for publication).


      c.  The faculty members on the Task Force on the University Name are

          Drs. Wiggert, Dukore, Clough, Speer, and Ritchey (Chair); Senators

          Batie and Grossman are on the Task Force on Planning; Senators

          Arnold and Blieszner will serve on the Task Force on University

          Governance Structures.


      d.  The Senate officers met with the President, Interim Provost, and

          Executive Vice President/Chief Business Officer during the past



      e.  The Senate officers will meet with Delegate Munford and Senator

          Marye in January to discuss University space needs.


      f.  President Conn thanked Senator Blieszner and Ms. Kelly Queijo for

          producing the FACULTY SENATE FORUM.  He read a letter from David

          Ford expressing willingness to receive comments about issues re-

          lated to facilities.


      g.  President Conn has received some feedback from faculty on his FORUM

          commentary concerning the Commission on the University of the 21st

          Century.  Senator Scanlon and Mr. Owen will attend the Commisssion

          hearing on 16 December in Roanoke as observers; the University is

          seeking another hearing in March.  The Faculty Senate will organize

          a faculty forum in January or February to solicit faculty input in

          preparation for the March hearing.  President Conn requested sug-

          gestions for the structure of the forum (panel of speakers, formal

          debate, etc.).


      h.  Dr. Hinkle has requested a progress report on Self Study recommen-

          dations, to be submitted this month.



  2.  AGENDA


      President Conn suggested changing the agenda to place the Program be-

      fore the Roll Call and Approval of Minutes so Mr. Ridenour could coor-

      dinate his presentation with the videotape play schedule.


      The agenda was adopted with this change.




      President Conn introduced Mr. Minnis Ridenour, Executive Vice President

      and Chief Business Officer.  Mr. Ridenour explained the capital budget

      process and figures.  The Senate viewed a brief videotape on the space

      needs of the Colleges of Architecture, Human Resources, and Veterinary

      Medicine.  Mr. Ridenour stated that the tape and a similar flip chart

      will be used by key alumni in the state as they visit with their legis-

      lators to explain the capital budget request.  Mr. Ridenour, Dr.

      McComas, Mr. Forbes, Ms.  Hawes, and Mr. Russell will meet with small

      groups of alumni to prepare them.  Members of the House Appropriations

      and Finance Committees and the Senate Finance Committee will be tar-

      geted.  The CASE FOR SPACE brochure was sent to 50,000 alumni in the

      state with a request for help with contacting legislators.


      Following the presentation, Mr. Ridenour answered a number of

      questions.  He stated that this is a new approach, used successfully by

      Dr. McComas in Mississippi.  Input from students and faculty will be

      included in the presentations made to the alumni.  Everyone's efforts

      must be coordinated and everyone must support all three projects in or-

      der for the campaign to be successful.  Although both excellence and

      space needs can be found across the University, the present campaign

      focuses on three projects.  Other needs will be addressed in the fu-



      Faculty commented on the visual effects of the tape and made sug-

      gestions for improving the next version.  They suggested that alumni

      should receive the names of their legislators along with other materi-



      Regarding other budget matters, Mr. Ridenour noted that the University

      has requested more money for graduate student stipends in the past, but

      was not authorized to make such a request at this time.  He discussed

      the process for identifying peer institutions and requested help with

      identifying alternative institutions.  Finally, he announced that the

      University received full authorization for all 171 wage positions that

      had been requested and expressed the University's commitment to solve

      any other wage employee problems caused by the recent change in state



      Following Mr. Ridenour's presentation, President Conn introduced Dr.

      Larry Moore, Director of University Planning.  Dr. Moore said that the

      Task Force will begin operations in January.  There are 10 members, in-

      cluding two senators.  They will be seeking input from the Senate.




      The minutes of the Faculty Senate meeting of 8 November 1988 were ap-



      The minutes of the Faculty Senate Cabinet meetings of 8 and 29 November

      1988 were accepted.





      UNIVERSITY COUNCIL - Senator Scanlon - 5 Dec 88


          Members of the Task Forces on University Governance, Planning, and

          Name were announced.  First reading:  Resolution from Student Media

          Board to dissolve it as a subcommittee of CSA.  Second readings:

          CFA resolution on faculty ethics (referred to Faculty Senate); CGS

          resolution on defending student status (approved); Black Organiza-

          tion Council resolution for a seat on University Council (approved

          and recommended that Dr. McComas send it to the Task Force on Uni-

          versity Governance); CSA resolution on registration of student or-

          ganizations (approved).


      COMMISSION ON EXTENSION - Senator Marriott - 18 Nov 88


          Working on evaluating the relationship of Cooperative Extension to

          public service.  Seeking an improved relationship with other

          Virginia institutions.  Reviewing Self Study and Transition Commit-

          tee recommendations.  Considering how to make this commission more

          parallel to others.  Studying a recommendation for an Academy of

          Extension and Public Service Excellence.  Received a report on the

          development of the Center for the Study of Poverty.


      COMMISSION ON FACULTY AFFAIRS - Senator Baumgartner - 18 Nov 88


          Discussed the CR resolution on an Academy of Research Excellence.

          Will request a presentation by a member of CR at the next meeting

          to clarify the need and role for the Academy.  Discussed creation

          of an Academy for Excellence in Advising with a cash prize.  The

          proposal was returned to the Academy of Teaching Excellence for

          final writing.


      COMMISSION ON GRADUATE STUDIES - Senator Snoke - 7 Dec 88


          Presentation by Katherine Johnston on the basis of tuition costs

          for grad students.  Report from Dennis Hinkle on computerized sub-

          mission of course proposals and the CUS resolution on faculty au-

          thored texts.  Report on graduate catalog revisions.  Inform Dean

          Teekel of any omissions of support staff names.


          Senators noted an error in the graduate catalog:  students should

          submit a program of study before completion of 12, not 15, credit



      COMMISSION ON RESEARCH - Senator Bunce - 9 Nov 88


          Interviews with candidates for Director, Office of Sponsored Re-

          search will be held in the first week of December.  Discussed prob-

          lems with Financial Record System and recommendations of the Self



          Senators discussed the coordination of various functions--grants,

          payroll, purchasing, etc.--within the University computer system,

          and suggested that Dennis Hinkle take these concerns to the



      COMMISSION ON STUDENT AFFAIRS - Senator Goss - 17 Nov 88


          Ad hoc committee will develop a procedure to fill the seat that

          will be vacated by the Media Board.  Discussed Self-Study recommen-





          Heard a report on the summer advising program for incoming fresh-

          men.  Approved several new courses in engineering and a change in

          core curriculum from philosophy.  Approved a resolution to elimi-


           university level review of faculty authored textbook

      ATHLETIC COMMITTEE - Senator Nielsen - 7 Dec 88


          Discussed pending appeal of athletic sanctions, academic progress

          of athletes, the reporting of mid-term progress of athletes, and

          the budget for the upcoming year, which includes substantial in-

          creases for all nonrevenue sports.


          Senators asked about the academic status of athletes (2.42 average

          QCA) and requested that games not be scheduled during the last week

          of the semester.


      BUILDING COMMITTEE - Senator Dugger - no meeting


      COMMUNICATIONS NETWORK COMMITTEE -  Senator Nielsen - 7 Dec 88


          Incoming chair is Lee Pyle.  Discussed Self-Study recommendations

          and progress of the channel 30 subcommittee.  The protocol for

           telecasting on channel 30 emphasizes educational programs, campus-

          originated programs, and multi-cultural commercial programs.


      COMPUTER COMMITTEE - Senator Kriz - 7 Dec 88


          Reviewed draft proposal for a consolidated service center for in-

          formation systems in Burruss.  It would help the Computing Center

          maintain its reference library and consulting service on campus.

          It would also receive work requests for the copy center and film

          processing.  The Computing Center will publish a newsletter about

          its move.  Funds are available to provide assistance in converting

          from coaxial to asynchronous terminals.  Reviewed Self-Study rec-



          Senators expressed serious concern about the possible loss of the

          consulting center and reference library.


      EMPLOYEE BENEFITS COMMITTEE - Senator Thompson - no meeting


          Senators discussed the idea that the prospect of low salary in-

          creases calls for extra attention to benefits.  In relations to

          peer institutions, our total package may be much lower than salary

          comparisons alone would indicate.  They again mentioned the desire

          for tuition benefits for faculty dependents.





      INTELLECTUAL PROPERTIES COMMITTEE - Senator Dudley - no meeting


      LIBRARY COMMITTEE - Senator Duke - 4 Nov and 8 Dec 88


          Data base services are being provided to the Center for Innovative

          Technology on a self supporting basis.  As a result of reducing the

          number of reference desks, individual librarians have more time for

          collection development, patron referral has been reduced so ser-

          vices are more efficient for users, and the Science and Technology

          reference desk is staffed for an increased number of hours.  Plans

          are underway for a delivery service to departments; charges would

          be waived for CHEDS materials.  Discussed Self-Study recommen-

          dations.  Clarified the visitor's policy; visitors are welcome to

          attend and can speak when recognized by the chair.


      NATIONAL SPEAKER'S FORUM - Senator Salvaggio - no meeting




          Reviewed draft report concerning recruitment and funding of Na-

          tional Merit Scholars and other outstanding high school students.

      SELF STUDY MONITORING COMMITTEE - Senator Arnold - no meeting


      SUPPLEMENTAL GRANTS COMMITTEE - Senator Arnold - 5 Dec 88


          Discussed criteria and eligibility and distributed some funds.


          Senators asked about the eligibility of faculty in areas such as

          humanities that don't have tenure track positions.  Also, how can

          the committee make awards when the criteria have not yet been pub-





          The most common comment has been that faculty want 24 hour

          resticted parking in certain areas.  Further discussion was post-

          poned until Old Business.




          The Cabinet heard reports from our campus representatives on the

          points discussed at the last meeting:  university governance, oppo-

          sition to a bill on grievance procedures, and the Commission on the

          University of the 21st Century.


      PROVOST SEARCH COMMITTEE - Senator Scanlon - 9, 16, 30 Nov and 7 Dev 88


          110 applications, 103 nominations, 40 acceptances, 26 declinations.

          Discussed strategies for indentifying minority and female candi-

          dates.  Decided what information to send to candidates.  Will seek

          references for 21 candidates.




          The program will be postponed until later in the year.


      BLACK HISTORY MONTH - Senator Conn


          The calendar has been finalized.  Tony Brown is the keynote

          speaker.  Senators are requested to volunteer to assist with the

          reception after the keynote presentation.






          President Conn presented estimates of expected income from meter

          fees and fines, $680,000/year, and the cost of running the auxil-

          iary, $680,000/year.  Thus parking fee money will be required to

          make any improvements in the parking system.


          The committee decided to remove road improvements from the proposed

          expenditures for parking fees, and to recommend that parking fee

          money be used only for improving parking lots.


          According to Senator Conn, important issues to be considered are

          the structure of the auxiliary; priorities for parking improve-

          ments; the fees to be paid by faculty, staff, and students; visitor

          parking policies; and policies for parking near the downtown area.


          The consensus of the group was that the Faculty Senate should be

          the source of faculty representatives for the parking auxiliary,

          and that lower-paid staff members should pay a lower amount for





          Senators suggested that the university should formulate parking

          policies but hire a subcontractor to run the auxiliary, and that

          parking lot construction should be engineered by competent persons.



  The time being 11:10 pm, President Conn adjourned the meeting and placed

  discussion of faculty preferences for pay periods on the agenda of the next



  Respectfully submitted,



  Rosemary Blieszner, Secretary






                              Treasurer's Report

                               20 December 1988


       Balance on hand, 9 November 1988        $ 150.49

       Received, 1 dues @ $3.00, 13 December 19$8   3.00

       Expenses, threaded rod for office shelf

                 supports, 7 December 1988     $    1.00


            Total                              $ 152.49




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