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February 14, 1989


                                FACULTY SENATE


                               14 February 1989


                            (approved 7 March 1989)


                                32 Pamplin Hall


  Present:  Senators Arnold, Batie, Baumgartner, Beyer, Blieszner, Bunce,

            Conn, Cranford, deWolf, Eiss, Eng, Farkas, Fine, Geller, Goss,

            Grossman, Killough, Kriz, Marriott, Morrill, Nielsen, Oliver,

            Salvaggio, Scanlon, Snoke, Thompson, Wang, White, Wokutch,

            Falkingham (alternate for Dudley), Gwazdauskas (alternate for

            Polan), Price (alternate for Duke)


  Absent:   Senators Birch, Dugger, Geyer, Hansen, Knocke, Schug, Sullins


  Visitors: Ms. Susan Trulove (SPECTRUM), Dr. Del Dyer (representing Exten-

            sion faculty), Dr. Dennis Hinkle (Office of the Provost), Mr.

            Michael L. Jones (Campus Police), Mr. David T. Braine (Director

            of Athletics), Dr. Jerry W. Via (Academic Advisor), and Mr.

            Franklin M.  Beamer (Football Coach)




      President Conn called the meeting to order at 7:30 pm, welcomed guests,

      and made the following announcements:


      a.  The Senate officers and representatives of the Library faculty and

          Library committee held a meeting with Dr. Heterick and Mr. Gherman

          concerning various library and communications issues.


      b.  President Conn asked members of the Committee on Committees to meet

          with him at the end of this evening's meeting to appoint a nominat-

          ing committee for Senate officers.


      c.  Elections for Senate representatives are taking place in the col-

          leges; Senators were asked to encourage minority group members to

          run for election.


      d.  The faculty forum on the future of the university will take place

          on March 9 from 4 to 6 pm.  Gordon Davies, Executive Director of

          the State Council on Higher Education will be present, along with

          faculty who have experience in off-campus teaching.


      e.  Practice for the volleyball game with SGA is cancelled for 15 Feb-

          ruary and will be held at 7 pm before the game on 22 February.


      f.  The Graduate Student Assembly is conducting an awareness campaign

          to draw attention to the fact that graduate students comprise one-

          fifth of the student population.  They would appreciate receiving

          recognition from the faculty during this campaign.


  2.  AGENDA


      President Conn mentioned that the guests from the Athletic Department

      would speak when they arrived, but that the agenda would proceed until

      they did so.  Two points of new business were added:  graduate student

      deferred tuition payment issue and a preliminary report from a subcom-

      mittee of the Task Force on University Governance.


      The agenda was adopted with these changes.




      The minutes of the Faculty Senate meeting of 10 January 1989 were ap-

      proved.  Senators requested more information about the Waste Policy In-

      stitute; the Secretary will provide a prospectus with the minutes of

      this evening's meeting.


      The minutes of the Faculty Senate Cabinet meetings of 3 and 31 January

      1989 were accepted.




      President Conn introduced Mr. Michael Jones, Interim Director of Campus

      Police.  Mr. Jones reviewed changes that have occurred in the Police

      Department over the past few years.  He mentioned that the idea of ap-

      pointing a Director of Public Safety is under consideration.  He ex-

      plained the state-mandated functions of the department and summarized

      steps the police are taking to improve their image on campus.  In re-

      sponse to a series of questions from Senators, Mr. Jones noted concerns

      about loss of the mounted police without any evaluation of the program,

      lack of followup on hit-and-run parking lot accidents, and lack of

      professionalism among some staff.  He stated that a building can be

      left unlocked if his department is notified of the request, and said

      that unmarked cars are sometimes requested by administrators and others

      for transporting people in special circumstances.  Mr. Jones noted that

      our campus has more students but fewer officers than, for example, UVA

      and the police budget has not increased in years.  In closing, Mr.

      Jones stated that his major objective is service to students, and re-

      quested faculty help with lobbying for more officers and other staff.


      Next President Conn introduced Dr. Dennis Hinkle, Provost's Office, who

      spoke on evaluation of teaching.  The committee on teaching excellence,

      which he chaired, began with a review of the literature on important

      components of teaching effectiveness that should be evaluated and

      sources of evaluation data.  They also surveyed departments on these

      criteria.  The committee concluded that the perception that teaching is

      not important in the university reward structure must be changed.  They

      made the following recommendations:  faculty development must be dif-

      ferentiated from faculty evaluation, multiple measures of teaching ef-

      fectiveness and standardized forms must be developed and used, and

      additional resources for faculty development are required, especially

      with respect to new teaching techniques and new opportunities for

      teaching enhancement in the study/research leave and research assign-

      ment programs.  Dr. Hinkle distributed copies of the final report of

      the University Ad Hoc Committee on Evaluation of Teaching.


      Comments and discussion between Senators and Dr. Hinkle included the

      following concerns: faculty should document the full range of their

      teaching activities more carefully, new technologies may affect what is

      evaluated, salary discrepancies exist between faculty who emphasize

      teaching and those who emphasize research, difficult to document as-

      pects of teaching such as advising and consulting with students, and

      the use of one summary score on annual activities reports as the indi-

      cator of teaching competence is unsatisfactory.


      President Conn then introduced Dave Braine, Athletic Director.  Mr.

      Braine reported on measures taken to improve the academic standing of

      football players, slight improvements in the financial situation, and

      plans for a capital campaign for athletics.  Mr. Braine introduced

      Jerry Via, Coordinator of Academic Advising for Student Athletes. Dr.

      Via distributed a report and summarized the accomplishments of his pro-

      gram in the past year.  Mr. Braine also introduced football coach

      Beamer, who added further comments about the Athletic Department's goal

      of improving the academic standing and graduation rate of student





      UNIVERSITY COUNCIL - Senator Scanlon - 6 Feb 89


          First reading:  CUS resolution on Faculty Authored Textbooks, re-

          ferred to CGS; CSA resolution on Faculty Ethics.  Second reading:

          CSA resolution on Student Media Board (approved).  Discussion of

          self-study recommendations pertinent to UC.  Reports on budget ac-

          tivities in Richmond and NCAA meeting in San Diego.


      COMMISSION ON EXTENSION - Senator Marriott - no meeting


      COMMISSION ON FACULTY AFFAIRS - Senator Baumgartner - 20 Jan and 3 Feb



          Approved a resolution endorsing the memo from the Provost to col-

          lege deans instructing them to hold periodic reviews of depart-

          mental chief administrators, that there be written procedures for

          faculty involvement, and that faculty be notified of the results.

          Tentatively approved a resolution calling for fixed terms for de-

          partmental chief administrators.


      COMMISSION ON GRADUATE STUDIES - Senator Snoke - 18 Jan and 1 Feb 89


          Report on spring semester enrollments.  Approved recommendation

          that grad students should be able to defer tuition payments during

          summer.  Discussed ambiguity regarding continuous enrollment and

          tuition charges for summer term.  Graduate Student Assembly passed

          a resolution pointing out that graduate students comprise 1/5 of

          the student body and yet feel they are often underrepresented.


      COMMISSION ON RESEARCH - Senator Bunce - 8 Feb 89


          Procedural matters.  Update on Waste Policy Institute.


      COMMISSION ON STUDENT AFFAIRS - Senator Goss - 19 Jan 89


          Approved resolution to allow the president of the International

          Students Organization to fill the Media Board seat, if it is va-

          cated.  Discussed problems and solutions related to having more and

          larger popular concerts.  Reviewed progress of self-study recommen-

          dations.  Approved a resolution adding "sexual orientation" to the

          list of criteria against which discrimination is prohibited in the

          affirmative action statement.




          Routine processing of books and courses.


      ATHLETIC COMMITTEE - Senator Nielsen - 7 Feb 89


          Reviewed results of NCAA Convention in January and the outcome of

          our appeal to NCAA to lift probation sanctions.  Continued dis-

          cussion of the scheduling of athletic events.


      BUILDING COMMITTEE - Senator Dugger - 8 Feb 89


            [Report provided in writing to President Conn]


          Discussed the capital budget proposal for 1990-92 biennium.  Status

          reports on university construction by the University Architect and

          on the arboretum by the committee chair, Dr. Feret.


      COMMUNICATIONS NETWORK COMMITTEE -  Senator Nielsen - 30 Jan 89


          Approved a suggested policy for scheduling programming on

          Blacksburg Cable TV channel 30.  Established two subcommittees to

          pursue self-study recommendations (ways to continue improving com-

          munications services and ways to fund basic communications services

          centrally).  Recognized that the new communications system still

          needs refinement.


      COMPUTER COMMITTEE - Senator Kriz - 11 Jan and 1 Feb 89


          Progress report on upgrade to IBM 3090; 14 hours of downtime on 12

          March for installation.  Report on efforts of the Computing Center

          to inform the campus about the move to the CRC; 3 - 5 days of down-

          time beginning July 24; remote distribution sites at Hutcheson,

          McBryde, and probably Burruss.  Report from Donald Allison of the

          Computer Capacity and Planning subcommittee; faculty input on plan-

          ning for and purchasing new computer equipment is encouraged.


          Senators raised two questions:  Will deliveries be made 24

          hours/day?  Will consulting services still be available in Burruss?


      EMPLOYEE BENEFITS COMMITTEE - Senator Thompson - no meeting





          Discussed responses to the report from the outside consultants and

          plans of the university to reorganize the office.




      LIBRARY COMMITTEE - Alternate Price - 12 Jan 89


          Discussed policies on library support for off-campus instruction,

          research stations, and branch libraries (need for policies, finan-

          cial implications).  Report from the Library Director that, since a

          library building is not on the building priority list of the uni-

          versity, they are considering alternatives for addressing space

          needs.  The library received approval from the Provost for planning

          money.  Alternative revenue sources such as bonds are being ex-

          plored.  SCHEV will only approve construction of high-density stor-

          age facilities.


      NATIONAL SPEAKER'S FORUM - Senator Salvaggio -


          Discussed plans for Maxine Hong Kingston's visit on March 28.  De-

          veloped a list of possible speakers for next year, including Allan

          Bloom, Elizabeth Dole, Ellen Goodman, Steven Jobs, Barbara Jordan,

          Garrison Keillor, Wynton Marsalis, Sandra Day O'Connor, Carl Sagan,

          Pat Schroeder, Alice Walker.


      SCHOLARSHIP AND STUDENT AID COMMITTEE - Senator Wang - no meeting


      SELF STUDY MONITORING COMMITTEE - Senator Arnold - no meeting


      SUPPLEMENTAL GRANTS COMMITTEE - Senator Morrill - no meeting


          Criteria statement is available.


      PARKING/TRANSPORTATION TASK FORCE - Senator Oliver - no meeting


          The administration is planning to implement the system based on the

          recommendations in the Task Force report.


      FACULTY SENATE OF VIRGINIA - Senator Conn - no meeting


      PROVOST SEARCH COMMITTEE - Senator Scanlon - weekly since last Senate




          The field has been reduced to 10 candidates, all of whom will be

          interviewed at off-campus locations during the next 2 weekends.

          On-campus interviews will probably be in March and early April.




          Information concerning the ratification of the revised Senate Con-

          stitution will appear in upcoming issues of FACULTY SENATE FORUM

          and SPECTRUM.  Ballots will have a March 9 deadline.


      PLANNING TASK FORCE - Senator Grossman


          A retreat at Mountain Lake last weekend, with Drs. Enarson and

          McComas present, involved discussions of the planning implications

          of the university's multiple missions and the need for both long-

          and short-term planning.




          The articles of incorporation are being developed.  Faculty are at-

          tempting to retain faculty control of the corporation and oper-



          Senator Arnold stated her belief that Conn's membership on the Man-

          agement Group represents a conflict of interest.  Dr. Conn pointed

          out that he was selected because of his professional expertize, not

          his Senate office, and that the point is moot because the work of

          the Management Group is completed.






          Senator Snoke presented a written report summarizing some problems

          and concerns and making two recommendations:  faculty should pool

          information to target problems and suggest solutions; the Senate

          should address the question of whether there should be a basic

          level of service for voice and data communication for every faculty

          member.  He further pointed out that the CNS Committee has estab-

          lished two subcommittees to address these issues and self-study







          Senator Snoke stated that graduate students receive the bill for

          summer tuition at the same time that the final payment for spring

          tuition is due.  CGS discussed the recommendation that grad stu-

          dents should be able to defer tuition payment in summer just as

          they can in other terms.  He asked for a sense of Senate support

          for such a resolution, to be conveyed to University Council when

          the issue comes up for discussion.


          There was some discussion about whether Senator Snoke should submit

          a formal resolution for Senate approval.  The consensus on the tui-

          tion issue appeared to be that senators approved the concept of

          permitting grad student to defer tuition payments in summer as in

          other terms.




          Senator Arnold distributed copies of one of the subcommittee's re-

          ports, concerning the size and structure of University Council.

          Senators offered comments which will be taken back to the Task

          Force, including concerns about commission and committee chairs,

          sources of persons to serve on search committees, and faculty input

          to agendas of governance groups.



  The meeting adjourned at 10:30 pm.


  Respectfully submitted,



  Rosemary Blieszner, Secretary






                              Treasurer's Report

                               24 February 1989


       Balance on hand, 16 January 1989        $ 123.01

       Balance on hand, 24 February 1989       $ 123.01



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