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October 11, 1988


                                FACULTY SENATE


                                11 October 1988


                           (Approved 8 November 1988)


                                32 Pamplin Hall


  Present:  Senators Arnold, Batie, Baumgartner, Beyer, Birch, Blieszner,

            Conn, Cranford, deWolf, Dudley, Dugger, Eng, Geyer, Grossman,

            Kingston, Kriz, Marriott, Nielsen, Oliver, Polan, Salvaggio,

            Schug, Thompson, Wang, White, Wokutch, Falkingham (alternate for

            Snoke), Gwazdauskas (alternate for Scanlon), Lytton (alternate

            for Goss) Morris (alternate for Eiss)


  Absent:   Senators Bunce, Duke, Farkas, Fine, Geller, Hansen, Killough,

            Knocke, Morrill


  Visitors: Dr. Perry (University Provost), Ms. Trulove (SPECTRUM), Ms. Leech

            (representing Extension faculty), Mr. Randall (ROANOKE TIMES AND

            WORLD NEWS), Ms. Reiser (Student Alumni Association), Ms.  Eustis

            (Past President, Faculty Senate)




      President Conn called the meeting to order at 7:30 pm, welcomed guests,

      and made the following announcements:


      a.  The order of the meeting will be changed.  Announcements will pre-

          cede the roll call to accomodate several Senators who have standing

          meetings prior to the Faculty Senate meeting each month.


      b.  Senator Dugger introduced Michelle Reiser, Vice President of Mem-

          bership, Student Alumni Association.  Ms. Reiser described the pur-

          poses of SAA and requested nominations for student members from all



      c.  Mitch Geasler, Vice President for Extension, is organizing a Fac-

          ulty talent show for 14 January 1989 at the CEC to raise funds for

          Merit Scholarships.  The Faculty Senate needs a liaison to the

          planning committee.  Volunteers should contact Senator Conn.


      d.  Dr. Tom Goodale is the new Vice President for Student Affairs.


      e.  Mr. Jerry Cain is the new University General Counsel/Special As-

          sistant Attorney General.  Senator Conn expressed appreciation to

          Kay Heidbreder, Assistant General Council, who has been carrying

          out the responsibilities of the office since the former University

          General Counsel resigned.


      f.  Senator Salvaggio will represent Senator Conn on the planning com-

          mittee for Black History month.  Senator Conn will attend the

          meetings when his schedule permits.


      g.  Senators White and Birch will co-chair the committee to seek rat-

          ification of the revised Senate Constitution.


      h.  Senator deWolf will serve as Parliamentarian.


      i.  The officers met since the last Senate meeting with Dr. McComas,

          Dr. Perry, and Mr. Ridenour.


      j.  The Governor has established a Commission on the University of the

          21st Century.  It will prepare recommendations for the 1990 session

          of the General Assembly.



      k.  The Board of Visitors will meet 16 and 17 October.  Senator Conn

          encouraged senators to attend committee meetings and the general

          meeting, especially sessions related to committees/commissions on

          which senators serve.


      l.  Contrary to a report given at the last Senate meeting, the College

          of Business does not have a Faculty Association.


      m.  Faculty Senate dues of $3.00 are due.  Pay the Secretary.


      n.  Senators who are giving reports at Senate meetings should keep the

          reports brief and provide the Secretary with brief written notes.


      o.  Dr. Goodale will address the Senate in November.


  2.  AGENDA


      Additions to the agenda:


      a.  Resolution Expressing Appreciation to Dr. Torgersen


      b.  Resolution Commending Vernell "Bimbo" Coles


      The agenda was adopted with these additions.




      The minutes of the Faculty Senate meeting of 13 September 1988 were

      corrected as follows:


          p. 4, COMMISSION ON FACULTY AFFAIRS, line 4 should read: "affirmed

          that the University would assume liability in any case involving

          liability for student advising."


          p. 5, Senator Thompson reported no meeting for the EMPLOYEE BENE-

          FITS COMMITTEE.  Senator Dudley reported no meeting for the INTEL-



      The minutes were approved as corrected.


      The minutes of the Faculty Senate Cabinet meeting of 27 September 1988

      were accepted as written.




      Senator Conn introduced the first speaker, Dr. Perry.  Dr. Perry stated

      his belief that the University has made a good start toward overcoming

      last year's problems.  The initiatives of the Provost's office must

      follow consensus as found in the Self Study.  Dr. Perry repeated some

      of the remarks he made at the Fall Administrator's Conference that

      credited interim officials but mainly deans, directors, department

      heads, faculty, and support staff for carrying out their duties well

      last year.  These efforts minimized the negative effects of last year's

      turmoil.  Significant accomplishments of last year include appointment

      of the Athletic Director, Legal Council, two Vice Presidents, persons

      with responsibility for personnel issues and facilities management, and

      the President.  The President's priorities are to establish a Univer-

      sity Planning Committee, improve the quality of student life, improve

      the reputation of the undergraduate program and advising, improve the

      service role of the University across the Commonwealth, and increase

      the attractiveness of the University to minority students, which in-

      volves attracting more Black faculty.  The Provost's commitment to the

      undergraduate education and public service missions of the University

      is demonstrated by his appointment of two task forces charged with the

      responsibility of determining ways to measure and recognize faculty ef-


      fectiveness in these areas.  Dr. Perry will refer task force recommen-

      dations to CFA for policy development.


      Dr. Perry responded to several issues presented by Senate officers pre-



      Faculty in nontenure track positions:  Budgetary restrictions limit the

      opportunities available to these faculty.  Dr. Perry will ask CFA to

      examine the discrepancy in years that count toward service in the

      probationary period for faculty who change from a nontenure track posi-

      tion at VPI&SU to a tenure track position, versus those who apply for a

      tenure track position from outside the University.  Correcting this

      discrepency may alleviate some of the inequity for faculty in nontenure

      track positions.


      Technology in the classroom:  Dr. Perry is investigating the question

      of whether classroom instructional equipment is adequately maintained.

      Part of the problem may be failure to report faulty equipment.  The LRC

      employs the same number of AV maintenance staff as ever.


      Summer School calendar:  The Scheduling and Registration Committee will

      review the Summer School calendar under the semester system.


      Remuneration for Summer School teaching:  The primary reason for the

      ceiling is budgetary.  Summer School should not be subsidized at the

      expense of the academic year program, therefore Summer School is oper-

      ated on Summer School revenue only.  The ceiling is based on the aver-

      age faculty salary and is increased each year.  Thus it is relatively

      advantageous for lower-paid faculty and relatively disadvantageous for

      higher-paid faculty to teach Summer School.


      Number of pay periods for 9-month faculty:  Changing from 12 payments

      to 9 payments would cost millions of dollars in the fiscal year in

      which the change was made.  There is no money for this purpose.


      Faculty authored textbook policy:  CUS, and perhaps CFA, will review

      the policy.


      Following these remarks, Dr. Perry entertained questions.


          Q.  A recent issue of the CHRONICLE OF HIGHER EDUCATION contained

          two position announcements back to back, one for "Virginia

          Polytechnic Institute and State University" and one for "Virginia

          Tech."  Can you ask deans and others to use the formal name of the



          A.  I will mention it again.


          Q.  When will the Squires renovations begin?  This affects quality

          of student life.


          A.  The contract was signed only recently.


          Q.  Will sets of readings purchased at Kinko's require approval?


          A.  The CUS review of the faculty authored textbook policy will in-

          clude this issue.




      Senator Conn introduced Joanne Eustis, Past President.  Ms. Eustis

      stated that in her four years as a Faculty Senate officer, she learned

      that it is possible for an ordinary faculty member to have a signif-

      icant, positive influence on the University.  For this to happen, the

      faculty member must be willing to work hard in areas which may be out-

      side her or his professional domain, and must deal with criticism for

      expending effort on University governance instead of other professional



      Section 6-1.8 of the Self Study, Sense of Community and Academic Inte-

      gration, provides goals for the University that are as important as the

      quest for money and space.  These are to support, understand, and re-

      spect a variety of faculty roles (extension work, librarianship, teach-

      ing, research), foster a communal spirit among faculty with diverse

      backgrounds, and have the three missions of the University provide di-

      rection for its goals rather than the reverse.  The Faculty Senate ad-

      dresses these goals in much of its work.


      Ms. Eustis used the development of the Research Assignment policy as an

      example of her experience in having an impact on the University.  She

      pointed out that similar opportunities are available to all faculty

      members, through the Faculty Associations and the Faculty Senate.  The

      Faculty Associations ought to be the foundation of the University

      governance system.


      Finally, Ms. Eustis encouraged all faculty to become involved by at-

      tending Faculty Senate meetings, voting on the revised Constitution,

      and participating in their Faculty Associations.




      UNIVERSITY COUNCIL - no meetings


      COMMISSION ON EXTENSION - Senator Marriott - no meeting


      COMMISSION ON FACULTY AFFAIRS - Senator Baumgartner - 16 Sep 88


          Reviewed results of the faculty survey on retirement of April,

          1988.  Concluded that there are no serious problems with retire-

          ment.  Some faculty members are waiting to make a retirement deci-

          sion until decisions about any new retirement programs are made.


      COMMISSION ON GRADUATE STUDIES - Senator Cranford - 28 Sep 88


          Discussed the Resolution for the Creation of a "Defending Student"

          Status for Qualifying Graduate Students.  Discussed the issue of

          limiting semester courses to two-thirds of those existing under the

          quarter system.


      COMMISSION ON RESEARCH - Senator Arnold - 14 Sep 88


          Immediate concerns are reviewing Self Study recommendations and es-

          tablishing procedures for state mandated reviews of research cen-

          ters.  Discussed the draft Statement of Professional Ethics and

          Responsibilities and recommended that it be referred back to Fac-

          ulty Senate.


          There will be a Special Meeting on Purchasing on 2 Nov., 9-11,

          President's Board Room.  Don Moore, Director, and Mac Deadmore,

          Purchasing Manager, State Office of Purchase and Supply, will lis-

          ten to concerns related to purchasing.


      COMMISSION ON STUDENT AFFAIRS - Senator Geyer - ? Sep 88


          The chair of the Black Organization Council requested a seat on

          University Council.  The Student Media Board is preparing a request

          for organizational changes.


      COMMISSION ON UNDERGRADUATE STUDIES - Senator Dudley - 2 meetings


          Four items are under consideration:  an SGA resolution concerning

          faculty notifying students about course performance before the drop

          period, new course proposals under the semester system, faculty au-

          thored course material, and "C" as the minimum passing grade in a

          pass/fail course.  Gene Carson reported on advanced placement and

          transfer policies especially for international students.


          In response to a question about the drop period under the semester

          system, Senator Dudley stated that the drop date is about 46% of

          the days into the semester.  Dr. Perry mentioned that he sent a

          memo to faculty in August asking them to notify students of their

          progress before the drop period; nothing in the Faculty Handbook

          requires such notification.


      ATHLETIC COMMITTEE - Senator Nielsen - 5 Oct 88


          Dr. Jerry Via, Academic Coordinator, has established an excellently

          structured and oriented program to help the academic success of

          student-athletes.  Committee members were pleased with the extent

          and quality of this program.  A Tech Pride Committee has been

          formed in the VPSA office to work on improving fan behavior.


      BUILDING COMMITTEE - Senator Dugger - 5 Oct 88


          Reviewed capital outlay projects, involvement with the governance

          system, criteria for projects, and status of current projects.  The

          1989 budget amendments included four buildings.  Any future renam-

          ing of campus roads will be reviewed by this committee.


      COMMUNICATIONS NETWORK COMMITTEE -  Senator Nielsen - 5 Oct 88


          Senator Nielsen was unable to attend because the meeting conflicted

          with the Athletic Committee meeting.


          Senator Batie raised the issue of departments being required to pay

          for change-of-phone-number messages.  Senator Nielsen will bring

          this up at the next meeting.


      COMPUTER COMMITTEE - Senator Birch - 5 Oct 88


          The Computing Center will be moved to the Corporate Research Center

          in Summer, 1989.  This will affect users as follows: (a) IBM 3270

          style terminals will be unable to communicate with the mainframe

          computer; these 350 terminals must be replaced. (b) The 3800 laser

          printers will also be moved; several remote sites will be estab-

          lished to receive output through a runner service.


          The Computing Center will soon issue an RFP for a UNIX system.

          They plan to upgrade the IBM 3090 or VM1 by 50%, including more

          memory, more disk storage, another processor.  They may assume re-

          sponsibility for purchase of all computer related equipment, in-

          cluding technical assistance, to streamline the current process.


          Senators asked whether there were plans to capitalize computer

          money (Dr. Perry said no) and why people don't change to VM2 (this

          may be feasible for some, if they received information on how to do



      EMPLOYEE BENEFITS COMMITTEE - Senator Thompson - no meeting




      INTELLECTUAL PROPERTIES COMMITTEE - Senator Dudley - no meeting


      LIBRARY COMMITTEE - no report


      NATIONAL SPEAKER'S FORUM - Senator Salvaggio - 20 Sep 88


          Discussed the formal construction of the committee and represen-

          tation from different faculty and student groups. Received student

          opinions on the political orientation of recent speakers.  Will

          plan ways for students to become involved with speakers.  Invite

          suggestions from faculty for speakers for next year.


      SCHOLARSHIP AND STUDENT AID COMMITTEE - Senator Wang - no meeting


      SUPPLEMENTAL GRANTS COMMITTEE - Senator Arnold - 20 Sep 88


          Distributed the first share of funds, almost all for international

          travel.  The priority is to grant requests from tenured or tenure-

          track faculty.  The next call for proposals will appear soon.




          Has met four times.  Plan to complete the first draft of their re-

          port by 1 November, for review by appropriate University groups in

          the first two weeks of November.




          Senators should give suggestions for discussion topics to Senator

          Conn or a Cabinet member before the next meeting, in November.


      SEARCH COMMITTEE, PROVOST - Senator Kingston - 19 Sep 88


          Dr. McComas addressed the committee on the character and mechanics

          of the search, the characteristics and qualities of desirable can-

          didates, his experiences with equivalent searches at other insti-

          tutions, and individuals who would exemplify appropriate

          candidates.  Judith Jones reviewed EOAA considerations related to

          the search.  Voted not to engage an executive search firm.  The

          chair has received some inquiries.


          Q. Are applications coming in?


          A. Yes.


          Q. Who is the chair?


          A. Dean Doswald.


          Q. How does Dr. McComas define "top notch qualifications in the

          candidate's field"--would this include graduates of VPI&SU?


          A. The committee will evaluate qualifications, based on the per-

          son's reputation in her or his field.


          Q. Why did the committee decide not to hire an executive search



          A. The major advantage is confidentiality, which is not a big prob-

          lem because this state does not require that applicant information

          is a matter of public record.  The money will be better spent on

          the interview process.


          Q. How many applications are anticipated?


          A. Probably over 100.




  7.  OLD BUSINESS - none





      Senator Conn reviewed the purpose, structure, and procedures of FRC.

      The workload for both committee members and the chair imposes an unrea-

      sonable burden on them.  Therefore, the resolution doubles the size of

      the committee, increases the pool of eligible members by deleting the

      limitation concerning serving on the college T&P committee within

      years, provides a mechanism for nominations of college representatives

      if there are no otherwise eligible persons, provides for another person

      to chair--not the Senate Vice President who chairs CFA and represents

      the Senate on University Council, and extends the normal review period

      to 30 week days.


      Approval of the resolution was moved and seconded.


      Discussion followed on the number of grievances to date, whether this

      responsibility should be imposed on the Senate Past President, the fact

      that the Ethics Committee might also be involved in serious issues such

      as faculty dismissal, the fact that desirable qualities for Faculty

      Senate President might not be the same as those for FRC Chair, whether

      it is necessary to have a faculty member with stature as chair, and the

      possibility of having co-chairs for hearings from within the committee.

      Other suggestions concerning the chair were to elect the chair from the

      Senate (e.g., a second Vice-President) and to seek a chair from another

      constituency such as UDP's/ADP's.  A suggestion was made to change "30

      weekdays" to "6 weeks."


      A friendly amendment was moved and seconded:  change paragraph 12 to

      read "LET IT FURTHER BE RESOLVED that the Vice President of the Faculty

      Senate be replaced as FRC chair by that member of the faculty appointed

      by the Faculty Senate President in consultation with the Cabinet, and"


      The resolution was passed as amended unanimously.  It will be referred

      to CFA.





      Approval of the resolution was moved and seconded.  It was passed unan-






      Approval of the resolution was moved and seconded.  It was passed unan-





      Approval of the resolution was moved and seconded.  Discussion on es-

      tablishing precidents and over-emphasis on sports followed.


      A friendly amendment was made, seconded, and accepted to add between

      paragraphs 1 and 2:  "WHEREAS through diligent effort he was selected

      to be a member of the U.S. Olympic Basketball Team, and"


      Another friendly amendment was made, seconded, and accepted to revise

      the final paragraph to read "THEREFORE be it resolved that the Faculty

      Senate, on behalf of the faculty of Virginia Polytechnic Institute and

      State University, commends Vernell "Bimbo" Coles, the University's

      first Olympian."


      The amended resolution was passed with several nays and one abstention.


  The meeting adjourned at 9:55 pm.


  Respectfully submitted,



  Rosemary Blieszner, Secretary






                              Treasurer's Report

                                13 October 1988


     Balance on hand, 14 September 1988        $ 102.49

     Deposit, 15 dues @ $3.00, 13 October 1988 $  45.00


     Total                                     $ 147.49



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