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November 8, 1988


                                   FACULTY SENATE


                                   8 November 1988


                             (Approved 13 December 1988)


                                   32 Pamplin Hall


          Present:  Senators Arnold, Batie, Baumgartner, Beyer, Birch,

                    Blieszner, Bunce, Conn, Cranford, deWolf, Dudley,

                    Dugger, Duke, Eiss, Eng, Farkas, Fine, Geller, Geyer,

                    Goss, Grossman, Killough, Kingston, Knocke, Kriz,

                    Marriott, Morrill, Polan, Scanlon, Schug, Snoke,

                    Sullins, Thompson, Wang, Wokutch, Baffi (alternate for

                    Oliver), Gwazdauskas (alternate for Neilsen)



          Absent:   Senators Hansen, Salvaggio, White


          Visitors: Ms. Trulove (SPECTRUM), Ms. DeBord (representing Exten-

                    sion faculty)


          1.  ANNOUNCEMENTS


              President Conn called the meeting to order at 7:30 pm, wel-

              comed guests, and made the following announcements:


              a.  Senators Goss and Geller are planning the volleyball

                  games.  Senator Goss announced that the first game will

                  be with the SGA on 6 December at 7:30 in the volleyball

                  gym of the Coliseum.  Practices will be held on 1 and 5

                  December at the same time and place.  Players and sup-

                  porters are needed.  T-shirts will be ordered.  The SGA

                  will probably host a reception for the Senate after the



              b.  President Conn appointed Joanne Eustis and Ed Bunce as

                  Faculty Senate representatives to the Virginia Tech Union

                  Arts Selection Committee.


              c.  President McComas will announce the Planning Task Force



              d.  Nominations have gone forward from the Senate for Univer-

                  sity Committees on smoking and on the University name.

                  Appointments should be announced shortly.  Nominations

                  are currently being sought for the Traffic Appeals Com-



              e.  President Conn read a letter of appreciation from Dean

                  Torgerson for the Senate's resolution on his service as

                  Interim President.


              f.  The Senate officers attended the Board of Visitors' Aca-

                  demic Affairs Committee and General meetings.  They met

                  with the President, Interim Provost, and student leaders

                  in the past month.


              g.  The Office of Institutional Research is now receiving

                  copies of faculty handbooks from other universities.

                  These are available for researching questions that fac-

                  ulty and committees may have.


              h.  President Conn will bring greetings from the Faculty Sen-

                  ate at the Inauguration of President McComas in December.

                  He urged Senators to attend the Inaugural functions.


              i.  President Conn followed up on concerns about restrictions

                  on the use of the American Express cards.  Jim Shotts has

                  been working to encourage the State Controller in

                  Richmond to relax the restrictions, but has not yet been



              j.  David Levin of the USIA will present information on

                  Fulbright Fellowship opportunities on 9 November,

                  3:00-5:00, Cranwell International Center.


              k.  The meeting planned between Senate officers and the Uni-

                  versity vice-presidents for 7 November ended up being

                  very brief.  The main issue of discussion was the draft

                  report of the Task Force on Auxiliary Parking and Trans-

                  portation System.



          2.  AGENDA


              Additions to the agenda:


              a.  CFA Resolution 1987-88C:  Faculty Ethics


              b.  Nominees for the Honor System Review Board


              c.  Salary payment schedule for 9-month faculty


              d.  Building construction at Squires


              The agenda was adopted with these additions.


          3.  MINUTES


              The minutes of the Faculty Senate meeting of 11 October 1988

              were corrected to include Dr. Morris as the alternate for

              Senator Eiss.


              Secretary Blieszner reminded senators to tell their alter-

              nates to respond during roll call so their presence can be



              The minutes were approved as corrected.


              The minutes of the Faculty Senate Cabinet meeting of 25 Octo-

              ber 1988 were accepted as written.



          4.  PROGRAM


              Senator Conn reported that the speaker, Dr. Tom Goodale, had

              to go out of town unexpectedly and would be invited to ad-

              dress the Senate next semester.




              UNIVERSITY COUNCIL - Senator Scanlon - 7 Nov 88


                  Ray Smoot was introduced as a new vice-president.  Dr.

                  Wiggert introduced the Faculty Senate resolution on Dean

                  Torgersen's service as Interim President as a motion, and

                  it passed unanimously.  First readings were held for re-

                  solutions on faculty ethics, "Defending Student" status

                  for graduate students, revision of the Honor System con-

                  stitution, addition of the chair of the Black Organiza-

                  tions Council to University Council, and registration of

                  student organizations.  First reading was waived for the

                  CFA resolution on procedural revisions for the Faculty

                  Review Committee, and the resolution passed.  Second

                  readings were held for resolutions on the appointment of

                  named professorships and chairs (passed) and creation of

                  an Academy of Research Excellence (deferred).


              COMMISSION ON EXTENSION - Senator Marriott - no meeting


              COMMISSION ON FACULTY AFFAIRS - Senator Baumgartner - 2



                  John Perry hopes to have a proposal on early retirement

                  soon.  Reviewed and amended the Faculty Senate resolution

                  on the Faculty Review Committee.  Considered three resol-

                  utions on department and division governance:  head vs.

                  chair (discussion will continue), specific vs. indefinite

                  term for the leader (discussion will continue), and ques-

                  tion of periodic review of the leader (approved in prin-

                  ciple, discussion will continue).


              COMMISSION ON GRADUATE STUDIES - Senator Snoke - 19 Oct 88

              and 2 Nov 88


                  Passed the Resolution for the Creation of a "Defending

                  Student" Status for Qualifying Graduate Students.  Dis-

                  cussed the issue of continuous enrollment for graduate



                  Senators commented that faculty research appointments and

                  graduate student employment in the summer make it diffi-

                  cult at times to provide the advising that is implied by

                  the continuous enrollment/tuition payment policy.


              COMMISSION ON RESEARCH - Senator Bunce -


                  The Special Meeting on Purchasing was held on 2 November

                  with representatives of the State Office of Purchase and

                  Supply in attendance.  They acknowledged that the proce-

                  dure for purchases exceeding $10,000 is cumbersome and

                  indicated that requests which specify a sole source based

                  on requirements indicated in a funded proposal will be

                  honored.  Some states have removed university purchasing

                  for items under $50,000 from the state system.


                  President Conn asked how senators could continue to work

                  on better purchasing procedures.  Senator Bunce requested

                  that faculty send him or Senator Arnold documentation of

                  research delays caused by purchasing red tape, and also

                  encouraged faculty to lobby the Office of Sponsored Pro-

                  grams (with copies to Senators Bunce or Arnold) to lobby

                  Dr. Hooper to lobby officials in Richmond.


              COMMISSION ON STUDENT AFFAIRS - Senator Goss -


                  Passed resolutions concerning dissolution of the Media

                  Board as a CSA subcommittee and recognition of it as a

                  student organization; parking tickets, towing, and

                  impoundment; and appeals procedures for parking tickets.

                  The major parking concern of students is lines and sec-

                  tion markers in the parking lots.


              COMMISSION ON UNDERGRADUATE STUDIES - Senator Dudley -


                  Approved new engineering courses.  First reading on re-

                  solution to eliminate university level review of faculty-

                  authored course material.  Determined that the 2/3 rule

                  concerning new courses will serve as a general guideline

                  for three years, but new courses endorsed by department

                  heads will be considered.


              ATHLETIC COMMITTEE - Senator Nielsen - 2 Nov 88


                  Alternate Gwazdauskas read the report.  Mr. Steve Horton,

                  new NCAA compliance officer, reviewed the structure and

                  operation of NCAA and his duties.  Neilsen recommended

                  that the committee consider preparing formal advice re-

                  garding scheduling events so they interfere as little as

                  possible with academic requirements.  Fan behavior is im-



                  Ms. DeBord mentioned that each university has 4 represen-

                  tatives and 1 vote at NCAA meetings.  The University is

                  planning to add another women's sport, probably soccer.


                  Senator Geller commented that permitting the irresponsi-

                  ble behavior of the UVA band encourages poor fan behavior

                  and indicates that we still have a problem.


              BUILDING COMMITTEE - Senator Dugger - no meeting


              COMMUNICATIONS NETWORK COMMITTEE -  Senator Nielsen - no



                  Alternate Gwazdauskas read the report.  As follow up on

                  the concern about departments having to pay for change-

                  of-phone-number messages, Senator Neilsen reported that

                  the University now has several options for informing

                  callers that will be free of charge.


                  The University is working with Blacksburg Cable TV to

                  have the Black Entertainment Network and international

                  programs available to students.


              COMPUTER COMMITTEE - Senator Birch - 2 Nov 88


                  Heard a report on progress of changing the telephone sys-

                  tem.  Established subcommittees to study issues concern-

                  ing personal computers, computer capacity and planning,

                  and library applications.


              EMPLOYEE BENEFITS COMMITTEE - Senator Thompson - no meeting




                  President McComas attended the October meeting and shared

                  his philosophy on EOAA.  He invited two outside consult-

                  ants to review our program and has received their report.

                  Heard a committee report on financing child care on cam-

                  pus.  Sponsored a teleconference on sexual harassment and

                  will sponsor one on date rape in February.  The univer-

                  sity has received funding for three new elevators to make

                  buildings accessible.


              INTELLECTUAL PROPERTIES COMMITTEE - Senator Dudley - no meet-



              LIBRARY COMMITTEE - Senator Duke - 13 Oct 88


                  Savings from the periodical cancellation project could be

                  used for book purchases.  The Film Library has been re-

                  named the Media Center and is providing more staff and

                  more hours of service than before the Film Library moved.

                  Regarding poor quality copies, the present three-year

                  contract is nearing the end, but there is no local ser-

                  vice for a system with a better reputation.  Discussed

                  results of a survey on branch libraries.  Noted archives

                  that are housed in the library.  Considered inviting

                  Vice-President Forbes to discuss fund raising.


                  Senator Duke explained that coin copies cost more than

                  card copies because the Library wants to encourage card

                  use in order to minimize personnel costs.


                  Senator Arnold asked Senator Duke to bring up for dis-

                  cussion the point that requiring visitors to seek prior

                  approval from the chair in order to attend committee

                  meetings violates the spirit of open governance.


                  Senator Wang and others commented that the environment in

                  the Media Center is unpleasant, unfriendly, and trashy.


              NATIONAL SPEAKER'S FORUM - Senator Bunce -


                  The Wolfe presentation was very successful, with standing

                  room only.  The committee still seeks suggestions for

                  speakers for next year.  When Jimmy Carter comes, they

                  plan to hold a symposium on his contributions toward en-

                  couraging human rights through US foreign policy.


                  In response to a question about why Radford has more na-

                  tional speakers than we do, it was noted that they have

                  more money to spend on speakers' fees and travel ex-



              SCHOLARSHIP AND STUDENT AID COMMITTEE - Senator Wang - 8 Nov



                  Discussed available resources and recruiting strategies

                  for National Merit Scholars.  VPI has 115 Merit

                  Scholars/27 freshmen.  Suggested targeting recruitment in

                  Virginia and Washington, DC and seeking 50 freshmen for

                  next year.  Passed a motion to work with deans to consol-

                  idate recruitment efforts.


              SELF STUDY MONITORING COMMITTEE - Senator Arnold - 19 Oct 88


                  Senator Arnold distributed Dennis Hinkle's list of rec-

                  ommendations to which the Faculty Senate is asked to re-

                  spond.  The SSMC would like by January a preliminary

                  report on what has been done about the recommendations so

                  far, and by March a priority listing of remaining recomm-

                  endations along with an assessment of the impact or ef-

                  fect of recommendations that have been dealt with.  She

                  suggested that the Cabinet assume responsibility for pre-

                  paring the preliminary report.


              SUPPLEMENTAL GRANTS COMMITTEE - Senator Morrill - no meeting




                  A draft of the report is available and will be placed on

                  reserve under Faculty Senate.  Submit comments either to

                  our Senators on the Task Force (Oliver or Geller) or di-

                  rectly to David Ford or J. B. Sutphin by early December.


              FACULTY SENATE OF VIRGINIA - no meeting


              SEARCH COMMITTEE, PROVOST - Senator Scanlon - 26 Oct 88

                  56 applications plus 75 nominations.  Off-campus inter-

                  views in December and on-campus interviews in January.

                  Discussed evaluation form.  Established subcommittees on

                  CV screening, CV and reference screening, and telephone

                  screening. 87 candidates as of 7 November.


              FACULTY TALENT SHOW COMMITTEE - Senator Knocke


                  The program will be on 14 January, with performances from

                  7:30 to 8:30 and 9:00 to 10:00, and dessert during inter-

                  mission.  Part of the ticket cost will be a tax-

                  deductible contribution for scholarships.  The committee

                  seeks people to participate.


          6.  OLD BUSINESS -





                  President Conn noted that the proposal to amend the

                  structure of the Faculty Review Committee passed at Uni-

                  versity Council on 7 November.  A motion was made, sec-

                  onded, and carried unanimously to approve the revised

                  document that incorporates the changes, "Procedures of

                  the Faculty Review Committee."


          7.  NEW BUSINESS





                  Senator Snoke introduced the proposal, which was given

                  First Reading at University Council on 7 November.  Sen-

                  ators discussed the requirement that students seeking

                  this status must schedule the final exam before the be-

                  ginning of the semester in question.  A motion to approve

                  the proposal was made, seconded, and carried unanimously.




                  Senator Scanlon noted that the following changes were

                  made in the original draft:  p. 1, section 2, added

                  Extra-Collegiate Extension Division Faculty; p. 2, l. 11,

                  deleted "community" before "citizenship;" p. 2, section

                  5, changed "Honor System" to "Honor Code;" p. 2, section

                  10, deleted the underline from "candidly."  Sections 5

                  and 12 are the new items compared to the current Faculty

                  Handbook statement.  A motion to approve the proposal was

                  made, seconded, and carried unanimously.




                  President Conn stated that there is a need to fill an un-

                  expired term.  The Senate will send two names and the

                  University President will appoint one person.  Senator

                  Conn proposed Charles Pinder and Charles Yates.  A motion

                  to close nominations was made, seconded, and carried.

                  Pinder and Yates were selected by acclamation.




                  Senator Duke moved and it was seconded that:  The Faculty

                  Senate undertake to survey the faculty members on aca-

                  demic year (9 month) appointment regarding their desire

                  to be paid in 9 monthly payments.  The survey should be


                  carried out by the various Faculty Senators and reported

                  to the Senate Cabinet prior to their next meeting.


                  Discussion on the pros and cons of the proposed pay

                  schedule followed.  The motion carried unanimously.




                  Senator Bunce reported on concerns expressed by some of

                  his constituents related to traffic patterns, parking,

                  and cutting of trees.  Discussion followed.  President

                  Conn stated that the Senate officers will bring this is-

                  sue up in forthcoming discussions with University admin-



          The meeting adjourned at 9:45 pm.


          Respectfully submitted,



          Rosemary Blieszner, Secretary










                                 Treasurer's Report

                                   9 November 1988


               Balance on hand, 13 October 1988        $ 147.49

               Deposit, 1 dues @ $3.00, 9 November 1988$    3.00


                    Total                              $ 150.49




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