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May 10, 1988

                            Faculty Senate Meeting


                                  10 May 1988


                                 Room F - CEC

                                   7:30 p.m.


  Present:  Senators Arnold, Baumgartner, Beyer, Birch, Blieszner, Collins,

            Conn, Cranford, Dugger, Duke, Eng, Eustis, Fine, Geller, Geyer,

            Grossman, Kornegay, Ludwig, Nielsen, Oliver, Paterson, Polan,

            Salvaggio, Scanlon, Snoke, Sullins, Wang, Wokutch.


  New Senators: Marriott, Dudley, Farkas, Kingston, Thompson, deWolf, D.

            Morris for Eiss, Kriz.


  Absent:   Senators Campbell, Goss, Hicks, Killough, Knocke, Kohl, Morrill,

            Myers, Novak, Schug, Smeal.


  Visitors: S. Trulove (Spectrum), D. D. Ostroth, and E. Randall (Roanoke



    I.  Announcements


      President Eustis read a letter from Mr. Ridenour concerning fan behav-

      ior.  The offer of support from the senate to work on problems was wel-



      Dr. David Ford could not address the senate this evening but would like

      to address the senate at a later meeting.


      Senator Blieszner is a member of the Search Committee for the Vice-

      President for Student Affairs.  She asked for comments on the quali-

      fications for the positions and for questions to be used during the

      interview process.


      A report from Senator Ludwig on the faculty vote on the revised consti-

      tution of the Faculty Senate was received.  A total of 417 ballots (a

      25% return vs. the 50% return needed for ratification).  Of these 386

      approved and 31 did not approve of some or all of the changes.  Proba-

      ble reasons for the inadequate voter return were given as were sug-

      gestions for encouraging a better return for a future ballot.  Senator

      Ludwig was thanked for his reports and for his committee's efforts with

      the ballot.


      The Senate Cabinet met 7 May 1988 to prepare a list of questions for

      the interviews of Presidential candidates.  The cabinet will partic-

      ipate in the inerview process.  The incoming and outgoing Senate presi-

      dents will have dinner with the candidates.  Senator Paterson was

      thanked for being such a strong advocate for faculty participation in

      the Presidential search process.


      The VPI Facilities Board voted to have a faculty senator as one of the

      faculty representatives on the Board.  The senator will serve a 2-year



   II.  The Agenda was adopted.


  III.  Minutes of the Faculty Senate meeting of 12 April 1988 were approved.


      Minutes of the Faculty Senate Cabinet meeting of 15 April 1988 were ac-



   IV.  Dr. D. David Ostroth, Director of Student Activities addressed the

       Senate concerning the renovation of Squires Student Center.



      Dr. Ostroth outlined the plan for renovation.  The building will be

      closed during construction which involves an addition of 60,000 square

      feet with renovation of the rest of the building.  Construction will

      take 2 years and is scheduled to commence in July 1988 with a reopening

      date of Fall 1990.  The objectives of the renovations are:  1) to in-

      crease space and functionality for student activities; 2) to provide

      better space for performing arts activities; and 3) to improve the

      overall quality of the facility.  Dr. Ostroth reviewed the plans for

      additions and renovation of space.  He also described the relocation

      plans for the services and staff presently housed in Squires.





      Q.  Has parking at the new facilities been considered?


      A.  Yes. I've ensured that the planners are aware of parking needs in

      the area but I'm not sure what they are capable of doing.


      Q.  Why are fast foods being made available and not other types of



      A.  Surveys indicated that that is what students want.  Access to

      "table-service" restaurants is adequate in the area (e.g. CEC and pri-

      vate restaurants).


      Q.  The forum hall can only accommodate a speaker but not e.g. an or-

      chestra.  Could this not be more of a multipurpose facility?


      A.  In the forum hall increasing the stage size would decrease seating

      area.  The recital hall is more appropriate for an orchestra.


      Q.  Substitution of a tent for the theater seems inadequate given a

      closure period of 2 years.  Could the theater be kept open?


      A.  Theater Arts has space rented in Carpet Village on Route 460.  The

      scene shop in Squires has been retained during the renovation.


      Q.  Will the craft shops be retained in the new building?


      A.  Yes the pottery shop will be retained.  The woodshop will be

      dropped due to diminished use and cost of running a woodshop operation.

      The space will have locker space with an open shop area.  Teaching

      short course will be emphasized.


      Q.  Will the student media return to Squires?


      A.  Yes, they all will.


    V.  Council, Commission and Committee Reports


      UNIVERSITY COUNCIL - Senator Conn


      There have been 2 meetings on 18 April 1988 and 2 May 1988.


      o   The resolution on the creation of a Commission on Information Sys-

          tems was tabled.


      o   A resolution to form a taskforce to study the functioning of Com-

          mission and Committees was approved.


      o   Approval of the new constitution of the Faculty Senate was tabled.


      o   Action on the Committee on Athletics was deferred to consider addi-

          tion of a representative of the Alumni Association.  At the 2 May

          meeting a representative of the Alumni Association was added and

          the structure of the Committee was approved.

      o   The Scholarship and Student Aid Committee was renamed the Scholar-

          ship and Financial Aid Committee.


      o   The CSA resolution on allowing the Student Legal Services lawyer to

          represent students in court was deferred at the 18 April meeting

          and passed at the 2 May meeting.


      o   A resolution from CSA on having a Sorority and Fraternity Fall rush

          was deferred at the 10 April meeting and approved at the 2 May



      o   The students withdrew a motion to increase the student proportional

          representation on University Council.


      o   A resolution concerning eligibility for continued enrollment (based

          mostly on progress in the core curriculum) was passed.


      o   The resolution to allow issuance of NG grade was approved.


      o   A CFA resolution regarding review of new faculty appointments above

          the grade of Assistant Professor or with tenure was approved.


      o   An excepted item from CUS minutes concerning the course "Materials

          and Man" was discussed at both meetings.  The disposition was that

          the course be entitled "Materials and Humankind."  During the dis-

          cussion it was mentioned that other course titles exist which are

          not gender neutral.  A group is reviewing the catalogs for such in-

          appropriate course titles.


      o   A CSA resolution concerning the registration of student organiza-

          tions which classifies the assignment of faculty advisors and

          thereby questions of faculty liability was approved.


      COMMISSION ON EXTENSION - Senator Collins - No meeting.  No report.




      CFA met twice.


      o   CFA passed a resolution concerning the appointment of endowed

          chairs and professorships.


      o   CFA discussed the issue of whether departments should have heads or

          chairs.  As part of this discussion the length of appointments and

          procedures for departmental reviews were considered.


      o   The establishment of a Faculty Ethics Committee was discussed.


      COMMISSION ON GRADUATE STUDIES - Senator Baumgartner


      CGS met twice.  Approval was given to a Master of Music degree and to a

      Master of Arts degree in Philosophy.


      A committee of CGS reviewed the self study and prioritized items for



      COMMISSION ON RESEARCH - Senator Arnold

      CR met 4/13/88 and 4/27/88.


      The Commission approved Appendices G and K of the manual of procedures.


      A resolution to create an Academy of Research Excellence was approved

      and forwarded to University Council.


      COMMISSION ON STUDENT AFFAIRS - Senator Morrill.  No report.



      CUS met twice.


      The use of the generic term "man" in a course title was discussed.  The

      vote was 8 to 7 for substituting "humankind."


      The two-thirds rule on course offerings will be an item for future dis-

      cussion and guidelines concerning the addition of new courses will be





      Met 15 April 1988.  They are operating "in the black" and are continu-

      ing to cut costs.  Problems of fan behavior were discussed and the Ath-

      letic Director is committed to improvement and will use the existing

      report as a guide.  The request to have an Alumni Association represen-

      tative on the new University Athletic Committee was discussed and the

      Athletic Association Board agreed to support the request.


      BUILDING COMMITTEE - Senator Ludwig

      No meetings - no report.


      COMPUTER COMMITTEE - Senator Birch

      Met 4 May 1988.


      VM system utilization increased a lot in the first 5 months this year.

      The use on the third shift is up in response to charge rates.


      The 3800 laser printer will probably be moved to the Corporate Research

      Center in 8/89 with the rest of the computer hardware.  Technical dif-

      ficulties and staffing problems seem to be dictating this likely deci-

      sion.  Input on solutions is welcome.



      The Committee met 10 May 1988.


      President Torgersen met with the committee.  He shared an impression

      that the University is not as committed as it should be to EO/AA, i.e.

      EO/AA is not high on priority lists.  Six or more Black faculty will

      join next year but numbers leaving are not known.


      Four recommendations were made:


      1.  Notice of central administation vacancies should be sent to women,

          minority and handicapped faculty with encouragement to apply.


      2.  EO/AA committee should reassess its status, function, and effec-

          tiveness for the university.  In particular it should explore the

          implementation rate of its approved recommendations.  EO/AA commit-

          tee relationships to administration and governance structures

          should be examined with a review of feasibility of having an EO/AA



      3.  The EO/AA women's sub-committee should be represented on the search

          committee for the position of Equal opportunity counselor for



      4.  The appropriateness of the wording of the Alma Mater should be

          studied by the Alumni Association and the Faculty Association.


      LIBRARY COMMITTEE - Senator Duke

      No meeting - no report.


      PARKING COMMITTEE - Senator Oliver



      A copy of the consulting team report was received within the last week.

      A meeting on 11 May to discuss this is planned.  A parking auxilliary

      is recommended as well as a fee structure.  A resolution was sent to

      the University Administration the sense of which was that no action be

      taken on charges for parking until the report is studied and not before

      the end of Fall semester but that enforcement should be stepped up.  A

      motion to pay particular attention to enforcement was made and ap-




      Met 2 May 1988 and acted on 5 items.


      1.  Approved a report from the Art Department to support on study in

          London program in the amount of $2200.


      2.  Since the criteria for eligibility for continued enrollment have

          changed recently the committee recommended that eligibility for en-

          rollment be the basis for eligibility for need-based student aid.


      3.  Passed a motion that private scholarships be used to recruit a

          large pool of good students rather than a small pool of excellent



      4.  The director of financial aid reported that the in-state needs of

          freshmen are met with as many grants as possible and as few loans

          as possible.  For out-of-state students resources are not avail-



      5.  The committee encourages departments to support affirmative action

          with e.g. matching funds.  An early fall meeting will be held with

          the development office to discuss means of helping minority stu-



      An ad hoc committee was suggested to study policies for administration

      of scholarship funds and to make recommendations.


      FACULTY SENATE OF VIRGINIA - Senator Smeal - No report given.



      Met 12 April.


      Eight candidates were selected and seven were interviewed off campus.

      Three candidates will be interviewed on 16-18 May 1988.  The general

      schedules for the interview were given.  The Senate Cabinet and the

      faculty advisory group will participate in the interview.  Recommen-

      dations will be submitted to the Search Committee via Senator Paterson.

      One candidate will be recommended to the Board of Visitors for approval

      on 23 May.


      PLANNING TASK FORCE - Senator Ludwig

      Met 4 May 1988.


      The committee decided to operate at a reduced rate until a new presi-

      dent is appointed.  Long range strategy goals will be identified and

      new committee members will be sought.



      Met in early May.


      One plan is to invite President Carter.  The strategy is to hold funds

      to get a "big-name" speaker rather than to spend smaller amounts on

      lesser speakers.



      Met 10 May 1988.


      Passed a resolution encouraging use of cable T.V. in classrooms.


   VI.  Old Business




  VII.  New Business


      Ethics Subcommittee - Senator Baumgartner reported on a joint CFA and

      CGS committee which examined the code of ethics.  They agreed that the

      statement in the faculty handbook is reasonable and some general im-

      provements were suggested in a report which he distributed.  The report

      shares common principles with the Faculty Review Committee and was in

      the form of a statement to be placed in the faculty handbook.  As the

      report was not in the form of a resolution the suggestion was made that

      the document be sent to the CFA for development as a resolution and for

      further discussion at a later faculty senate meeting.




      Senator Ludwig reported for the committee on committees.  Prepared bal-

      lot sheets with nominated candidates for each of 20 elections were dis-

      tributed.  All elections were open to nominations from the floor.

      Elections were conducted separately and with the following results.


  For University Council


       Nominated                Elected


       S. Batie                 L. Eng              (3 year term)

       G. E. Bunce              B. Grossman         (3 year term)

       J. Dudley                D. Kingston         (3 year term)

       L. Eng                   S. Batie            (2 year term)

       B. Grossman              A. Snoke            (1 year term)

       D. Kingston

       N. Marriott

       A. Snoke




  For Commission on Extension


       Nominated                Elected


       I. Glennon               N. Marriott

       N. Marriott

       P. Smeal




  For Commission on Faculty Affairs


       Nominated                Elected


       F. Baumgartner           F. Baumgartner

       J. Cranford              D. Farkas

       D. Farkas                C. Polan            (1 year term)

       L. Killough

       D. Kingston

       H. Kriz

       C. Polan




  For Commission on Graduate Studies


       Nominated                Elected


       J. Cranford              J. Cranford

       L. Eng

       R. Sullins




  For Commission on Research


       Nominated                Elected


       G. Bunce                 G. Bunce

       D. deWolf

       S. Geller

       E. T. Kornegay

       D. Oliver




  For Commission on Student Affairs


       Nominated                Elected


       L. Geyer                 L. Geyer

       M. Benson




  For Commission on Undergraduate Studies


       Nominated                Elected


       S. Batie                 J. Dudley

       J. Dudley                S. Salvaggio

       L. Geyer

       R. Salvaggio




  For Athletic Committee


       Nominees                 Nominated


       (Collegiate Faculty)

       F. Baumgartner           L. Nielsen

       J. Birch                 J. Birch

       S. Geller

       L. Nielsen


       (Extra-Collegiate Faculty)

       K. DeBord                K. Debord

       M. Norstad               M. Norstad




  For Employee Benefits Committee


       Nominees                 Nominated


       J. Hillison              J. Hillison

       T. Johnson               T. Johnson

       A. Malebranche           A. Malebranche

       P. Smeal                 P. Smeal

       R. Thompson              R. Thompson

       H. White                 H. White




  For Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Committee


       Nominees                 Nominated


       S. Burke                 S. Burke

       M. Cooke                 M. Cooke

       C. O'Neil

       R. Salvaggio




  For Honorifics Committee


       (From Academy of Teaching Excellence)


       Nominees                 Nominated


       S. Geller

       D. Ludwig                D. Ludwig

       H. Munson                J. Sawyers

       J. Sawyers


       (From Alumni Award, Extension Excellence)


       Nominees                 Nominated


       D. Dyer                  D. Dyer

       A. Eller                 J. Gerkin

       J. Gerkin




  For Intellectual Properties Committee


       Nominees                 Nominated


       T. Bell                  T. Bell

       G. Beyer                 G. Beyer

       N. Canestaro             N. Canestaro

       D. deWolf                D. deWolf

       J. Dudley                J. Dudley

       T. Head                  T. Head

       T. Hudlicky              T. Hudlicky

       C. McGrath               C. McGrath

       P. Metz                  P. Metz

       J. Pinkerton             J. Pinkerton




  For Scholarship and Student Aid Committee


       Nominees                 Nominated


       M. Cooke                 M. Cooke

       R. James                 R. James

       R. Kirkpatrick

       P. Metz

       T. Pinnock




  For Student Budget Board


       Nominees                 Nominated


       R. Lytton                R. Lytton




  For Faculty Senate Cabinet

  Ex officio:  Blieszner, Conn, Scanlon


       Nominated                Elected

       A&S   F. Baumgartner     A. Snoke

             J. Dudley

             D. Farkas

             D. Kingston

             A. Snoke


       Bus   L. Killough        L. Killough


       Educ.  D. Oliver         R. Sullins

              R. Sullins


       Eng.   N. Eiss           D. deWolf

              D. deWolf


       Lib.   H. Kriz           H. Kriz

       VM     L. Eng            L. Eng




  For Committee on Committees


       Nominated                Elected


       J. Cranford              J. Cranford

       D. Kingston              D. Kingston

       H. Kriz                  H. Kriz

       D. Oliver                D. Oliver




  For Credentials and Election Committee


       Nominated                Elected


       C. Polan                 C. Polan

       G. Beyer                 G. Beyer

       H. Kriz                  H. Kriz




  For Reconciliation Committee


       Nominated                Elected


       G. Beyer                 J. Dudley

       J. Dudley                J. Eustis

       J. Eustis

       F. Gwazdauskas

       W. Worner




  For Faculty Senate of Virginia








  For Arts and Sciences Executive Committee Liaison Committee


       Nominated                Elected


       S. Geller                S. Geller


  Meeting adjourned at 10:10 p.m.


  Respectfully submitted,




  Patrick F. Scanlon

  Faculty Senate Secretary




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