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February 9, 1988


                            FACULTY SENATE MEETING

                                9 February 1988


                                  CEC Room F

                                   7:30 p.m.



  Present:  Senators Arnold, Baumgartner, Beyer, Birch, Blieszner, Collins,

            Dugger, Duke, Eng, Eustis, Fine, Geyer, Goss, Grossman, Ludwig,

            Morrill, Myers, Nielsen, Novak, Oliver, Paterson, Polan,

            Salvaggio, Scanlon, Schug, Smeal, Snoke, Sullins, Wokutch


            Alternates F. Gwazdauskas for E. T. Kornegay, K. Baum for Hansen,

            D. Kingston (Arts & Sciences)


  Absent:   Senators Campbell, Conn, Cranford, Geller, Hicks, Killough,

            Knocke, Kohl, Wang


  Guests:   S. Truelove (Spectrum), D. Braine (Athletic Director), G. A.

            Russell (Alumni Association), K. DeBord (Extension Faculty Asso-

            ciation), Marty O'Neill (Student Alumni Associate) and Linda





      The senate cabinet meeting is set for 2/22/88 (3:30-5:30) in the Group

      Listening Room on the 3rd Floor of the library.


      President Eustis received on behalf of the Senate, a press kit focused

      on VPI&SU in Northern Virginia.  The identity of Organizations who

      could be addressed by faculty was solicited, as well as comments on the

      press kit itself.


      The Faculty Handbook has gone to the print shop.


      A letter from David Ostroth, Director of Student Activities, expressing

      an intent to establish a committee to assist the student activities

      staff and the student union in selecting the best possible cultural

      program in the 1988/9 academic year.  The committee will include 2 mem-

      bers of the general faculty.  If interested see President Eustis.


      A volleyball game vs. the Administration is scheduled.  Practice

      3/10/88, game 3/14/88.  See Senators Goss and Blieszner.


      A Faculty Senate/CFA committee on faculty ethics has been formed.  The

      members are:


      Senator Baumgartner, Chair


      D. Pletta, UDP Emeritus


      Senator Grossman


      Dr. L. A. Swiger, College of Agriculture


      Dr. V. Fu, College of Human Resources


      The Senate retreat will be 3/29/88 at 5:30.  Dinner will be provided.

      Final count will be later at the March SEnate meeting.


      On January 26/27, 1988 the Senate officers attended the Association of

      Virginia Colleges Annual Convention at the invitation of Interim Presi-

      dent Torgersen.  They heard a discussion on outcomes assessment and had

      dinner with state legislators.


      The Senate officers met with the Provost, SGA officers, and the Execu-

      tive Vice President for Finance since the last meeting.  The VP for Fi-

      nance indicated that Interim President Torgersen has received a highly

      favorable response in Richmond.  Three Amendments to the budget have

      been introduced:  1) to increase salaries, 2) a $3m increase for the

      library during the biennium, and 3) a $2m increase for graduate pro-

      grams.  An Associate Vice-President for Human Resources will be an-

      nounced soon.


      Senator Morrill will represent the Senate on the supplemental grants



      Senator Killough will represent the Senate on the search committee for

      the Vice-President for Finance.


      The Board of Visitors at its January meeting voted unanimously to allow

      the President of the Faculty Senate to sit with the Board in the open

      portion of their meetings.  Thanks to Senator Smeal and former Senator

      Manheim (both past-presidents) for initiating and pursuing the idea of

      faculty representation on the Board of Visitors.


      The nominating committee wil be named by the committee on committees to

      develop a slate of candidates for next year's Senate officers.  The

      slate is to be presented at the March meeting.


      President Smeal made a presentation to President Eustis.  The presenta-

      tion was in the form of a Presidential Plaque.


      Senator Morrill distributed a list of persons on the supplemental

      grants committee and solicited input for what the role of the committee

      should be.


  II.  Adoption of the Agenda


      The Agenda was adopted with 2 additions under new business.


      A resolution from the Agricultural Faculty Association, concerning free

      medical examinations for Faculty, Senator Nielsen.


      A resolution on Faculty Review Committee Procedures regarding defi-

      nition of a lawyer, Senator Eng.


  III. Approval/Acceptance of Minutes


       1.  Minutes of the Faculty Senate meeting of 12 January 1988 were ap-

           proved with 4 editorial changes as follows:


               Page 1 - Group listening room (not general)


               Page 1 - concerns (sp)


               Page 2 - library has 19,000 serials (not 1900)


               Page 7 - J. Sergeant (sp) Reynolds


       2.  Faculty Senate Cabinet Meeting of 22 January 1988 were approved.


  IV.  Program


       1.  Mr. David Braine, Athletic Director addressed the Senate.


               He mentioned 5 areas he felt were necessary to be successful

               as an Athletic Director.  These are not necessarily in order

               but include:



               o   A University which will provide a good education for the

                   athlete one wishes to recruit.


               o   Good facilities - we have that though we lack an outdoor



               o   Money.  We have the money despite present debts, the ser-

                   vice of which has been underwritten by the Education Foun-

                   dation.  A fund raiser will be hired.


               o   An attractive campus to attract quality athletes.


               o   An attractive student body.


               We have all of the above.


               Mr. Braine gave an overview of his personal philosophy of the

               place of athletics in the University, of the difficulties fac-

               ing student athletes, and the need for help with tutoring stu-

               dents.  He described a recruiting philosophy which expects

               that all students to be recruited must be ones with a chance

               to graduate.







               You mentioned that recruits should be capable of graduating.

               What standards do recruiters have when considering recruits?




               Not all possible recruits will meet university standards.  If

               admitted by the admissions office they can join the program.

               There have been no exceptions made so far.




               What about non-revenue sports?




               I consider it very important.  It's important to consider all

               the students who pay fees.




               RE Coach Allen's contract.  He will be evaluated, inter alia,

               on academic progress of his athletes.  How will this be done?




               Such a clause was put in Coach Allen's contract and he agreed

               to it as a sign of his committment.




               What is the status of the reorganization of the Athletic Asso-





               We are still in the process of deciding how best to reorgan-





               Do you have a timetable for putting in a track and for upgrad-

               ing soccer facilities and where will the money come from?




               The timetable depends on finances.  I hope the track will be

               here within 2 years but it will probably take a significant

               donation to do so.  We will plan to provide scholarships for

               soccer.  A possibility would be to provide an all-purpose

               field for soccer, football and intramurals.




               The previous athletic administration ran into serious debt.

               Yet we are spending at a rate which apparently is low among

               our 1A peers.  How do we spend more without going into debt?




               We are within the budget now.  The fundraiser to be hired by

               the Educational Foundation will help.




               How about our affiliation with the Metro Conference?




               They informed me after the fact that we will not be allowed to

               participate in the 1989 basketball tournament.  The Metro

               seems to be a conference of convenience for a few basketball

               teams.  Several peer schools have talked about forming a con-

               ference.  We need to get into a football/basketball revenue

               sharing conference.




               Some resolutions may be passed this evening which will suggest

               changes in how some athletic affairs are run.  How will you





               I don't know what they are so it's difficult to comment yet.

               I wouldn't propose to tell anyone how to run an academic unit.

               As athletic director I'm responsible for running the Athletic

               Department.  I will listen to input but will tell you if I





               I know you believe in integration of athletes with the rest of

               the student body.  Does the athletic dormitory run counter to

               your belief?




               Athletes have to live with people for the rest of their lives

               -- the sooner they start the better.  I feel they should live

               in the athletic dormitory for the first year, thereafter they

               should live where they like.  College is a time when young

               people grow and mature at their own pace -- athletes should

               not be different.


       2.  Dr. G. E. (Buddy) Russell, Executive Vice-President of the Alumni

           Association, then was introduced and addressed the Senate.  He be-

           gan by indicating that his recent road trips indicated that people

           are enthusiastic about the University again.


      An alumni association should serve the alumni, the faculty, and stu-

      dents.  The faculty affect whether we have good alumni or not.  Many

      alumni relate to faculty interactions with them when they were stu-

      dents.  The previous Self Study stressed strengthening research, gradu-

      ate programs, and improving physical plants.  We did well on 2 of these

      and have a long way to go on physical plants.  A study of the Alumni

      Association indicated that a lack of identity on campus was a problem.

      An Alumni Hall and the initiation of student Alumni Associates has in-

      creased visibility.  the Alumni Associates conduct tours of prospective

      students.  Better coordination of fundraising has taken place.  Terms

      of office of Alumni Association officers has been decreased from 5 to 3



      Our graduates are problem solvers by virtue of their exposure on cam-

      pus.  Alumni participation is a concern.  Alumni who contributed has

      dropped from 1 in 4 in 1975 to 1 in 7 now though the average gift has

      increased.  Help with this problem is needed.


      Alumni Association staff has increased with the addition of one person

      in Northern Virginia where about 15,000 alumni reside.  The emphasis on

      graduate programs has not necessarily helped the Alumni Association as

      people tend to be loyal to their first school.


      Several ways in which the faculty and Alumni can interact are:  1) Fac-

      ulty visits to chapters would be welcome.  We have 52 active and 48

      relatively inactive Alumni chapters, 2) Participation in Founders day

      by interacting with Alumni would be useful, 3) Write for the Alumni As-

      sociation's publications and College newsletters especially about the

      future of the University.


      We can create wholesome attitudes among alumni if we can welcome them

      back to the University.  A 30-member board of directors comes on board

      this year and this presents a good opportunity for positive inter-





      What do the Alumni want to call the University?




      "VPI," "Tech" --the shorter the better.  This variess with when the in-

      dividual Alumni graduated.




      Re.  Faculty meetings with Alumni chapters, what ways can faculty help?




      Nothing final.  We once had an advisory committee which was phased out.

      Faculty are welcome to Alumni Association meetings.




      How much money does the Alumni Association give and what is the money

      used for?




      About $2 m now.  The role is in cultivating givers then the Development

      office takes over.  About 14,000 alumni gave funds 2 years ago.  This

      has dropped and has not quite returned to these numbers yet.  The money

      is used for scholarships and professorships and these thrusts will con-





      How do you get the Alumni to return to the Alumni Association?




      Class reunions, chapter activities, and College reunions.  Also, news-

      letters from Colleges.




      Was some of the loss in giving duo to the campaign for excellence and

      an overlay between the campaign and the Alumni Association needs?




      Not really.  Some alumni seem to express disapproval by choosing not to

      contribute or by reducing contributions.



      Do you have any positions on the Board of Directors for Faculty?




      No.  Bylaws don't provide for faculty or administration seats.  Faculty

      who are alumni are eligible.




      Has thought been given to offering continuing education to Alumni?




      Yes - a lot.  Three attempts have been made to start a summer program

      but all fell short of a break-even attendance number.  The extension

      division tends to attract people back who are also alumni but efforts

      to establish a summer program will continue.  Summer camps off campus

      have been considered.  The 4-H centers have been used for Alumni offi-

      cer training.


  V.  Council, Commission and Committee Reports.


      UNIVERSITY COUNCIL.  Did not meet.


      COMMISSION ON EXTENSION - Senator Collins - Met mid-January with 3

      items of interest to the Senate.


      o   A consulting policy was developed which in effect restates the pol-

          icy in the faculty handbook.  This is to be forwarded to University



      o   Extension Associate:  A rank parallel in type to the Research Asso-

          ciate rank is being proposed and a resolution is being sent to Uni-

          versity Council concerning this.


      o   A motion was made that the Vice Provost be instructed to appoint a

          sub-committee of the commission to review the procedures for ten-

          ure, promotion, and continued appointment of all 231 personnel.


      o   COMMENT:  The rationale for the CE sub-committee is to study the

          issues of evaluation of extension activity which will also be done

          by a committee of CFA.


      o   The plans of the CE are to meet quarterly.  Many members travel

          from faraway points of the state while generally attendance by on-

          campus members is poor.  This explains why the CE meets so seldom.


      COMMISSION ON FACULTY AFFAIRS - Senator Grossman - Commission met

      1/29/88.  It passed an amended version of the CSA resolution on regis-

      tration of student organizations the intent of which was to alleviate

      problems of liability of faculty advisors.


      A Task force on perceived inequalities in annual leave for faculty on

      annual leave reported.  After discussion it was decided to retain the

      current policy with a recommendation for standardized reporting proce-



      An item on faculty emeritus status was dealt with.  A draft memorandum

      was approved.  This will be issued from the University Benefits office

      to the Department head of a faculty member about to retire.  The memo

      will ask for a recommendation with reasons concerning the awarding of

      emeritus status.


      COMMISSION ON GRADUATE STUDIES - Senators Baumgartner and Snoke - Com-

      mission met twice since the last Senate meeting.  Paul Gherman (Univer-


      sity libraries) gave a slide presentation on problems of serials price



      There were 3 items of interest at the 3 February meeting


      o   A resolution was passed to make it possible to have an option indi-

          cated on Ph.D. diplomas.


      o   A discussion on the graduate catalog indicated that the paragraph

          on the preliminary examination needs clarification.  Input is re-

          quested as the catalog is considered a legal document.


      o   Course revalidation:  the intent of the discussion is to try to

          have revalidation done by the advisory committee rather than the

          graduate school.  No decisions were made.


      COMMISSION ON RESEARCH - Senator Arnold - Commission met twice (13 Jan-

      uary and 27 January 1988).  At the 1/13/88 meeting, Commission voted to

      withdraw the resolution concerning the deposit of non-federal grant

      monies and the distribution of interest accrued.


      Senator Arnold will serve on the Supplemental Grants committee repres-

      enting Commission on Research.


      A discussion on the distinction between research scientists and re-

      search associates was begun.


      At the 1/27/88 meeting the core research of the 1988 governors budget

      proposal were discussed.  Two initiatives were proposed for funding un-

      der core research:  1) Strategic planning analysis, and 2) Product di-

      versification in agriculture and forestry research.


      A first reading was given to a proposal to revise Appendix H procedures

      for research agreements with industry.  The purpose of the proposal is

      to allow greater flexibility in the role of the Educational Foundation

      in deposit of private funds for support of certain types of present ac-

      tivity, to add a category of industrial affiliates, and to allow an an-

      nual membership fee.


      COMMISSION ON STUDENT AFFAIRS - Senator Morrill - Commission met 14

      January 1988 and 28 January 1988.


      A revised student budget board constitution was the major topic of dis-

      cussion.  CSA received a resolution from the student legal services

      board to allow the student legal services attorney to represent stu-

      dents in certain legal actions.  The resolution was placed on the

      agenda for a later meeting.



      since the last Senate meeting (1/25/88 and 2/8/88).  Dr. Perry respond-

      ing to a recommendation in the Self Study announced that he will ap-

      point a subcommittee of CUS to analyze the undergraduate catalog.  Part

      of their charge is to decide whether the catalog of matriculation OR

      the catalog of graduation applies for graduation requirements.


      The policy for academic continuance was discussed, amended and approved

      to take effect in Fall 1900.


      E. Carson attended the meeting on 2/8 and presented the proposed calen-

      dars for the 1989/90 year.  Each semester has 69 class days proposed,

      an 8 day break and an 8 day examination week with 2 senior days in

      Spring semester.  Two short summer sessions are proposed consisting of

      24 and 25 days and an extended session of 37 days.  The scheduling of

      less than 14 weeks per semester and the need for 2 weeks between com-

      mencement and the beginning of summer school.


      The 1989 commencement will be on a Friday.


      A resolution CUS 87-88C was brought forward dealing with the assignment

      of an indicator grade "NG."


      A SGA resolution concerning the indication of multiple majors on diplo-

      mas was tabled.




      What are senior days?




      Days between final examinations and commencement.




      Was the calendar presented as a fait accompli?




      No, it will come back.




      There should be faculty input on this decision and I expect some fac-

      ulty reaction to the proposal for such a short semester.




      Can we debate the merits of the NG grade?




      It was sent back for more work and will be discussed further.


      ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION BOARD - Senator Sullins - The Board met 1/27/88.

      The meeting mostly was a meeting with David Braine.  His plans and pri-

      orities were explored as well as his ideas for the reorganization of

      the Athletic Department.  The meeting was very positive.  Minutes of

      the Athletic Staff meeting were circulated to Board members.  Coach F.

      Allen's contract was approved.


      A sub committee met 2/1/88 to discuss reorganization and Bud Robertson

      met with Minnis Ridenour about this.


      BUILDING COMMITTEE - Senator Ludwig - No Meetings took place but the

      Committee will meet on 2/12/88.




      A sprinkler system was installed in Derring Hall last week without a

      drain.  As a result of vandalism a costly flood was caused.  Who makes

      decisions to install sprinklers without drains?  Can some input to such

      decision be made?




      If you give me the facts I'll take them to the Committee.  In the past

      the faculty component of the committee largely was given information

      and had little input.  I think a change is about to occur and the

      change will be positive.


      COMPUTER COMMITTEE - Senator Birch - No meeting.




      A recent issue is that Fortran driven graphics will no longer be avail-

      able on terminals on VM1.  This is a loss of a capability and was not a

      clear agenda item and therefore was not discussed in the Computer Com-

      mittee.  A lot or research groups are affected by this.




      We'll get that issue on the agenda for the next meeting.



      tee met 2/9/88 and approved a document "Towards 2000:  Affirmative

      Action at Virginia Tech."  This completes 1.5 years of work and has a

      series of 29 recommendations to act productively in the area of affir-

      mative action.


      The document will be printed shortly and will go to deans and adminis-

      trators.  Copies can be had by asking.


      LIBRARY COMMITTEE - Senator Duke - Met 2/1/88.


      o   Reviewed a memo from the College of Agriculture library committee

          concerning several library issues.


      o   Old business about engineering standards was not discussed.


      o   Data on resource allocation in the library over the last 5 years

          were presented.


      o   Length of loan period for faculty and the overdue status of books

          was discussed.  Information was provided on the percentage of user

          groups who were "blocked" from library use.  Senator Duke is press-

          ing to have some action taken to consider how return rates can be



      o   Serial acquisitions:  Inflation continues to be a problem and will

          continue unless there is budget relief.


      PARKING COMMITTEE - Senator Oliver - The committee met with the con-

      sultants on 2/9/88.  The consultants then met with the ad hoc parking

      committee and with the traffic committee and with several groups seek-

      ing input on parking problems.


      SCHOLARSHIP AND STUDENT AID COMMITTEE - Senator Wang - No report given.


      FACULTY SENATE OF VIRGINIA - Senator Smeal - No report.


      PRESIDENTIAL SEARCH COMMITTEE - Senator Paterson - The Search Committee

      met 3 February 1988 in Richmond.  Two new members of the committee were

      introduced; William Moseley who replaced Mr. Metzger (ill) and Sam

      Bonsack who replaced Mr. Garvin (resigned).  Mr. Tipping gave an over-

      view of the role of the search firm.  Reports from the search groups

      were given.  Letters from the faculty were distributed to the search

      committee by Senator Paterson.


      A set of qualifications for the next president was developed based on

      submissions by the faculty, student and alumni advisory groups.  Next

      meeting 8 March 1988.




      Is the faculty advisory committee still operational and, if so, what

      will be its future role?



      It is still operational and the future role will be discussed at the

      next meeting.


      PLANNING TASK FORCE - Senator Ludwig - Met first week of January and a

      six person group was appointed to consider proposals for types of plan-

      ning teams.  Potential teams include administration, faculty, students,

      an integrated group.  These will be considered at the next meeting.




      Will assessment be considered as well as strategy?








      Will classified people be considered as having potential input?




      They have not been considered at this stage but it's a good suggestion.


      NATIONAL SPEAKERS FORUM - Senator Paterson - No meeting.


      COMPUTER NETWORK SERVICES COMMITTEE - Senator Nielsen - The Committee

      is new and will meet monthly.  An issue at present is the cabling of

      dormitory rooms for cable T.V.  Can access to cable T.V. in dormitories

      be used for assigning programs when all students don't live in





      The correct name of the committee is Communications Network Services

      Committee and the organization is Communications Network Services.


  VI.  Old Business


      Special Admissions Procedures/Athletic Reorganization - Senator Nielsen

      - The report of the Senate ad hoc committee on Athletics was accepted



      o   The resolution on organization of Athletic Administration was

          passed and referenced to the Commission on Faculty Affairs.


      o   The resolution on monitoring academic success of scholarship

          athletes was passed and referred to the Commission on Undergraduate

          Studies.  There was one correction of a typographical error.

          ("way" for "was" in L. 1 of the third whereas).


      o   The resolution on the revision of special admission procedures was

          passed with an amendment in item No. 4 to read ... concerning the

          number and academic progress .....  There was one dissenting vote.


      Revised Faculty Senate Constitution and Bylaws - The revised Faculty

      Senate Constitution was approved with one amendment - Instructors will

      continue to be included as eligible faculty (Article III, Section 2(1).


      The revised Faculty Senate Bylaws were approved.


  VII. New Business


      Ad hoc Senate Committee on Information systems - Senator Snoke - A re-

      solution to create a Commission on Information Systems was amended as


      That the Director of the Communications Network, the Director of the

      Computer Center, the Director of the University Libraries and the Exec-

      utive Vice President for Business Affairs or designated representative

      be ex-officio non-voting members of the Commission.  The amendment



      The amended resolution passed and will be sent to University Council.


      Medical Examination - The resolution from the Agricultural Faculty As-

      sociation to establish a program whereby each faculty member receives

      periodic free medical examinations and will be sent to the Commission

      on Faculty Affairs was approved.


      Faculty Review Committee Procedures - An amendment to Section 4F of the

      Procedures for handling faculty grievances to define a lawyer as "any

      person who has a law degree and/or is duly licensed or authorized by

      any state to practice law" was approved.


      Meeting adjourned at 10:16 p.m.



  Respectfully submitted,



  Patrick F. Scanlon,

  Secretary, Faculty Senate.

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