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January 10, 1989


                                FACULTY SENATE


                                10 January 1989


                          (approved 14 February 1989)


                                32 Pamplin Hall


  Present:  Senators Arnold, Batie, Baumgartner, Beyer, Birch, Blieszner,

            Bunce, Conn, Cranford, deWolf, Dudley, Dugger, Duke, Eiss,

            Geller, Geyer, Goss, Kingston, Knocke, Kriz, Marriott, Morrill,

            Neilsen, Oliver, Polan, Salvaggio, Scanlon, Snoke, Thompson,

            Wokutch, Falkingham (alternate for Fine), Knox (alternate for



  Absent:   Senators Eng, Farkas, Grossman, Hansen, Killough, Sullins, White


  Visitors: Ms. Susan Trulove (SPECTRUM), Ms. Karen DeBord (representing Ex-

            tension faculty), Dr. Dennis Hinkle (Office of the Provost), Dr.

            Thomas Goodale, Dr. Harold Kurstedt, Mr.  Martin Jones




      President Conn called the meeting to order at 7:35 pm, welcomed guests,

      and made the following announcements:


      a.  To control the length of the meetings, Commission reports should be

          no longer than 2 minutes and Committee reports no longer than 1

          minute.  Issues requiring or generating discussion should be added

          to the agenda under New Business.


      b.  President Conn will meet with the Committee on Committees to begin

          the nomination and election process for next year's Senate.  Send

          nominations to any member of the Committee on Committees.


      c.  The officers met with Delegate Munford and Senator Marye to discuss

          "The Case for Space" on January 3.



  2.  AGENDA


      Two additions to New Business were approved:  a report on VTIP Board

      activities and a resolution on Black History month.


      The agenda was adopted with these additions.




      The minutes of the Faculty Senate meeting of 13 December 1988 were ap-





      President Conn introduced Dr. Thomas G. Goodale, Vice President for

      Student Affairs.  Dr. Goodale mentioned that he accepted the offer of a

      position at VPI&SU because of its heritage of academic excellence and

      the quality of the faculty and students.  He considers his academic ap-

      pointment an important part of his position.  The chief mandate he has

      received from Dr. McComas is to improve the quality of life for stu-

      dents.  His office will address needed facility improvements by reno-

      vating the dorms and dining halls, moving toward live-in professional

      staff, and working on plans for a new recreation building, featuring a

      fitness center that will include Student Health Services.  Dr. Goodale

      commented on the progress of construction on Squires and the student

      services building.  Recreational needs in the absence of Squires are

      being addressed by placing lounge furniture in academic buildings and

      keeping the gym open from 5 am to 1 am.  Regarding the future of the

      Corps of Cadets, Dr. Goodale has appointed a Select Committee to review

      it; he plans to report to the Board of Visitors in April.  The entire

      Student Affairs staff is being reviewed and will be reorganized.


      Following the presentation, Dr. Goodale answered a number of questions.

      He acknowledged the need for housing, recreational opportunities, and

      child care for graduate students.  He noted a concern about the con-

      flict between the lights on the recreation fields and the airport run-

      way.  He will be meeting with the mayor this week to discuss

      town-campus cooperation on recreation facilities.  He listed steps

      taken to improve night safety:  better lighting, Student Nighttime Aux-

      iliary Patrol, escort services, plans for peer education programs in

      the dorms on acquaintance rape and a teleconference in February on ac-

      quaintance rape, emergency phones at various locations on campus.  He

      stated that he expects dorm renovations and live-in staff to reduce

      vandalism.  The Student Affairs staff is very concerned about suicide;

      faculty should refer any potential cases to Counseling Services.  They

      are also concerned about extensive use of alcohol and other drugs by

      students.  A food service priority is to hire a manager who will im-

      prove the quality of dining hall food.  The menu at Hardees in Squires

      will be more extensive than usual and the restaurant in the new student

      services building will be open 24 hours and also cater to a variety of

      culinary preferences.  Dr. Goodale and Mr. Braine agree about phasing

      out the athletic dorm, except for freshmen athletes, who will continue

      to live there.   A ride board is available on the computer and Dr.

      Goodale wants to have ride boards in the large commuter lots as well.




      UNIVERSITY COUNCIL - Senator Scanlon - no meeting


      COMMISSION ON EXTENSION - Senator Marriott - no meeting


      COMMISSION ON FACULTY AFFAIRS - Senator Baumgartner - no meeting


      COMMISSION ON GRADUATE STUDIES - Senator Snoke - no meeting


      COMMISSION ON RESEARCH - Senator Bunce - no meeting


      COMMISSION ON STUDENT AFFAIRS - Senator Goss - no meeting


          T-shirts have arrived.  Two extra are available for purchase.




          Approved 8 faculty-authored texts for 4 years.  Considered 3

          courses in forestry on first reading.  Approved a check sheet for

          Communication Studies on first reading.


      ATHLETIC COMMITTEE - Senator Nielsen - 5 Jan 89


          Reviewed the NCAA convention agenda and 147 proposed changes in the

          NCAA Constitution and Bylaws to provide advice to Dr. McComas.


      BUILDING COMMITTEE - Senator Dugger - no meeting


      COMMUNICATIONS NETWORK COMMITTEE -  Senator Nielsen - no meeting


      COMPUTER COMMITTEE - Senator Kriz - no meeting


      EMPLOYEE BENEFITS COMMITTEE - Senator Thompson - no meeting




      INTELLECTUAL PROPERTIES COMMITTEE - Senator Dudley - 14 Dec 88


          Examined 27 patents and copyrights; decided that the University had

          proprietary interest in 24 and not in 3.  Referred some to Virginia

          Tech Intellectual Properties, Inc.


      LIBRARY COMMITTEE - Senator Duke - no meeting


      NATIONAL SPEAKER'S FORUM - Senator Salvaggio - no meeting


      SCHOLARSHIP AND STUDENT AID COMMITTEE - Alternate Knox - no meeting


      SELF STUDY MONITORING COMMITTEE - Senator Arnold - no meeting


      SUPPLEMENTAL GRANTS COMMITTEE - Senator Morrill - no meeting


          New guidelines and application forms will be distributed to depart-

          ment heads this week.




          Suggestions from the last Faculty Senate meeting were added to the

          draft report as an appendix.


      FACULTY SENATE OF VIRGINIA - Senator Conn - no meeting


      PROVOST SEARCH COMMITTEE - Senator Scanlon - 14 Dec 88 and 4 Jan 89


          123 applications, 115 nominations, 48 acceptances, 42 declinations,

          25 nonresponses, 1 withdrawn application.  Will seek references for

          26 candidates.  Reference screening committees and telephone con-

          tact committees should complete work by the end of January; inter-

          views will begin as soon as possible after that.






          Although many faculty would not choose to receive their salary in 9

          payments, many believed the option should be available to those who

          would prefer 9 instead of 12 checks.  Discussion centered on

          whether the Faculty Senate should pursue the option.


          A motion was made and seconded to table the issue.  Discussion on

          the merits of the option continued.  A new issue was raised:  that

          annuity deposits are deducted on payday but are not received by the

          annuity companies until later in the month.  Some Senators felt

          this is a financial loss to faculty equal to or perhaps even

          greater than distribution of salary payments over 12 months.  The

          motion failed.


          A motion was made and seconded to refer the two issues (the option

          of choosing either 9 or 12 salary payments, including whether the

          choice would be made annually or only once, and the concern about

          late deposit of annuity contributions in annuity accounts) to CFA,

          for attention by the Employee Benefits Committee, with the request

          that the Committee report the status of these two issues to the

          Faculty Senate at the March meeting.  The motion carried.




          Senator Scanlon reported on a revision of item # 7 suggested by the

          Commission on Research.  The first sentence would read "Give writ-

          ten credit and acknowledgement to colleagues or students who have

          made a contribution to published work or oral presentation."  A mo-


          tion to approve the Resolution on Faculty Ethics with this revision

          was made, seconded, and carried.






          Senator Salvaggio made a motion to approve the resolution.  It was

          seconded and approved.


          REPORT FROM THE VTIP BOARD MEETING - Norm Eiss - 10 Jan 89


          Senator Eiss provided background information on 3 actions of the

          Board:  passed a motion authorizing establishment of a management

          committee to develop articles of incorporation for The Waste Insti-

          tute (TWI) and its board, to report to VTIP by the end of January;

          passed a motion to approve a teaming agreement between VTIP and

          Ford Aerospace/BMD Corp.  for the purpose of developing a proposal

          for a contract with DOE; and elected a new member to the VTIP



          President Conn introduced Harold Kurstedt and Martin Jones of Man-

          agement Systems Laboratory, who are involved in the development of

          TWI, and gave them recognition to speak.  Dr. Kurstedt outlined a

          variety of advantages and disadvantages to the university of an af-

          filiation with TWI.  He responded to a number of questions and com-

          ments about its purpose, size, and activities.




          Senator Knocke raised the issue that many faculty who previously

          had connections to the mainframe computer now are required to pay

          an extra monthly fee for the same service.  Discussion centered on

          the question, What are the common resources that the university

          provides to all faculty?  Do they include, for instance, computer

          access, an up-to-date library, etc?


          President Conn will establish a task force to clarify faculty con-

          cerns about the new telephone system so the Faculty Senate can ob-

          tain the necessary information from the administration.  Also, a

          faculty forum on computer and library issues will be scheduled for




  The meeting adjourned at 10:25 pm.


  Respectfully submitted,



  Rosemary Blieszner, Secretary






                              Treasurer's Report

                                16 January 1989


       Balance on hand, 13 December 1988       $ 152.49

       Expenses, Volleyball T-shirts, 1/16/89

                 check to Rosemary Goss        $  29.48


            Total                              $ 123.01




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