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September 13, 1988


                                FACULTY SENATE


                               13 September 1988


                          (corrected 11 October 1988)


                                32 Pamplin Hall


  Present:  Senators Arnold, Baumgartner, Beyer, Birch, Blieszner, Bunce,

            Conn, Cranford, deWolf, Dudley, Dugger, Duke, Eiss, Farkas, Fine,

            Geller, Geyer, Goss, Grossman, Killough, Kingston, Knocke, Kriz,

            Marriott, Morrill, Oliver, Polan, Salvaggio, Scanlon, Schug,

            Snoke, Thompson, Wang, Wokutch, Gwazdauskas (alternate for Batie)


  Absent:   Senators Eng, Hansen, Nielsen, Sullins, White


  Visitors: Dr. McComas (University President), Ms. Trulove (Spectrum), Ms.

            DeBord (representing Extension faculty), Dr. Smeal (Horticulture)




      President Conn called the meeting to order at 7:35 pm, welcomed Sen-

      ators and guests, and made the following announcements:


      a.  The faculty Senate Volleyball team will be organized by co-captains

          Senators Goss and Geller.


      b.  Senator Dugger will serve as Faculty Senate liaison to the Alumni



      c.  Based on changes in University procedure and the recommendations of

          the Senators involved, the ad hoc Parking Committee is dissolved.


      d.  Senator Farkas will chair the Committee on Reconciliation.


      e.  A task force will work on getting out the vote on the revised Con-

          stitution.  Volunteers are welcome.


      f.  Senators who are giving reports at Senate meetings should provide

          the Secretary with brief written notes.


      g.  Senator Blieszner will coordinate production of the FACULTY SENATE

          FORUM newsletter.


      h.  The first forum for the faculty will be in October or November, on

          Fullbright Fellowship opportunities.  Other topics being considered

          for the year are sessions on the grievance process, faculty ethics,

          and evaluation of faculty performance in teaching and community



      i.  The officers will hold office hours in the Faculty Senate office

          (400C Burruss, ext. 7300) as follows:  Senator Conn, Mondays

          1:30-3:00; Senator Scanlon, Tuesdays, 2:00-4:00; Senator Blieszner,

          Wednesdays, 1:30-3:30.


      j.  Cabinet meetings will be held from 12:30-2:00, 301 E. Eggleston, on

          27 September, 25 October, 29 November, 31 January, 21 February, and

          28 March.


      k.  Faculty Senate dues of $3.00 are due.  Pay the Secretary.


      l.  The Senate officers went to Toledo in July for an informative and

          productive meeting with Dr. McComas.



      m.  The officers will be meeting monthly with Dr. McComas, Dr.  Perry,

          Mr. Ridenour, and the Student Government Association officers.

          Senators are invited to make suggestions for discussion topics at

          any of these meetings.


      n.  Senator Conn addressed the Fall Administrators conference on 8 Sep-



  2.  AGENDA


      Senator Scanlon requested two additions to the agenda:


      a.  CFA Resolution 87-88B on Named Professorships and Chairs


      b.  CR Resolution 87-88A on an Academy of Research Excellence


      The agenda was adopted with these additions.




      The minutes of the Faculty Senate meeting of 10 May 1988 were corrected

      as follows:  p. 6, Senator Geyer was elected to CSA not CR.  Senator

      Bunce was elected to CR.  The minutes were approved as corrected.


      The minutes of the Faculty Senate Cabinet of 29 August 1988 were ac-

      cepted as written.




      Senator Conn introduced the speaker, Dr. McComas.  Dr. McComas began by

      stating several reasons why he wanted to "start all over again" at a

      new presidency.  He views VPI&SU as a university on the move.  It is

      already outstanding and has the potential to be great, so it is an ex-

      citing time for him to come here.  He expects the position to hold

      challenge and stimulation, and is looking forward to working with the

      faculty to achieve greatness at the university.


      Dr. McComas then gave a series of impressions from his first few weeks

      on campus.  He observed that VPI&SU is a research university with

      statewide responsibilities.  Good will and a sense of optimism prevail.

      The quality of both undergraduate and graduate students is good, with

      increasingly selective admissions in recent years.  The faculty is

      strong and well-prepared.  Salaries are competitive except for secre-

      tarial and support staff.  Dr. McComas pledged to push to retain this

      competitive position for faculty and to work with the state classifica-

      tion system to seek increases for support personnel.  The campus and

      town are attractive.  The computer facilities are outstanding.  The li-

      brary is good but needs more resources; it should have 4 to 5 million

      volumes.  The range of undergraduate and graduate programs is broad,

      thus permitting the university to have an impact on society.  The uni-

      versity is 44th in attracting research funds, with good progress in re-

      cent years.  It is 35th in doctoral degree productivity (23rd among

      public universities).  The Board of Visitors has competent members with

      a broad perspective.  The climate in the commonwealth is favorable to

      higher education.  The student body is diverse, with both undergradu-

      ates and graduates from many states and nations.


      On the other hand, Dr. McComas cited several concerns:


      o   Provost search:  an important priority is seeking the best candi-

          dates.  Dr. McComas invited faculty to submit recommendations.

      o   Construction:  There is a need for new facilities, especially for

          Engineering, Architecture, Human Resources, Veterinary Medicine,

          offices for Arts and Sciences faculty who are sharing, labs, a

          biotechnology building for Agriculture, and office space for gradu-

          ate students.

      o   Planning:  Lack of comprehensive planning is a weakness.  What is

          VPI&SU's response to the proposal to build a new university in

          northern Virginia?  What kind of presence should we maintain in

          northern Virginia and throughout the state?  If VPI&SU does not

          change, we will lose influence and fail to get resources.  Dr.

          McComas will borrow a faculty member from a department for one year

          to direct the planning process, and all constituent groups will

          provide input.

      o   Recruitment:  We need more scholarships to attract the best fresh-

          men from northern Virginia and throughout the state.  We need a

          plan and demonstrated commitment to recruit more women and minority

          faculty and administrators, which will also be helpful in recruit-

          ing good students.

      o   Child care:  Many of the recommendations can be implemented imme-

          diately.  Dr. McComas is especially concerned about child care for

          graduate students and support staff.

      o   Secretarial compensation:  We need to find ways, other than finan-

          cial, to reward these overqualified staff members.

      o   Undergraduates:  Dr. McComas will spend time with them this year,

          to foster positive  feelings about the university, which can also

          help in recruiting good students.

      o   Alumni:  Potential contributions include attracting students, pro-

          viding scholarship money, lobbying legislators.

      o   Public Relations:  We need to share more of the strengths of the

          university across the state.

      o   Performing and Creative Arts:  We need an outstanding facility so

          all students can be exposed to the finest programming, comparable

          to what they would experience in any metropolitan area.


      Following these remarks, Dr. McComas entertained questions.


      Q.  What do you mean by high cost departments?


      A.  It is the president's responsibility to take a long view and pro-

        tect all elements of the university against opportunism.  The land

        grant university should have all areas, including fine arts, engi-

        neering, and so forth.  The public must know that you don't crank de-

        partments up and down like factories.


      Q.  What is your first impression of the name of the university?


      A.  The name isn't as important as what it represents.  VPI&SU is awk-

        ward, but what are the options?  This issue belongs in the area of



      Q.  Do you plan a capital campaign to address space needs?


      A.  The state hasn't provided enough money; we will have to argue for

        more with all the universities.  We will also look for creative ways

        of financing construction.


      Q.  What is your view of athletics in the university?


      A.  Athletics are here to stay.  We should use them to bring people to

        campus for multiple purposes, use TV spots to highlight academics,

        etc.  We should continue to argue that athletes are students first.


      Q.  What can we do about fan behavior?


      A.  Dr. McComas has already had one meeting with students and staff on

        this matter.  He has high expectations for coaches and fans to dis-

        play class.  He will appeal to fraternities for help.




      Senator Conn outlined several goals for the year:

      *shared governance


      o   Provost search

      o   Board of Visitors:  greater mutual understanding

      o   Alumni:  improved relationship

      o   Administrators:  better communication, participation in decision-





      o   retirement

      o   EOAA:  from compliance to activism

      o   day care

      o   faculty grievance process:  fine tune

      o   Faculty Ethics committee

      o   assessment of teaching and service

      o   undergraduate student life

      o   status of graduate students

      o   special concerns of international students




      o   approve Senate constitution

      o   improve communication between faculty and Senate

      o   participate at BOV meetings

      o   appoint alumni liaison

      o   meet regularly with administration

      o   participate in university planning process

      o   participate in Commissions and Committees, with reports to the Sen-


      o   meet regularly with student leaders

      o   participate in self-study oversight


      Senator Conn concluded by affirming a good spirit and sense of optimism

      on campus and expressing the desire to drop the "they" from "we and

      they" so that faculty and administration can work together.




  UNIVERSITY COUNCIL - Senator Scanlon - 5 Sep 88


      Dr. McComas announced the search for the Senior Vice President and

      Provost.  First readings on CFA 87-88B concerning named professorships

      and chairs and CR 87-88A concerning Academy of Research Excellence.


  COMMISSION ON EXTENSION - Senator Marriott - 9 Sep 88


      Dr. Geasler outlined goals for the year:  further development of inter-

      active video programs, professional status for extension agents, in-

      creased cooperation between VPI&SU and VSU.  Appointed a committee to

      evaluate self-study recommendations.  Voted to support an Academy of

      Research Excellence and to investigate the feasibility of an Academy of

      Extension Excellence.


  COMMISSION ON FACULTY AFFAIRS - Senator Baumgartner - 2 Sep 88


      Approved designation of a noted retired scholar who has moved to

      Blacksburg as "Honorary Distinguished Professor."  This does not count

      toward the 1% of faculty rule for UDP's.  Dr. Perry affirmed that the

      university would assume liability in any case involving liability for

      student advising.  Discussed a request from English to appoint perma-

      nent, nontenurable instructors.





      John Eaton replaced Larry Harris as Associate Dean of the Graduate

      School.  Graduate student applications were 6200+, registrations were

      3922.  Colleges now have the option of listing their names on diplomas.

      Discussion on financial aid will continue throughout the year; comments

      are welcome.


      Senators asked CGS representatives to challenge the position that the

      semester curriculum should include only two-thirds of the courses of

      the quarter system.


  COMMISSION ON RESEARCH - Senator Bunce - no meeting




      Dr. Landrum Cross is interim VP.  Passed an SGA resolution of commenda-

      tion for Dr. Torgersen.  Spent 20 minutes brainstorming solutions to

      problems caused by the closing of Squires.




      Appointed committees to review the catalog and develop outcomes assess-

      ments for core courses.  Discussed requiring textbook approval of pho-

      tocopy packages that serve as the main course materials.


      Several senators commented on the need for more discussion of textbook

      approval policies and procedures and of the "one in, one out" rule for

      course proposals under the semester system.


  ATHLETIC COMMITTEE - Ms.  DeBord for Senator Nielsen - 9 Sep 88


      Mr. Ridenour presented the committee's charge, which involves making

      recommendations to pass through the governance system.  A fan behavior

      committee is meeting twice a month and developing recommendations.  Ne-

      gotiations are underway for an Independence Bowl contract.


  BUILDING COMMITTEE - Senator Dugger - no meeting




      Senator Conn will distribute the report via campus mail.


  COMPUTER COMMITTEE - Senator Birch - no meeting


  EMPLOYEE BENEFITS COMMITTEE - Senator Thompson - no meeting






  LIBRARY COMMITTEE - Senator Duke - 8 Sep 88


      Norm Dodl is chair.  Receipt of funds means that no journal sub-

      scriptions will be cancelled.  All citations on the shelf list will be

      added to VTLS over the next two years.  The new computer is being in-

      stalled, as is a facsimile system.  The Easy Net system is available

      for searching a large number of data bases.  An issue for future dis-

      cussion is library access for off-campus students.


      Senators commented on library closings before the semester began and

      during breaks, which interferes with faculty and graduate student

      scholarship.  They also noted the poor quality of photocopies and cost

      differentials between the library and local copiers.




  SUPPLEMENTAL GRANTS COMMITTEE - Senator Morrill - 24 Aug & 20 Sep 88

      Established criteria for funding proposals, which will be distributed

      along with submission deadlines through deans.  Members are Morrill,

      Arnold (CR), Smeal (Extension), Mahan (CGS), Parsons (Deans' Planning

      Group), Wall (HR), Purdy (Academy of Teaching Excellence), and ex

      officio members Hooper, Smoot, Russell.  The committee will distribute

      approximately $100,000/year from the Educational Foundation.




      Has met twice to review recommendations of Chance Management Advisors.

      Copies of the consultants' report are in J. B. Sutphin's office, 331



      Senators commented that people should be encouraged to use mass trans-

      portation to alleviate parking problems, but that it is not available

      to everyone.  They noted that students feel their concerns are not be-

      ing addressed--no lines in student parking lots, hiring of enforcement

      staff instead of improving parking availability, etc.






      The committee reviewed credentials and interviewed four candidates over

      the summer.  They forwarded the four names to Dr. McComas, who decided

      to interview the top two candidates.


  SEARCH COMMITTEE, PROVOST - Senator Scanlon - 12 Sep 88


      The position will be advertised widely.  Dean Doswald is chairing the

      committee.  Candidates from the suspended search will be asked if they

      wish to be considered again.  Strict confidentiality will be observed.


  7.  Old Business - none


  8.  New Business


  a.  CFA Resolution 87-88B, Appointment of Named Professorships and Chairs


      Senators commented that the wording doesn't specify which group in the

      college performs the review.  Some colleges have appointed honorifics

      committees and elected P & T committees; the sentiment was that the

      latter should perform this review.  A mechanism is needed to monitor

      the recommended procedures.


  b.  CR Resolution 87-88A, Academy of Research Excellence


      Most senators spoke in favor of recognizing truly outstanding research

      accomplishments in this manner, with the proviso that it not dilute the

      significance of the Academy of Teaching Excellence.  Such an academy

      will elevate review of research above mere counting of publications or

      grant dollars.  Active service should be indefinite, not limited to

      three years.


      A motion was made, seconded, and carried to endorse the concept of an

      Academy of Research Excellence in principle, and to refer the matter to

      CFA for refinement of the proposal.


  c.  Commencement


      Senator Eiss asked to add an item concerning commencement to the

      agenda, and there being no objection, he moved that the Faculty Senate

      voice strong disapproval of behavior displayed at last year's commence-

      ment by recommending that the Commencement Committee follow the rainy

      day plan for the next four years.  There was a second, followed by dis-

      cussion of the poor organization of commencement, poor PA system and

      inappropriate environment for a dignified ceremony.  Senators further

      observed that senior days may alleviate the problem, that four years

      may be arbitrary and too long, that Ph.D. candidates are not disrup-

      tive, and that faculty-student relations are also at issue.


      A substitute motion was accepted by Senator Eiss, seconded, and passed

      with one nay vote.  It stated:  The Faculty Senate deplores the behav-

      ior displayed at the last commencement and urges the Commencement Com-

      mittee to study alternative plans so that commencement will be a

      satisfying experience for all.  The Commencement Committee should seek

      input from all segments of this university and study plans of other

      universities as well.


  d.  Elections


      COMMISSION ON FACULTY AFFAIRS:  1-year term to replace Senator Scanlon

      who became Chair ex officio.  Nominees:  Senator Kriz, Senator Wokutch.

      Elected by secret ballot:  Senator Wokutch.



      nee:  Senator Eiss.  Elected by acclamation.


      NATIONAL SPEAKER'S FORUM:  3-year term.  Nominees:  Senator Salvaggio,

      Senator Bunce.  Elected by acclamation.


  The meeting adjourned at 10:50 pm.


  Respectfully submitted,


  Rosemary Blieszner, Secretary





  Treasurer's Report                                15 September 1988


    Balance on hand, 13 September 1988    $ 57.49

    Deposit, 15 dues @ $3.00, 14 September$145.00


    Total                                 $102.49

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