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March 8, 1988


                            FACULTY SENATE MEETING

                                 8 March 1988


                                  CEC Room F

                                   7:30 p.m.



  Present:  Senators Arnold, Birch, Blieszner, Campbell, Collins, Conn,

            Cranford, Dugger, Eng, Eustis, Fine, Geller, Geyer, Goss,

            Grossman, Hansen, Killough, Kornegay, Ludwig, Morrill, Novak,

            Oliver, Paterson, Polan, Salvaggio, Scanlon, Smeal, Snoke,

            Sullins, Wokutch


            Alternates D. A. De Wolf for Duke, F. C. Gwazdauskas for Nielsen,

            D. G.  Kingston for Schug, P. Knox for Wang


  Absent:   Senators Baumgartner, Beyer, Hicks, Knocke, Kohl, Myers


  Visitors: S. Trulove, Spectrum; D. Hinkel, P. Sheldon




      The senate cabinet meeting will take place in the group listening room,

      Newman library 3/18/88 at 3:30.  Bob Madigan, the Associate Vice Presi-

      dent for Human Resources will be present to discuss his responsibil-

      ities and to consider matters concerning his position.


      The Senate retreat will take place at 5:30, Tuesday, March 29, 1988, at

      the University Club.  Senator Conn and Scanlon will chair the dis-

      cussions.  Discussion topics will include the future role of the Sen-

      ate, the role of faculty associations, "beyond the self study," and

      other topics as they arise.  Dinner will be catered and be courtesy of

      John Perry and the Provost's office.


      During the month since the last meeting senate officers met with the

      Provost, the Interim President, the Executive Vice President for Busi-

      ness Affairs, Vice President Ford, representatives of the SGA and the

      graduate student assembly.  Topics discussed included the new calendar,

      and the status of the interests of the University in the legislature.


      Discusssion of the semester calendar at the last senate meeting

      prompted discussion of the problems at the officers' meeting with the

      Provost.  The proposed calendar will be revised to incorporate a fur-

      ther full week per semester.  Professor Jim Marchman was thanked for

      his memo on the subject.


      Faculty handbooks have been distributed.


      Interim President Torgersen will address the Senate in April.  Topics

      for discussion should be relayed to President Eustis.


      President Eustis will distribute a Faculty Senate Interest Form.  This

      should be completed and returned to her.  These will be used by the

      Senate Committee on Committees to make up ballots for next year's sen-

      ate representation or commissions and for committee nominations.  Vot-

      ing will take place at the 10 May 1988 meeting.


      At the last meeting volunteers were solicited for a committee to assist

      in selecting programs for the VTU Lively Arts Events.  Professor Dan

      Fleming and President Eustis will represent the senate on the commit-



      Volleyball game vs. the administration is on 3/14/88 in the gym with

      practice on 3/10/88.  A reception will be held at 325 McBryde Drive af-

      ter the game.

      Senator Ludwig made announcements concerning the revised constitution

      and bylaws ballot.  For adoption one half of the eligible voters must

      vote and a two-thirds majority is needed for adoption.  The credentials

      and elections committee did a fine job in defining the electorate.  A

      College representative will work to distribute the ballots and to en-

      sure a substantial return.  They may enlist the help of senators within

      their college.  The plan is to have printing done by 20 March 1988 and

      the distribution take place thereafter.  The action of ballots will be

      expected 2 weeks after initial distribution.


  II.  Adoption of the Agenda


      The Agenda was adopted with 3 amendments.


      1.  Phil Sheldon was added to the Program portion to discuss retirement



      2.  Under new business.  Senator Collins:  student behavior at public



      Senator Arnold:  Report from the Commission on Research concerning

      goals and objectives.


  III. Approval/Acceptance of Minutes


       1.  The minutes of the February 1988 meeting were approved with the

           following changes:


               Page 1 - Guests .......... Marty O'Neill (Student Alumni Asso-

               ciates) and Linda Leffel (not Teffel).


               Dr. V. Fu (not Fir)


       2.  The minutes of the March 1988 Cabinet meeting were approved with

           one change.


                -----69 (not 59) day semester.


  IV.  Program


  1.  Dr. Dennis Hinkel was introduced.  He distributed a summary of the self

      study and discussed the key points in the Self Study.  The Self Study

      document has been distributed to the Board of Visitors.  The future

      components of the Self Study include a visit from the Visiting Team

      (April 25-28).  The chairman is Dr. Tom Carpenter, President, Memphis

      State University who will visit March 20-21.  After the visit the Team

      will report back to Dr. Hinkel.  There are 267 recommendations in the

      Self Study.  The set of recommendations from the visiting team will

      have to be examined carefully.  [There will be "recommendations" not

      "recommendations and suggestions,"  on this self study.  Dr. Hinkel

      hopes there will be an oversight committee for the recommendations.]




          What is the make-up of the visiting committee -- will it be added to?




          There's a concern about the coverage of extension and continuing

          education, human resources, and international programs.  We are

          working to add to the committee to address these problems.




          Will the team meet with the senate or its officers?




          The team sets its agenda.  I expect they will meet with various

          groups but it's their decision.  We can have input on who would

          like to meet them.




          Why is the President of Memphis State the Chairman of the visiting

          team?  Why not have the President of a comparable institution?




          The original chairman was the Vice-Chancellor of the University of

          Southern Carolina system.  He withdrew because he took a position

          at the University of South Florida.  The President of Memphis State

          is also the chairman of SACS--the Commission on Colleges of the

          South, which makes him the top non-staff person in SACS.




          On the handout under "recruitment and retention of minority stu-

          dents and faculty" are women considered a "minority" or are they

          omitted altogether?  The University is seriously behind in recruit-

          ment of both women and minorities.




          This is just my outline of the highlights and does not reflect the

          self-study concern with recruitment of women faculty.


  2.  Phil Sheldon (Institutional Research) was introduced and addressed the

      senate on early retirement issues.  He distributed a copy of House bill

      No. 122 which has now passed to House and Senate of Virginia.  The bill

      will enable individual Boards of Visitors of state universities to set

      up procedures for voluntary early retirement.  The next step will rest

      with the universities.  Key points are that the system will be volun-

      tary, participants must exceed 60 years of age, have 10 years service,

      and be tenured.  Additional criteria may be added.  Upper limits of

      cash payments are specified.  Insurance benefits may be paid together

      but a ruling from the Attorney General may be needed on this.  The

      total cost cannot exceed 1% of the appropriation for faculty salaries

      (the equivalent of 20 faculty salaries in 1 year).


      A task-force on early retirement is active which can move forward pro-

      ductively given that enabling legislation is now passed.




      Is summer salary included in the base salary for calculating the re-

      tirement package?




      No, only the nine-month salary (for 9 month positions) is included.




      When the conversion to TIAA-CREF from VSRS took place there was a loss

      in the conversion due to the state having made contributions to VSRS in

      lieu of salary increases.  The administration promised to look into

      compensation for this loss for those converting to TIAA-CREF.  Have

      they done so?




      I can't say.




      Could you estimate the cost of insurance benefits in the 60-65 year-old

      range?  What percentage of the $150 figure does the State pay?




      The state's contribution is relatively small.


  V.  Council, Commission and Committee Reports.


      UNIVERSITY COUNCIL - Senator Conn - Met 2/15/88 and 3/7/88.


      There was a first reading (2/15/88) on software copyright which essen-

      tially reminds everyone that software has copyright just like printed

      matter and should be respected.  Passed (3/7/88).


      A resolution on consulting activities by Extension faculty was intro-

      duced (2/15/88) and passed 3/7/88.  This essentially reiterates the

      faculty handbook statement.


      First reading on a proposal to establish an extension associate posi-

      tion was given on 2/15/88 and referred to CFA.


      In the Commission on Research minutes there was a section of a report

      of a subcommittee on construction and renovation which was critical of

      current procedures.  A full review of construction and renovation will

      be done by Dr. Ford.


      On 3/9/88 a first reading was given to a resolution on the establish-

      ment of a Commission on Information Systems.  It was referred to CFA

      and back to the senate.


      There was a first reading of resolution to designate department names

      on graduate diplomas.


      There was a correction of the minutes of the library committee.  There

      has NOT been a decision made to move the film library.


      COMMISSION ON EXTENSION - Senator Collins - No report.


      COMMISSION ON FACULTY AFFAIRS - Senator Blieszner - Met 2/12/88.


      The resolution from faculty senate on medical examination for faculty

      was placed under study.


      The resolution on the organization of the Athletic Administration was

      discussed.  The Chair will forward the resolution to the President with

      an endorsement emphasizing faculty review of the plans and maintaining

      the current organization while in the interim status.


      COMMISSION ON GRADUATE STUDIES - Senators Snoke - Met 2/17/88.


      Nothing of substance was decided.  There has been a 7% increase in

      graduate applicants.  The catalog was discussed as well as the 1989/90



      COMMISSION ON RESEARCH - Senator Arnold - Met 2/10/88 and 2/24/88.


      An agreement was reached with DEC which allows a 9% discount on DEC



      Training sessions have begun on new accounting systems.  Project num-

      bers will be changed after July 1st.

      A draft document on the definition of private funds was discussed.

      This will be used if one is depositing funds in the Education Founda-

      tion rather than in 230 research accounts.  A "gift" is "any money from

      private sources whether solicited directly or not for which the donor

      does not retain any reversionary interest or cannot be expected to re-

      ceive any material deliverable from the act of donating funds."  This

      does not include reports.


      Appendix H (Research Agreements with Industry) was approved which al-

      lows for membership fees to be paid into research accounts.


      In line with self-study recommendations and other comments a memo on

      changes in the administration of core research funds was reviewed.

      This is under discussion with College deans.  The intent is to create

      greater flexibility in relation to length of projects, creation of a

      pool of positions, the facilitation of centers, etc., funded by core



      COMMISSION ON STUDENT AFFAIRS - Senator Morrill - Met 2/11/88 and con-

      ducted mostly routine business.


      The most significant item was the passing of a resolution concerning

      court representation of students by the Student Legal Services attor-



      Comment:  The SGA had indicated an intention to bring this issue to

      University Council.


      COMMISSION ON UNDERGRADUATE STUDIES - Senator Myers - No report.


      ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION BOARD - Senator Sullins - Met 3/8/88 in open ses-

      sion but there was nothing of interest to report.


      BUILDING COMMITTEE - Senator Ludwig - Met about 3 weeks ago.


      This was mostly an information meeting for D. Ford.  He asked for input

      on how to make the Committee more useful.  The incident with the sprin-

      kler system in Derring Hall was brought up and the input was welcome.


      President Eustis:  The meeting of the Senate officers with Dr.  Ford

      was open and productive.  He is intersted in meeting the Senate.


      COMPUTER COMMITTEE - Senator Birch - March meeting was postponed until



      A problem with the new operating system for VM1 and the line-mode

      graphics system as described by Senator Snoke at the February meeting

      has been corrected.



      meet 3/10/88.


      LIBRARY COMMITTEE - Senator Duke - No meeting.  No report.


      PARKING COMMITTEE - Senator Oliver - No meeting took place but actions

      in this area are ongoing.  The parking consultants will be on campus

      during the week of 3/14/88.  Opportunities to meet the consultants will

      be 3/15/88 (11:00 - 2:00) to meet faculty in CEC.  There will be time

      and place announced for meetings with staff and students.  Announce-

      ments will be in Spectrum.  Written comments should go to Carl McDaniel

      or Dave Ford.  Ideas are welcome.




      FACULTY SENATE OF VIRGINIA - Senator Smeal - The Faculty Senate of

      Virginia was accepted as an associate member of the Association of

      Virginia Colleges and Universities.  They have summarized summer school

      teaching salaries in Virginia.  See Senator Smeal if you want a copy.

      They will meet on 4/9/88.


      PRESIDENTIAL SEARCH COMMITTEE - Senator Paterson - Met 3/8/88.


      They heard from a partner in the consultant firm.  He discussed strat-

      egy and progress to date.  All applicants were reviewed (c.45).  There

      are also nominations.  They will meet again 3/30/88, 4/15/88, and

      4/29-30/88.  Definite appointment will be made 5/23/88.  EEO/AA was ex-

      tensively discussed as it pertains to the search and as it pertains to

      the expectations from the president.  Three candidates will be on cam-

      pus for 1 day each before May 23rd.




      One day each on campus - will this be adequate for input for all

      constituencies?  Will there is opportunity to meet the senate or the

      cabinet or officers?




      Re:  EEO.  Will the committee examine the EEO record?




      That's what we proposed.




      A subcommittee of the EEO Committee would like to meet with the candi-

      dates but this might be difficult when the candidates are only here for

      one day.




      Would we want to hire someone who is only interviewed for 1 day?




      I will suggest 3 days for each candidate but this would entail the out-

      side committee members being here for 9 days.


      PLANNING TASK FORCE - Senator Ludwig - Has been meeting about every 3



      Discussion has been about the planning process.  Input has been sought

      from several senators to get representative opinions.  Essentially 3

      committees at the faculty level have been proposed which will feed in-

      put forward to a higher committee who will set goals and objections for

      the university.


      NATIONAL SPEAKERS FORUM - Senator Paterson - No report.


      COMPUTER NETWORK SERVICES COMMITTEE - Senator Nielsen -  No report.


  VI.  Old Business




  VII. New Business


  1.  Nominating Committee Report - Senator Smeal.


          The Committee met several times.  The nominees are:

     For President         Senator Conn

     For Vice-President    Senator Scanlon

     For Secretary         Senator Blieszner


          Others  who were asked did not accept nominations.  Nominations re-

          main open until the April meeting.


  2.  Discussion of Proposed University  Committee  on  Athletics  -  Senator



          A  copy of proposal by Mr. Ridenour was discussed.  Senators on the

          Athletic Association Board have met for a discussion of  this  pro-

          posal and the Athletic Director has had an opportunity for input on

          the  proposal.    The  proposal was on the agenda of the University

          Council and will be modified for first reading at the 4 April  Uni-

          versity Council meeting.


          Concerns to date are:


          o   No extra-collegiate faculty representative.


          o   Only  2  student  representatives are on the proposal (vs. 3 on

              the present AAB).


          o   Continuity of membership.


          o   Voting privileges of ex-officio members e.g. where the Athletic

              Director has a vote in evaluations of the Athletic Department.


          Faculty will have more than half the committee as  per  NCAA  regu-





          How does the committee provide advice to the provost?




          The  mechanism  is not clear but presumably relates to advising and

          academic progress.




          It seems that a number of agenda items will only be on  the  agenda

          should  the  A.D.  seek  advice.   Will this create a closed agenda





          This concern has been raised and it appears that this was  uninten-

          tional and rewording will probably be done.




          Concerning  the President's appointed faculty representative to the

          NCAA.  Could this be done by the committee rather than  the  Presi-





          The NCAA may require this appointment be made by the President.




          Could  the  committee  recommend the names from which the President

          makes the appointment?




          To whom does Athletics report?




          To Mr. Ridenour.  In the proposal the reporting point was left open

          pending  appointment of a new President who may create a new struc-





          The document should state that the  chair  should  be  one  of  the

          collegiate  faculty  members and not the President's representative

          to the NCAA.




          The addition of one additional student representative is worthy  of





          When  will  the  committee report to the University Council?  Every

          other committee has a reporting schedule.


          Senator Sullins


          My intent is to list these suggestions and transport  them  to  Mr.

          Ridenour,  with  the  idea  that he will use these as he drafts the

          proposal for University Council.




          Other committees and commissions have considerable input as to  how

          members are chosen - e.g. as nominated by whichever body.  Such de-

          tail would be appropriate with this committee.


  3.  Fan behavior at basketball games.  Senator Collins


          Poor  behavior  at  basketball  games, at other sporting events and

          even at convocations reflect poorly on the University.  Such behav-

          ior warrants action or suggestions from the Senate.




          A "fan behavior committee" worked on this before and a lot of  good

          suggestions were made then and a 150 page report exists.  An effort

          to  follow-up  on the good work of the committee would be appropri-



          A transmission of a sense of the senate on this topic may be appro-





          Could the report be circulated to the Senate?




          If the report is not too long we will circulate it and retain it as

          an agenda item for the next meeting.





          This topic was discussed at the Athletic Association Board and  the

          concern is very real.




          Inappropriate student behavior in classrooms, dormitories, etc. are

          dealt  with  in the Student Affairs Division.  Could they deal with

          this problem also?




          The problem is broader than the students (e.g. band,  cheerleading,

          other  fans, circumstances created by refereeing and coaching deci-





          Could the report be sent to the Athletic Director?






          President Eustis


          I will summarize this discussion and transmit a copy of it  and  of

          the report to Mr. Braine.


          A motion to retain this item on the agenda was moved, seconded, and



  4.  Report  from  the Commission on Research on Goals and Objectives - Sen-

      ator Arnold and Alternate Senator Kingston.


          The report will be kept on the agenda for the next meeting.  In the

          meantime input will be sought.  The report is worthy of most  seri-

          ous consideration at this time particularly as the long range plan-

          ning  structure is being put in place.  The report should be viewed

          from the perspective that its writers had the research  mission  in

          mind at the time of writing.


  Meeting adjourned 9:40 p.m.


  Respectfully submitted,


  Patrick F. Scanlon,

  Secretary, Faculty Senate.


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