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April 11, 1989


                                FACULTY SENATE


                                 11 April 1989


                           (approved 25 April 1989)


                                32 Pamplin Hall


  Present:  Senators Arnold, Baumgartner, Beyer, Birch, Blieszner, Bunce,

            Conn, Cranford, deWolf, Dudley, Duke, Eng, Farkas, Fine, Geller,

            Geyer, Goss, Grossman, Hansen, Kingston, Kriz, Marriott, Morrill,

            Nielsen, Oliver, Polan, Salvaggio, Scanlon, Snoke, Sullins,

            Thompson, Wang, Wokutch Gwazdauskas (alternate for White),

            Sherman (alternate for Dugger)


  Absent:   Senators Batie, Eiss, Killough, Schug


  Visitors: Ms. Susan Trulove (SPECTRUM), Ms. Karen DeBord and Ms.  Mary

            Miller (representing Extension faculty), Mr. Buddy Russell

            (Alumni Association), Dr. James McComas, The Hon. Dick Cranwell,

            Julie Vert and Laura Barlow (Homecoming Directors)




      President Conn called the meeting to order at 7:30 pm, welcomed guests,

      and invited Ms. Vert and Ms. Barlow to speak about plans for homecoming

      '89.  The theme is "Tech into Tomorrow" and the students are seeking

      involvement of academic departments.  Contact them at 214 Eggleston for

      more information.


      Following this presentation, President Conn made his announcements:


      a.  We still need more votes for a valid election on the Senate Consti-

          tution revisions.


      b.  The Committee on Committees will meet after tonight's meeting.


      c.  Larry Moore, Director of Planning, is seeking responses to a ques-

          tionnaire on planning issues.  He held an informal discussion with

          some members of the Cabinet this afternoon; other Senators are in-

          vited to send him their answers to the questionnaire distributed



      d.  Four nominees were submitted to the VTIP Board which will appoint

          two Senate representatives to the Waste Policy Institute Board:

          Senators Cranford, Duke, and Kingston, and Dr. Bruce C. Parker (Bi-



      e.  President McComas has established a review committee to examine

          Commencement prior to Charles Kennedy's assumption of the chairship

          of the Commencement Committee.  Senator Geller will serve on the

          review committee.


      f.  Congratulations to Senator Polan who was appointed to the VPI Fa-

          cilities, Inc. Board.


      g.  The Cabinet will meet with Library Director Gherman on 21 April at

          8 am in 301 E. Eggleston to discuss library issues.  All Senators

          are invited to attend.


      h.  President Conn is seeking members of a Senate Task Force on Faculty

          Entitlements.  This group will examine issues surrounding the fa-

          cilities, equipment, and resources that all faculty should expect

          to receive along with their university appointment.  The Senate


          will make recommendations to the Provost.  Volunteers should con-

          tact Dr. Conn.


      i.  Persons interested in attending a banquet sponsored by the State

          Council on Higher Education to honor 13 outstanding faculty from

          around the Commonwealth should notify President Conn.  The banquet

          will be held on May 9 at 5:30 at the Marriott in Richmond.


      j.  As a result of sessions on the University of the 21st Century that

          took place here and in Charlottesville recently, President Conn is

          planning to organize a small workshop to continue these dis-

          cussions.  Mr. Bill Dolan has agreed to return to campus and SCHEV

          supports the idea.  Anyone who is interested in being involved

          should notify President Conn.


      k.  The Senate retreat will be held in early May, at a date to be an-



      l.  The next meeting, 25 April, will begin with an orientation for new

          Senators at 6:30 prior to the regular meeting at 7:30.


      m.  The volleyball game with the administrators will be on April 18 in

          Memorial Gym.  Practice for Senators will be at 7:00 and the game

          will begin at 7:30.  Two team t-shirts are available for $10 each.


      Next President Conn presented a plaque to Dr. Leland J. Axelson who has

      been Commencement Marshall since 1982.  Dr. Axelson is retiring this

      year and the Senate expressed appreciation to him for his service.




      President Conn welcomed Dr. McComas who introduced Delegate Dick

      Cranwell from Roanoke.  Mr. Cranwell is a graduate of the College of

      Business and has been a member of the General Assembly since 1971.  He

      summarized the recent legislative session with respect to higher educa-

      tion issues, described demographic changes in the Commonwealth that

      will have an impact on higher education, and expressed concern about

      election processes.  Mr. Cranwell pointed out that colleges and univer-

      sities not only educate citizens, they also contribute to local econo-

      mies and, through research, extend the reputation of the Commonwealth

      to the nation and world.  He expects to make a strong plea to delegates

      from other parts of the state to support higher education in the west-

      ern portion.  After finishing his remarks, Delegate Cranwell responded

      to questions from Senators on topics such as a resolution of the state

      employees' pension issue, his sources of satisfaction as a legislator,

      and his views on the size and name of our university.


      Next Vice-President Scanlon presented a plaque to President Conn to ex-

      press the Senate's appreciation for his service to the Senate and the

      university this year.


  3.  AGENDA


      The agenda was adopted.




      The minutes of the Faculty Senate meeting of 7 March 1989 were ap-



      The minutes of the Faculty Senate Cabinet meeting of 28 March 1989 were





      UNIVERSITY COUNCIL - Senator Scanlon - no meeting


      COMMISSION ON EXTENSION - Senator Marriott - no meeting


      COMMISSION ON FACULTY AFFAIRS - Senator Baumgartner - 24 Mar and 7 Apr



          Approved a resolution changing the Faculty Handbook to permit defi-

          nite length terms for department heads/chairs and division direc-

          tors.  Postponed consideration of a policy related to the

          university's compliance with the Omnibus Drug-Free Workplace Act of

          1989, pending preparation of appropriate wording for the Faculty

          Handbook.  Approved a resolution stating that the Reconciliation

          Committee's work requires the cooperation of all members of the

          university community, that it keeps no records, and that it ob-

          serves strict confidentiality.  This statement will be added to the

          Faculty Handbook.


      COMMISSION ON GRADUATE STUDIES - Senator Snoke - 5 Apr 89


          Heard a status report on the Waste Policy Institute from Gary

          Hooper.  Approved several courses, with those from the College of

          Veterinary Medicine approved contingent upon approval by the Animal

          Care Committee.  Procedures whereby qualified graduate students can

          defer part of their tuition payments during summer are now in



          Senators raised concerns about the criteria for Cunningham Fellow-

          ships, the lack of information on why proposals are not selected

          for funding, and the secretiveness of the selection committee.

          This topic was added to New Business for further discussion.


          Senators questioned the appropriateness of the Animal Care Commit-

          tee reporting to the Executive Vice President for Finance instead

          of to someone with responsibility for academic and research mat-



      COMMISSION ON RESEARCH - Senator Bunce - no meeting


      COMMISSION ON STUDENT AFFAIRS - Senator Goss - 6 Apr 89


          Elected their representatives to the Student Budget Board.  A spe-

          cial meeting of the Student Budget Board will be held to address

          many appeals made on its funding decisions.




          Routine approval of courses and textbooks.  Began discussion of a

          student-prepared course evaluation booklet.


      ATHLETIC COMMITTEE - Senator Nielsen - 2 Apr 89


          Provost Perry reviewed the status and progress of academic advising

          for athletes and discussed the committee's role in monitoring their

          academic progress.  The university's commitment to admitting

          athletes with a good chance of graduating continues; the "Special

          Admissions Procedure" has not been needed.  Reviewed the budget.

          Revenue has not kept up with needs, primarily because our confer-

          ence does not share revenues.


      BUILDING COMMITTEE - no report


      COMMUNICATIONS NETWORK COMMITTEE - Senator Nielsen - 29 Mar 89


          A subcommittee suggested mechanisms to insure better cooperation

          between the Computing Center and CNS.  Supported the current method

          of paying for basic telephone and data connections through depart-

          mental accounts.  Discussed various issues related to the campus

          television network, including access by commerical firms, broad-

          casting on Blacksburg station 30, and copyright violations.  Be-

          cause of reorganization of Printing, Learning Resources, and Video

          Production units within the university, this committee may assume

          oversight responsibility for these units.


          Senators expressed interest in learning whether CNS does, in fact,

          provide less costly and more efficient services to the university

          than other methods and noted that policy decisions appear to be

          made without consultation with the committee.  This topic will be

          discussed further under New Business.


      COMPUTER COMMITTEE - Senator Birch - 5 Apr 89


          The move of the Computing Center to the Corporate Research Center

          on July 21 remains on schedule.  After the move there will be

          24-hour delivery service to Burruss and McBryde, with 1st and 2nd

          shift deliveries made on 1- to 1 1/2-hour cycles and 3rd shift de-

          liveries made on 2-hour cycles.  Responded to recommendations from

          the Self-Study, as described on a separate handout distributed at

          the meeting.


      EMPLOYEE BENEFITS COMMITTEE - Senator Thompson - 10 and 24 Mar 89


          Approved and sent to CFA a faculty retirement transition program.

          Dismissed the idea of free tuition for faculty dependents on the

          grounds that the university might have to give free tuition to all

          state employees.  Decided that benefits for part-time employees

          must be addressed at the state level, where efforts are underway to

          influence legislators.  Recognized deficiencies in the state-

          negotiated health care package and learned that the university is

          seeking to improve the coverage of the current policy.  Dismissed

          the question of allowing faculty to choose 9 or 12 salary payments

          on the grounds that the university does not have the money to cover

          the current pay system.





          Disapproved a resolution to add sexual orientation to the list of

          characteristics against which the university may not discriminate.

          Endorsed the formation of a Coordinating Council on Women's Con-

          cerns.  Endorsed as having highest priority 12 resolutions from the

          committee's report TOWARD THE YEAR 2000.


      INTELLECTUAL PROPERTIES COMMITTEE - Senator Dudley - 11 Apr 89


          Considered 17 inventions and copyrights and determined that the

          university had proprietary interest in 14 of them.  Will meet twice

          over the summer.


      LIBRARY COMMITTEE - Senator Duke - 3 Apr 89


          Approved a definition of BRANCH LIBRARY.  Approved formation of a

          subcommittee to develop a University Libraries Needs Statement

          (Gherman, Dodl, Ventre, Duke).  Learned that the Library has in-

          stalled new Oce Copiers.  Discussed the committee's and director's

          roles in formation of library policy.


      NATIONAL SPEAKER'S FORUM - Senator Salvaggio - no meeting


          Writer Maxine Hong Kingston visited campus on 28 March; former

          President Jimmy Carter will visit 13 April.  A symposium on "Carter

          and Human Rights" will be in process during Carter's visit.


      SCHOLARSHIP AND STUDENT AID COMMITTEE - Senator Wang - no meeting


      SELF STUDY MONITORING COMMITTEE - Senator Arnold - 6 Apr 89


          Reviewed responses to requests for progress reports on Self-Study

          recommendations.  Virtually all groups and individuals asked for

          information have responded.  The committee will meet in mid-May to

          discuss its annual report.  The Senate Cabinet may wish to appoint

          a Senator to replace Senator Arnold who will be out of town.


      SUPPLEMENTAL GRANTS COMMITTEE - Senator Morrill - 13 Mar 89


          Considered 76 new proposals (for $71,089).  Had $34,814 available

          for distribution; funded 52 proposals as well as 2 resubmitted pro-

          posals, all at less than the amount requested.


          In response to the question, Are applicants given feedback if their

          proposals are not funded? Senator Morrill said they could receive

          information from the Senate SG committee members.


      PARKING/TRANSPORTATION TASK FORCE - Senator Oliver - no meeting


          The position description for Director of the P/T Auxiliary has been

          submitted to the state personnel office for approval.  Also, a re-

          quest has been submitted to have the parking enforcement officers

          continue on a permanent basis.  Implementation decisions are being

          made by a management group of which J. B. Sutphin is a member.

          This group has submitted a recommendation on the permitting process

          to the administration.  The advisory board has not been estab-



      FACULTY SENATE OF VIRGINIA - Senator Conn - no meeting


      PROVOST SEARCH COMMITTEE - Senator Scanlon - 10 Apr 89


          Four candidates have been interviewed; two more will come to campus

          for interviews:  Dr. Fred Carlisle (April 13-14) and Dr. Curtis

          Tompkins (April 20-21).  All six are viable candidates at this





          On 20 March an 8-page "Constitution packet" was mailed to 1580 eli-

          gible faculty.  It consisted of a bright yellow memorandum that

          outlined the Constitution changes and encouraged faculty to vote, a

          copy of the revised Constitution, a detailed summary of the pro-

          posed changes, and a pre-addressed ballot.  A 2-week deadline (4

          April) was allowed.  As of that date, 575 ballots (36%) had been

          returned.  The deadline was extended to 21 April and Senators were

          asked to contact their constituents.  As of 11 April, 680 ballots

          (43%) were returned.


  6.  OLD BUSINESS - none






          Senators believe that the competition should be run in a profes-

          sional manner.  Criteria and expectations for successful proposals

          should be widely publicized.  Unsuccessful applicants should re-

          ceive feedback about why their proposals were not selected.





          Senator Eng reported that the committee was to respond to the Self-

          Study recommendation that all faculty have access to a telephone

          and data connection.  Results of a survey revealed that most fac-

          ulty and many staff have telephones; respondents (deans and depart-

          ment heads) believed that the costs of these services should be

          covered by operating budgets.  Eng noted that the people surveyed

          are those who control the budgets; they are unlikely to favor

          changing current procedures; survey results justify the status quo

          rather than addressing what should be.


      c.  Other issues are related to charges for inbound modem pools, access

          by outside vendors to the computer system, and sources of payment

          for computer access by every faculty member.




          The Nominating Committee nominated Ludeman Eng and Patrick Scanlon

          for President.  There being no further nominations from the floor,

          nominations were closed.  Senators Eng and Scanlon presented state-

          ments.  The balloting resulted in the election of Senator Scanlon.


          The Nominating Committee nominated William Dugger, John Duke,

          Daniel Farkas, and Carl Polan for Vice-President.  Senator Polan

          withdrew from the ballot because a senator from his college was

          elected President.  Senator Eng was nominated from the floor and

          accepted nomination.  Nominations were closed.  Senator Eng was

          elected Vice-President.


          The Nominating Committee nominated William Dugger, John Duke, and

          Rosemary Goss for Secretary.  Senator Farkas was nominated from the

          floor, but declined to run.  Nominations were closed.  Senator Goss

          was elected.



  The meeting adjourned at 10:25 pm.


  Respectfully submitted,



  Rosemary Blieszner, Secretary






                              Treasurer's Report

                                 17 April 1989


       Balance on hand, 13 March 1989          $ 123.01

       Plaque for President Conn               $  51.26

       Balance on hand, 17 April 1989          $  71.75




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