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April 25, 1989


                                FACULTY SENATE


                                 25 April 1989


                                32 Pamplin Hall


  Present:  Senators Arnold, Batie, Baumgartner, Beyer, Birch, Bunce, Conn,

            deWolf, Dudley, Dugger, Duke, Eiss, Eng, Farkas, Fine, Geller,

            Geyer, Goss, Grossman, Kingston, Knocke, Kriz, Marriott, Morrill,

            Nielsen, Oliver, Polan, Salvaggio, Scanlon, Snoke, Sullins,

            Thompson, Wang, Wokutch, Gwazdauskas (alternate for White).


  Absent:   Senators Blieszner, Cranford, Hansen, Killough, Schug


  Visitors: New Senators Peter Barker, Paul Sorrentino, John Hillison, Jack

            Webster, Barry Crittenden, Geoffrey Saunders; Ms. Susan Trulove

            (SPECTRUM), Ms. Karen DeBord (representing Extension faculty).




      President Conn called the meeting to order at 7:30 pm and welcomed new

      senators and guests.


      a.  Announced that we won the Faculty Senate-Administration volleyball

          game by default since they could not find enough administrators to



      b.  Faculty Senate retreat will be Tuesday May 9 from 6:00-9:30 pm at

          the University Club beginning with a buffet dinner courtesy of the

          Provost's office.


      c.  The FACULTY SENATE FORUM NEWSLETTER will be coming out soon.  Thank

          you to Rosemary Blieszner and to Kelly Queijo, who helped Senator



      d.  Faculty who are interested in participating in the colloquium on

          higher education in Virginia should contact Senator Conn.


      e.  The University has produced a draft policy statement on AIDS which

          will be distributed by Senator Conn to the Senate.


      f.  Also, the draft report of the Task Force on Commissions and Commit-

          tees will be circulated in the same fashion.


      g.  The cabinet met with the library director and will meet this week

          to review the discussion.  More information will follow.




      No program this meeting.


  3.  AGENDA


      The agenda was adopted with the addition of two items to new business:

      The resolution on faculty benefits submitted by Senator Duke and the

      Senate office elections.




      The minutes of the Faculty Senate meeting of 11 April 1989 were ap-





      UNIVERSITY COUNCIL - Senator Scanlon - 4 Apr 89

          Dr. McComas announced that the "Name Committee" had reported and

          that the official name of the university would be retained and the

          nickname would be used as appropriate.  Mr. Forbes will coordinate

          efforts to ensure appropriate use of both names on letterhead, etc.


          Mary Sue Terry, Attorney General of Virginia, will be the commence-

          ment speaker, not President Bush.


          First readings given to: CFA Resolution 1988-89 B concerning salary

          supplements for Alumni Distinguished Professors, CFA Resolution

          1988-89 C concerning the tenure process for faculty entering as in-

          structors or lecturers, CFA Resolution 1988-89 D concerning the

          length of tenure served by department/division chairs/heads and di-

          rectors, CFA Resolution 1988-89 E concerning language in the fac-

          ulty handbook clarifying expectations of cooperation with the

          reconciliation committee.  An initial report was given on the rec-

          ommendations of the Task Force on the University Council, Commis-

          sions, and Committees.  A second reading was given to the CFA

          Resolution 1987-88 C concerning Faculty Ethics.  The resolution was

          adopted.  A report was given on self-study recommendations 3-5 and

          3-6 regarding university related corporations.


      COMMISSION ON EXTENSION - Senator Marriott - No meeting


      COMMISSION ON FACULTY AFFAIRS - Senator Grossman - 21 April 89


          CFA passed a modified version of CFA Resolution regarding the ten-

          ure process for faculty entering as instructors or lecturers.  Re-

          port on Fringe Benefits Committee was given by Bob Benoit.  He

          suggested meeting with the CFA more often and that CFA set the

          agenda.  He also discussed retirement benefits.


      COMMISSION ON GRADUATE STUDIES - Senator Snoke - 22 April 89


          Two items discussed in the last Senate meeting were commented on

          during the announcements:  (1) Cunningham applicants are reviewed

          by two committees.  The first is the Program and Course Criteria

          Committee, a standing committee under the CGS, and a committee cho-

          sen by Dean Teekell, whose membership is not announced.  Dean

          Teekell makes the final selections, based on recommendations by

          these committees.  (2) A Senator had questioned the appropriateness

          of the Animal Care Committee reporting to the Executive Vice Presi-

          dent for Finance.  Jack Cranford said that the ACC does not make

          policy but simply assures that state and federal guidelines are

          followed.  No one there felt that this was an issue for the CGS.


          The criteria for a second doctoral degree were discussed and post-

          poned until next year.


          It was established that no policy exists regarding academic miscon-

          duct by students, e.g., how to deal with fraudulent

          theses/dissertations.  Referred to committee for study.


          TOEFL/TSE guidelines were discussed.  Presently there are no guide-

          lines in the catalog, and this could create a problem if a student

          arrives in August and does not have a good command of spoken Eng-

          lish and is scheduled to teach.  The topic was referred to commit-

          tee for next year.


      COMMISSION ON RESEARCH - Senator Bunce - 12 Apr 89


          Funding of utilities and services at outlying facilities was dis-

          cussed.  Normal services, such as custodial, are not provided by

          the university.  This has been a major point of contention.  Dis-

          cussion centered around the fact that the university needs to treat

          these areas as on campus.

      COMMISSION ON STUDENT AFFAIRS - Senator Goss - 20 Apr 89


          A draft of student leader eligibility standards was presented for

          feedback and discussion.  Students expressed concern about the pro-

          posed 2.3 gpa required for a student leader position.


          The student library subcommittee expressed its concern about vari-

          ous aspects of the library including no place to take a break.


          An ad hoc subcommittee reported on recommendations of the student

          budget board.


      COMMISSION ON UNDERGRADUATE STUDIES - Senator Dudley - 24 April 89


          Several courses were approved on second reading.


          There was a report on the subcommittee reviewing the undergraduate

          catalog.  Recommendations included:  discontinuance of the catalog

          as a recruitment device, a statement reaffirming that the catalog

          is not a contract between the student and the University, and mak-

          ing the language gender-neutral.


          The Commission approved three undergraduate programs for the Col-

          lege of Education in Business, Marketing, and Home Economics.


          A brief discussion of the 1990-91 calendar ended with a suggestion

          that the beginning date of Fall 1990 be moved from August 20 to Au-

          gust 27 and the ending date be December 19 instead of December 12.

          This would allow a two day break between summer sessions.  These

          suggestions were taken under advisement by the Provost.


          A resolution was passed unanimously to recognize the good leader-

          ship of John Perry, Interim Provost.


          The preservation of free electives for students was also discussed.


      ATHLETIC COMMITTEE - Senator Nielsen - No Meeting


      BUILDING COMMITTEE - Senator Dugger - No Meeting


      COMMUNICATIONS NETWORK COMMITTEE - Senator Nielsen - No Meeting


      COMPUTER COMMITTEE - Senator Birch - No Meeting


      EMPLOYEE BENEFITS COMMITTEE - Senator Thompson - No Meeting





          The subcommittee on women has learned that the faculty exit inter-

          views have been discontinued.  They will recommend that this not

          happen.  Three candidates for the affirmative action position will

          be interviewed in May.




      LIBRARY COMMITTEE - Senator Duke - No Meeting


      NATIONAL SPEAKER'S FORUM - Senator Salvaggio - No Meeting




      SELF STUDY MONITORING COMMITTEE - Senator Arnold - No Meeting


      SUPPLEMENTAL GRANTS COMMITTEE - Senator Morrill - No Meeting


      PARKING/TRANSPORTATION TASK FORCE - Senator Oliver - No Meeting


          The issue of equity of parking fees between staff and faculty was

          raised.  Discussion was moved to new business.


      FACULTY SENATE OF VIRGINIA - Met but no one attended from VPI & SU.


      PROVOST SEARCH COMMITTEE - Senator Scanlon


          Two additional candidates have been interviewed.  A provost has not

          been announced.




          We were 143 ballots short.  We needed 780 and 637 were returned.

          We must vote again next fall.  It was mentioned that we may have to

          distribute ballots next fall at faculty meetings. It was also sug-

          gested that we amend the Constitution to reduce the number of votes

          required to amend the Constitution.


  6.  OLD BUSINESS - None






          Senator Conn thanked Senator Scanlon and Senator Blieszner for

          their support this past year.  He thanked the entire Senate and re-

          cognized the retiring Senators.




          Senator Duke began discussion of his proposed resolution by stating

          that (1) the wellness plan was not included in his initial memo to

          President Conn, (2) for many benefits suggested by the faculty, too

          many times we are told "We can't do it," (3) when we want to find

          money for certain things we find it.  Senator Duke moved and it was

          seconded:  Whereas the intentions of the State Legislature as re-

          gards allocations to the Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State

          University are often disregarded, in particular as regards compen-

          sation of faculty members, therefore, be it resolved that the Fac-

          ulty Senate request that the State institute a policy of "line

          item" budgeting at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State Univer-

          sity similar to that used at other senior universities in the Com-



          Senator Sullins stated that it was a misconception that other sen-

          ior universities have this line item power and spoke against it.

          Senator Nielsen stated that we need support from the university to

          try to gain additional support for faculty without them saying "We

          can't do it."  MOTION DEFEATED.


          Senator Duke moved and it was seconded that we establish a Faculty

          Benefits Committee of the Faculty Senate.  Senator Farkas suggested

          that we look at the entire way the University lobbies.  We do well

          with money but not benefits.  Senator Scanlon pointed out that ben-

          efits are being eroded elsewhere.  Senator Nielsen suggested that

          this be considered for one of our programs for next year.  Senator

          Arnold offered and Senator Duke accepted a friendly amendment that

          we establish an ad hoc committee on faculty benefits to report by

          December 1, 1989.  MOTION CARRIED.  President Conn asked for volun-

          teers for this committee.





          It was brought to President Conn's attention that both old and new

          Senators should have voted on the Senate Officers.  Since only one

          college had elected its Senators, this would have been difficult

          unless we had changed our timing of the election.  Therefore, Sen-

          ators Scanlon, Eng, and Goss were offered for reaffirmation.  A mo-

          tion was made, seconded, and CARRIED electing these Senators as

          President, Vice President, and Secretary, respectively, of the Fac-

          ulty Senate.


      d.  PROVOST'S MEMO


          There was a discussion regarding the Provost's memo in response to

          Senator Duke's proposed resolution.  After much discussion, it was

          left to President Conn to convey to the Provost the feeling of the

          Senate that the memo had come from one person, but there was con-

          cern about our benefits.


      e.  PARKING


          Senator Fine moved and it was seconded that the proposed flat rate

          of $40.00 for faculty and staff is inequitable and there should be

          a sliding fee based on university earned income.  MOTION DEFEATED.




          Senator Scanlon assumed the chair while Senator Conn moved and it

          was seconded that Senators who are elected to boards, committees,

          and such and who go off the Senate before their term of office is

          complete would, at the time of accepting their nomination, accept

          the responsibility of maintaining communication with the Senate.



      g.  ELECTIONS


          The following individuals were elected.


              University Council -- Eiss (ME), Geyer (AGEC), Marriott (FST),

              Snoke (GEOL), Crittenden (EF)


              Commission on Faculty Affairs -- deWolf (EE), Duke (ESM), Polan

              (DASC), Kriz (LIBR)


              Commission on Student Affairs -- Geller (PSYC), Hillison (EDVT)


              Commission on Graduate Studies -- Conn (EDP)


              Building Committee -- Canestero (HIDM), Kingston (CHEM)


              Employee Benefits -- O'Brien (ME), Oliver (EDVT), Perkins

              (PPWS), Board (EXT)


              Honorifics Committee -- Siegel (POUL), Dukore (TA), Kok (ENT),

              Wilkes (CHE)


              Honor System Review Board -- Fern (MKTG), Painter (HIDM)


              Commencement Committee -- Conn (Past President of the Senate)


              Intellectual Properties Committee, Patents subcommittee --

              Boles (CT), Hasselman (MATE), Parkinson (ME), Stallmann (AGEC)


              Intellectual Properties Committee, Copyrights subcommittee --

              Butke (ARCH), Canestaro (HIDM), McGilliard (DASC), Holford



              Scholarship/Student Aid Committee -- Camp (EDVT), McAnge (EXT)

              Supplemental Grants Committee -- Barker (SCinSOC), Webster



              Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Committee -- Cook (ENG),

              Dail (FCD), Taylor (AGEC), Schmidt (EDVT)


              Student Budget Board -- Bailey (SOC), Howard (UAP)


              Senate Cabinet -- Ventre (ARCH), Farkas (A&S), Wokutch (BUS),

              Hillison (EDVT), de Wolf (ENG)


              Senate Committee on Committees -- Barker (SCinSOC), Canestaro

              (HIDM), Crittenden (EF)


              Senate Credentials & Elections Committee -- O'Neil (BUS),

              Sorrentino (ENG), Saunders (VETMED), Ventre (ARCH)


              Senate Reconciliation Committee -- Farkas (MATH), Walker (ENG)


              Faculty Senate of Virginia -- Conn (EDP), Cranford (BIOL),

              Oliver (EDVT), Owen (ENG)



  The meeting was adjourned by the President.


  Respectfully submitted,



  Rosemary Goss for Rosemary Blieszner, Secretary


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