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December 12, 1989


         Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

                           Faculty Senate


                          12 December 1989


                          1008 Pamplin Hall


                              7:30 p.m.


  Present:Senators Arnold, Batie, Baumgartner, Birch, Conn, Crittenden, de

          Wolf, Dudley, Duke, Eiss, Etgen, Farkas, Geyer, Goss, Hillison,

          Kingston, Kriz, McDaniels, Marriott, O'Neil, Polan, Saunders,

          Scanlon, Snoke, Thompson, Ventre, Wokutch.


  Absent: Senators Barker, Beyer, Bunce, Canestaro, Dugger,Eng, Geller,

          Morrill, Nielsen, Salvaggio, Sorrentino,Walker, Webster.


  Visitors: Ms. Susan Truelove (Spectrum), Mr. Ken Martin, Daniel House

            (Roanoke Times and World News), Vivian Allen.


     President Scanlon called the meeting to order at 7:35 p.m.and welcomed



  1.  Agenda


     The agenda was adopted with the addition of 1) discussion of fees for

     swimming pool usage during break and 2) tenure.


  2.  Program


     Dr. Cornell Morton, Director, Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action

     discussed his office and how the faculty might help.  He began by

     explaining that equal opportunity and affirmative action are different and

     that you arrive at equal opportunity by taking affirmative action steps.

     He stated, "When we make the campus more accessible to women and

     minorities, we make for a better campus climate."  Over the next several

     weeks the University will prepare a plan for affirmative action.  In

     January a retreat will be held for deans.


     He suggested faculty could help by taking a personal interest in students,

     evaluating how we stereotype minorities, and calling students by their

     names.  He encouraged each department to develop their own affirmative

     action plan.


  3.  Announcements


     a. Executive officers or Senate President have met with the following

        during the month:


        1.  President McComas and discussed growth issues, Woodrow Wilson

            College, employee-at-will issues, the 1% budget reversion, and

            peer institutions.

        2.  Provost Carlisle and discussed the advising task force report,

            peer institutions and summer school.


        3.  Vice President Ridenour, Dr. Ford and J.B. Sutphin concerning

            traffic routing proposals and the effects on campus programs.

            Also discussed the 1% reversion proposal with the vice president.


     b. President Scanlon met with the Montgomery County NAACP President Oscar

        Williams, attended a local leaders/legislators breakfast where

        University budget proposals were presented, and attended a Chamber of

        Commerce luncheon where a presentation was made by Harry Hunt

        concerning University enrollments.


     c. A draft letter to department heads which will accompany the Advising

        Task Force report is being circulated for input by the end of the



  4.  Minutes


     The minutes of the Faculty Senate meeting of November 14, 1989 were

     approved with the correction that Senator Kingston, not Senator King, is

     responsible for the building committee.

     The minutes of the Faculty Senate Cabinet meeting of December 1, 1989 were



  5.  Council, Commission, and Committee Reports


     UNIVERSITY COUNCIL-Senator Kingston-4 Dec 89


     While awaiting the arrival of President McComas, who was returning from a

     public relations visit with alumni and friends, Council heard a

     presentation from Larry Moore on the current state of his committee's

     proposals for a revision of the University governance system. His

     committee will be presenting two alternative models to Council for

     consideration; one will be a "cabinet" model with approximately 20

     members, and the other will be a "representative" model with a council

     slightly larger than its current 44 members. His committee will also

     propose the creation of one new commission, the Commission on Academic

     and Institutional Support, and the renaming of the Commission on

     Extension to the Commission on Extension and Public Service.


     The following two CFA resolutions were approved after Dr. McComas'



     1. Resolution 1988-89C, concerning the tenure process. This resolution

        basically gives faculty members appointed as assistant professor from

        a previous VPI&SU appointment as instructor or lecturer the same

        opportunity of restarting the tenure clock as is currently afforded

        those appointed as assistant professor from an instructor or lecturer

        position at another University.


     2. Resolution 1988-89F. This resolution deals with the matter of

        confidentiality in the functioning of the Reconciliation Committee.


     Council also approved the minutes of various commissions, and Dr. McComas

     indicated that we now have a new group of benchmark institutions.


     COMMISSION ON EXTENSION-Senator Marriott-12 Dec 89


     It was announced that the Commission on Extension may become the

     Commission on Public Service in the future. Norman Marriott reported on

     the progress of the proposal for the Academy of Public Service Excellence.

     Marriott reported that he met with the Commission on Faculty Affairs on

     November 14 to present the proposal. Action was delayed by CFA since the

     future organization and mission of public service has not been finalized.

     He suggested that this proposal be shelved until February when more is

     known about the direction of the public service mission. The Commission

     agreed to support this suggestion and decided to consider a joint

     committee of the Commission on Extension and Faculty Affairs to finalize a

     viable proposal for an Academy of Public Service Excellence.


     Douglas McAlister updated the Commission on the study on the "Evaluation

     of Faculty Effort in Extension and Service." The Commission voted to

     support this report and because of the members' concern over appropriate

     rewards in extension/public service requested the Acting Vice-Provost for

     Extension to meet with the Provost to address rewards for public service

     and other non-research activities, especially when promotion and tenure

     and salary adjustments are involved.


     Ned Lester gave a summary report on continuing education programs during

     the past year. He discussed on and off campus programs, including number

     of participants by college, and credit and non-credit courses.


     COMMISSION ON FACULTY AFFAIRS-Senator de Wolf-17 Nov 89


     On behalf of the Commission on Extension, Senator N. Marriott spoke to CFA

     on the merits of a proposed Academy of Public Service Excellence. Action

     on the proposal will be postponed until a newly-appointed Vice-President

     for Public Service is consulted. Discussions at past meetings have

     centered on the meanings and roles of "extension" and "public service."


     It was decided to maintain the original wording of CFA Resolution 88-89C

     regarding revision of the probationary period for assistant professors,

     etc., under extraordinary circumstances. The resolution will be forwarded

     to University Council for final action.


     No action will be taken at present with respect to involuntary change of

     station of faculty.


     COMMISSION ON GRADUATE STUDIES-Senator Snoke-15 Nov, 7 Dec 89


     At the 15 November meeting, the Commission refined the wording of revised

     definitions of the various types of graduate assistantships: Graduate

     Teaching Assistants (GTA), Graduate Research Assistant (GRA), Graduate

     Support Specialists (GSS, previously GA), and Graduate Project Assistants

     (GPA). At the 7 December meeting, a resolution containing the revised

     wording was passed. These changes were made to clarify the relationship

     between assistantships and faculty positions.

     At the 7 December meeting, the Commission agreed to forward to the

     Registrar a request from the graduate student representatives from

     the GSA that if transcripts are requested from a prospective employer

     for a student who had been both a graduate student and an undergraduate

     student at VPI&SU, the student should have the option of having only

     the graduate-level transcript sent.


     COMMISSION ON RESEARCH-Senator Arnold-no meeting




     Dr. Goodale reported on administration actions with respect to race

     relations on campus.  He also reported that a review of student fees and

     the funding obligations for student related facilities is under review.

     A resolution to add a seat on CSA for the Chief Justice of the Honor

     System was passed.  A resolution to amend the honor system by the

     deletion of the option of grade "star" was passed.  The severity of

     sanctions would be adjusted as follow:  Class 1 - 25-20 hours of

     service, Class 2 50-40 hours of service, Class 3 - 75-80 hours of



     Selected members of the commission are reviewing housing for

     international students during semester breaks.  Payment for student

     leaders remains under review.  Student leaders expressed a desire to

     have a fall break.  A reduction as to whether this would come as a

     reduction in class hours or as an extended semester was discussed.


     Report on "University Task Force Report on New Student Orientation"

     1. It was desired that orientation be a two-day event.

     2. Academic instruction would be left in the hands of academic deans.

     3. Movement towards small sessions and more parent/student involvement

        and some separate time for parents and students in the orientation


     4. Self supporting fee.  Fee to cover nine-month faculty, undergraduate

        and graduate students who work during orientation.

     5. Registration would be completed by computer prior to student leaving


     6. Emphasis on session to equal treatment of all.

     7. Encouragement of a campus night experience for students and family.

     8. Additional issues to be covered during orientation to include:

        a)  academic and social survival, b)  wellness, c) financial survival,

        d)  getting involved on campus e)  emphasis on the college experience.


     Senator Crittenden suggested that the "star" issue come before Faculty



     Several concerns were expressed about the Summer Orientation report.

     Specific concerns included charging, value for the money, coming away

     with a class ticket, follow-up and evaluation.   This should be raised as

     a topic for the Q & A session at University Council.  Also, Senate

     Officers will meet with Dr. Goodale regarding the concerns.


     COMMISSION ON UNDERGRADUATE STUDIES-Senator Salvaggio-no report


     ATHLETIC COMMITTEE-Senator Saunders-9 Nov 89


     The provost addressed the committee informally concerning his views of

     the value of intercollegiate athletics to the university.  Mr.

     Ridenour explained that the function of the athletic committee was

     one of information gathering and dissemination.  Dave Braine announced

     that Virginia Tech's athletic program was off probation.  Discussions

     are continuing about expanding the Metro Conference to 12 teams.  An

     athletic director honor roll board is now in place and has generated

     much attention.  It was suggested that the minutes of the athletic

     committee be published in Spectrum.


     BUILDING COMMITTEE-Senator Kingston-5 Sept 89


     The capital outlay status report was presented; the Student Services

     Project (between Burruss Hall and Derring Hall) should be completed by

     Fall 1990, and the Squires Project is now expected to be completed by

     Fall 1991. The Architecture/Engineering Infill auditorium may be ready

     for Spring semester classes. Construction on Veterinary Medicine

     Phase IVA is underway, and a contract for Phase IVB has been negotiated.

     The bid for Human Resources came in under budget.


     The name of the Architecture/Engineering infill was changed to the

     Engineering infill, to distinguish it from the Engineering/Architecture

     infill currently being requested from the legislature.


     The East-West connector road was discussed; no formal action was taken.

     The location of a proposed bikeway from the Hethwood area to campus was

     discussed; no formal action was taken.


     A new concept of building funding is being investigated by the State.

     The University is proposing to build two identical office buildings

     as a demonstration project for the State; one would be built with

     private (Educational Foundation) funds and the other with State funds.

     The buildings are proposed for the corner of Stanger and Perry streets.

     The occupants of these buildings have not yet been decided.




     A "policy" was discussed and passed regarding connection to central

     networks. It establishes procedures for individuals to follow when

     making such connections. In the past, unauthorized connections have

     been done in such a way that major problems were caused for other



     While there are few restrictions on showing video tapes in class, this

     is not true for tapes shown over cable networks. When a tape is

     purchased, one should be sure one has the proper clearance for showing

     tapes on a network if that is how one is going to use it. The cable

     people are going to refuse to show tapes which lack proper clearance.

     The problem of communicating this state of affairs to the general

     faculty was discussed.


     At the previous meeting--with no Senate representatives--"concerns from

     the faculty senate" were discussed, based on a 27 September memo from

     Larry Nielsen. One question concerned task forces that the Committee

     set up last spring. I have the reports. Several of the comments were

     considered operational and should be handled by the Service personnel.

     (Pass specific comments on to me regarding problems with installations,

     maintenance, etc.) At this meeting we discussed the proposed pay for

     access from off campus to the network. The bottom line seems to be that

     someone has to pay, and no one else wants to. If we want to change that,

     we will have to impact the system at a higher level.


     At least some members of the Committee are unclear about the

     relationship of the Committee to the governance system. The minutes

     are duly sent on to Council, but there has been no one on Council

     who had attended the meetings and the members of Council did not find

     anything in the minutes that caught their attention. The result is no

     feedback and the potential that real policy decisions are being made

     and carried out without the review they might deserve. I am on Council

     as well, so that may help in the future. But my being on both bodies

     is not by design.


     Topics are discussed at the Committee meetings and decisions made that

     affect everyone on campus. I think the Committee should have more



     COMPUTER COMMITTEE-Senator Birch-6 Dec 89


     Report from the Computing Center:


     a. A new UNIX operating system is up and running under test mode on the

     IBM 3090. Those wishing to use the UNIX system may obtain an account

     number from the Computing Center. The system is scheduled to go into

     production mode in January.


     b. Changes have been made to VT Batch on VTVM1 with major modifications to

     classes, region sizes, and run-time limitations. For more information, see

     FASTLINE, November 9, 1989.


     c. User services will move from Burruss Hall to the reference section of

     the library on December 18. Room 128 of Burruss will remain staffed for

     tape check-in. For more information, see FASTLINE, December 7, 1989.


     Report from the Computer Capacity and Planning Subcommittee:


     Given current data it is projected that the IBM 3090 (the "super

     computer") will be saturated by June, 1990, if not before. Requests are

     already being prepared to obtain funds to double its power and capacity.

     The estimated cost for this expansion is approximately $9 million. Mike

     Williams and the Computer Capacity and Planning Subcommittee want to

     ensure that users of central computing facilities have adequate input

     into the planning process. The subcommittee will elicit information

     from users on their computing needs, probably through a questionnaire,

     after the first of the year.


     EMPLOYEE BENEFITS COMMITTEE-Senator Thompson-17 Nov 89


     The Wellness Program was discussed. The committee is continuing to

     gather information with regard to the status of the wellness program

     that is currently funded by the state. The indication is that such a

     program can be made available to the University's employees at a

     minimal cost to the individual. While the cost to the University is

     unclear, the minimum cost appears to be one or more employees, space,

     and any equipment, supplies, etc. that may be necessary.


     The Peer Institution Assessment has been discussed with institutional

     research. Institutional research is investigating the possibility that

     some other group or institution may have made a recent survey. Thompson

     and Doug Martin will further pursue this topic with institutional

     research before the next meeting.


     Three VSRS topics were discussed. These include the ability to purchase

     prior service credit, COLA eligibility dates, and the ability of retirees

     to purchase group life insurance. The committee unanimously agreed that

     Doug Martin and Ken Martin should take these issues to the Virginia

     Governmental Employees' Association for their consideration.




     INTELLECTUAL PROPERTIES COMMITTEE-Senator Dudley-no agenda was received,

     therefore assumed no meeting.


     LIBRARY COMMITTEE-Senator Duke-6 Dec 89


     Director Gherman reported: SCHEV Task Force on Serial Prices is about

     to issue a report--a principal aspect of the report: coordination.

     Library Directors have reached agreement on providing access for

     distance learning students.


     Associate Director Foltin reported that the library was bringing its

     practice into compliance with the Newspaper policy. The Provost has

     transferred $250,000 to library budget for equipment ($100,000 was

     being applied to the book budget). Some money may need to be returned

     because of the 1% reversion. The Provost has decided to pick up the

     tab for the membership in the American Research Libraries (ARL).


     A discussion was begun on access versus ownership of information.




     SELF-STUDY MONITORING COMMITTEE-Senator Arnold-No meeting


     SUPPLEMENTAL GRANTS COMMITTEE-Senator Barker-No meeting




     Mr. Richard Alvarez, the new Director of Public Safety, Health and

     Transportation, met with the committee for the first time on November 1.

     Two subcommittees were appointed:  Traffic/Parking Appeals and Interview

     for Traffic/Parking Manager.   A round of interviews for candidates for

     the manager's position are expected to occur in January.


     FACULTY SENATE OF VIRGINIA-Senator Conn-1 Dec 89


     Executive Committee of FSV met with Barry Dorsay and other members of

     SCHEV staff in Richmond on December 1. Representatives of AAUP were also

     present. Gordon Davies joined the meeting about half-way through.


     Ann Pratt, staff director of the Commission on the University of the 21st

     Century, briefly reviewed the recently published draft report of the

     Commission, answered questions about it, and solicited input from

     those in attendance as well as the faculty whom they represent.

     Comments have to be received soon (within the next couple of weeks) if

     they are to be taken into account in the final report.


     Concerns were expressed about the lack of discussion in the draft report

     regarding the role of faculty in governance.


     SCHEV's budget analyst came in to discuss the upcoming budget

     deliberations. Tightest situation since the '82-'84 biennium. Lucky if

     higher education budget increases in total by 5-6% per year (compared

     with 10% per year in past few years). SCHEV's budget recommendations

     were presented. First priority for increments over base budget include

     faculty salaries, equipment trust fund, additional assessment funds,

     three new commonwealth centers. For VPI&SU: second priority--library

     networking, computer mainframe, etc.; third priority--economic



     Toward the end of the meeting, Gordon Davies reported that the Governor

     had just called for a freeze on capital projects in the budget bill (not

     lottery-funded) and asked agencies to plan for the possibility of a 1%

     reversion this year.




     Letter to David Ford about the drillfield.  Senator Goss asked for

     comments on the proposed draft to assure she has captured the "sense of

     the Senate."  Comments will be incorporated and the letter will be sent

     this week.




     Earth Day Resolution.  Senator Arnold moved and it was seconded to

     approve the attached resolution supporting the celebration of Earth Day.



     "Straw Poll" on library recall policy.  Senator Kingston asked if faculty

     would be willing to sign a waiver allowing the library to divulge your

     name to another faculty member who requested the book.  There was

     overwhelming support for this.


     Pool use fees.  Senator Kingston moved and it was seconded that the

     Faculty Senate express its concern at the initiation of fee charges for

     the use of pools during breaks given that university staff and graduate

     students are here all year.  MOTION CARRIED.  President Scanlon will share

     with Vice President Goodale.


     Tenure.  Senator Snoke shared a concern regarding the question of what

     tenure means in practical terms.  The second issue revolves around how

     people find out they were promoted if it is not printed in Spectrum.


     Senator Arnold moved and it was seconded that the executive officers

     inquire of the senior administrative officers to how they stand with

     regard to the General Council's statement.  MOTION CARRIED.


     Midterm grades.  Senator Dudley moved and it was seconded that we pass

     the attached resolution on interim grades.  MOTION CARRIED.


  The meeting was adjourned  at 10:28 p.m.


  Respectfully submitted,




  Rosemary Carucci Goss, Secretary




                         Treasurer's Report

                           January 3, 1990


  Balance on hand, 5 December 1989                          $247.25


  No deposits or withdrawals


  Balance on hand, 3 January 1990                            247.25



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